RTCW Match: VSE vs. Gangstars Summary

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Last sunday night we saw the first cast of United States of America Warwitch and the rest of the MG42 Crew. Here's a quick write-up of the game.

RtCW Legacy Cup - Group C - Matchweek 1

Norway VSE lineup: Estonia ZeD, United Kingdom Artstar, Germany idlaw, Europe foppa, Sweden lelle, Norway riven
Europe Gangstar lineup: Belgium strango, United Kingdom neo, Belgium Xai, United Kingdom Warphase, United Kingdom kiz, United Kingdom crumbs (merc)

Shoutcasters: United States of America Warwitch, United States of America Bridger, United Kingdom MerlinatoR, Netherlands voice

Match analysis

I had my money on Norway VSE, untill I saw United Kingdom crumbs playing as a merc for Europe ganstar, he really made a difference in this game!

VSE starts attacking first. A pretty strong first and second push up the tarmac but gets shut down when the VSE players are trying to move into the garage complex. The dynamite on the Warehouse entrance goes down at 6.40min time left. At around the 6min mark, kiz, gets full when trying to head over to the garage as LT. A few second later we see a garage push going from gangstar. Idlaw takes neo out (and gibbed) with the panzerfaust. A horde of axis pushes through. Strango & crumbs are left on the garage defence. Strango gets taken out after killing 3 people. 2 axis (engi: foppa & medic: lelle) are left. Crumbs takes out the engineer with a grenade but unluckely doesn't gib him. The engi gets vived and takes out crumbs. The 2 axis survivors run towards the communication tower and get an easy plant down even though getting fire from the allied spawnboxes. VSE can't get an engi up the tower and the clock is set to 5min46sec.

Gangstar starts attacking the same way VSE did but idlaw as the defending panzer does a great job getting several 2mans and cutting their attack down. The 2 defending players at the spawnboxes do the rest. Going garage also doesn't help much as the VSE crossfire on the garage is solid. VSE holds this for the rest of the round and win the first stopwatch. VSE looks in solid control of the game so far with 6,5k dmg (16k vs 9,5k) more than gstars. ZeD & Idlaw getting 20+ kills each.

Gstars takes a deep breath and starts attacking once more. Riven switches to sniper for the defence and it seems to pay off in the first minutes. Gstars split up better though and idlaw is getting a harder time to get decent panzershots. With 7mins left the garage defence isn't paying attention enough and gets taken out from attacks coming from the stairs and the door. 5man push towards the communication tower and takes out the remaining defending players. Warphase had some great smg kills in this entire push. The engi throws the dynamite and the dynamite goes red with only 4mins played yet. The server then crashed but it was obvious that VSE wasn't going to defuse this with 5 people defending the tower & only 15 seconds left to defuse when the server crashed. ZeD makes a fair decision as a player/admin. The timelimit is set on 4.22, an even faster time than VSE last SW.

Now Gstars have to hold back VSE to get the game even. At first it doesn't look good for them as idlaw shoots the garage door and takes out 2 defending players on fullspawn. The tarmac push seems hopeful but crumbs denies them together with xai. Gstar isn't saved yet thought as their defence is completely disoriented. Crumbs and xai (both medics) manage to get in the garage on the 2min mark thought, but they are on low ammo. Another tarmac push by VSE quickly follows, and it doesn't look good for the defending medics as the axis rush into the garage door. But strango switched to panzer in the meantime and lays down the hurt with a clutch double man panzer whiping out the attack. A few moments later he seals the deal with a 3man panzer. Its tied up with 1-1 on the board! VSE could have taken much more out of this as MerlinatoR explains why on the cast!

Crumbs leads the initial attack with 3 other players who spawned north. He rushes in first, takes the flag and kills a suprised ZeD. A few seconds later, Gstar spawn at the flag and seem to take a perfect start. Crumbs takes advantage of a confused VSE defence who are still outside the flag and plants the Fortress Wall while the other gstar members take out the rest of the initial VSE push. Gstar loses the flag 2 spawns later and lose 1min on the board thanks to the aggressive defence on south from VSE with idlaw and riven. Spawntimes are both the same and VSE wait outside the service halls to stop the attack while Zed & artstar are on top of the tower. Crumbs manages to push through and kills (and gibs) zed. While crumbs is keeping Artstar busy, strango pushes up spawnladder and grabs the docs. Not for long thought as lelle directly panzers him with a nice shot from the hill. Crumbs picks the docs up and tries to go spawnladder but foppa awaits him, gets an easy kill and retrieves the docs at 5.20. Zed and artstar have a lot of pressure on them as several attacking players go up the south tower. They first stop neo with the docs but when the backup comes they both get taken out. Xai takes the docs after lelle just missed him with the panzer. He jumps north into service where there is backup, but the allied rush towards service and there is a huge firefight. Xai dies but neo picks up the docs and kills the 2 allied players who were left and rushes the docs home while warphase and kiz hold the rest of the VSE defenders off. The scoreboard says 6min38, not a bad time but not a great one either. The kill ratio's are almost the same!

VSE have a rougher start than Gstar and needs a minute to plant the Service Door. Gstar have a great start defence and VSE needs another minute to secure the flag. 4mins left on the board. A big push comes in from service but Warphase stops them with a 3man panzer. Thanks to this gstar manage to take back the flag. We see another great flag defence by gstar leaded by crumbs. VSE can't really get themselves back in the game and Gstars takes the lead. The damage is 5K higher this time for Gstars.

VSE manages to get the plant down pretty quick but struggles once more with securing the flag and keeping it. Artstar sneaks through and takes the docs after 1min40 seconds but gets surrounded by the allied on the tower quickly and dies. Artstar seems to be the only one getting on top later on in the round but crumbs is giving him a hard time. The spawntime is in favour of gstar as they spawn 5 seconds later than VSE, which allows them to have a chance of spawnkilling the attackers. They did however still have an outside service defence which suprised me. It pays off with their solid crossfire thought. VSE loses the flag too much due to the agressive south defence and loses valuable time. 3min30 left and ZeD as LT does a great job by taking advantage of the agressive south defence and sneaks through from south towards the north spawn. He takes 2 players out with a nice spawnkill. Meanwhile Artstar pushes up spawnladder and takes the docs. He runs north and only gets fire from behind near the transmitter but its too late. He sets the time for VSE with 7min28sec. VSE is still able to draw this game.

VSE needs a better defence than last time and they know it. They switch back idlaw as panzer and lelle as smg, and it seems to work cause Gstars now need a minute to secure the flag. The pressure is on for ZeD and Artstar still defending the top. But VSE seems to hold it better than last time with a nice south defence by riven. On the 3min mark we see Gstar pushing through thought thanks to some great teamplay (staying together and viving). Crumbs takes the docs but gets taken out before he can jump to north, VSE recovers while the docs lie on an annoying position after crumbs died. It's looking good for VSE, they even take the flag back with Gstar respawning back with only 2mins left. But meanwhile there are still 3 players left attacking for the docs and Warphase as the panzer takes 2 VSE members out on full. Crumbs also takes 2 players out and grabs docs. He quickly jumps to south and has no resistance anymore. He transmits the docs with 1min20 left. Gstar take the 3-1 victory!


Personally, I think that United Kingdom Artstar did really great transmitting the docs on ice, he carried the attack for Norway VSE. Who knows, but maybe if Norway VSE left Germany Idlaw play with the panzer from the start they could still have had the draw. Also making the wrong decision on the last minutes of assault was maybe the downfall of VSE. I think Gstars suprised quite a lot of people taking the win here (including me)!

Highlikely because of this match Gangstar qualified themselves for the play-offs as both these teams still have to play United Kingdomone.soldier in the upcoming weeks. I can't see either of these teams win or even take a round.


Feedback appreciated!

simply awesome guys, coverage just gets better and better with every week!
Good read bro. VSE did bad underestimating them and allowing crumbs (who's like the one of the most brained player in RTCW) to play for them.
:p n1 underestimated gstar
nice write up. was a good game
best riven NO?
Pretty unfair that crmbs was playing so ye
Weren't unfair as they accepted him to play. Not like we would ask a shit merc to play anyway is it? Crmbs done us a favor as we only had 5 and without him would have been a wildcard used and no game for stream.

Team game and all that jazz!
i said instantly on comms to zed that he shouldn't let crumbs play. :D you don't let one of the best players in the game merc for a team that he'll make a lot stronger. you guys deserved the assault round for sure after destroying our garage defence and our failed attacks, but we were pretty comfortable all through ice. crumbs made the ultimate difference there for sure, he was the only one really spawn by spawn breaking through (especially @ south tower, noticed him a few times being the only one to knock down one of me or zed, or both).

as i said would have been fun to see that game without crmbs, but good luck in playoffs. :)
Yes it is unfair. First of all Zed didn't listen to his team and said yes anyway, but if you want to get a merc get someone around the same skill level. Not someone whose far out of your league. I can make comparisons to ET but I'm not sure you will get it.
cool story bro
pro merc is pro <3
<3 art. do some work like i should be doing right now :x
the replying skills are too damn low in this newspost
my reply is to your post! not to some random troll comment
Great read homie, keep them comming
So I take crumbs isn't allowed to play for other teams anymore? With all the drama one.soldier made towards XEIMOS/RAW when they were using players from other teams? :)
crumbs is now an official member of the gstar lineup!
Ah oke, didn't know that :P
trolled hard :D
drama wasn't made by us, was from everyone else tbh, we allowed one merc just not more than one. We could have still played but some of their team watched @ stream instead so it was only a show match.

crumbs merced for gstars here just like Clown did for Krea last cup.
I had no problems with it. If you need a merc you need a merc.
that doesn't really make much sense considering crumbs was actually a merc in this game, not a roster player. d=
Maybe, my point wasn't about mercs or things. It was about the supposed to be stricter rules on players from others teams.
Damn nice coverage! professional.
Thank you for these kind words :)
strango beast
fapping on replay of his own plays
Nice work :)
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