ClanBase Opens RtCW Ladders

As most of us are aware, Return to Castle Wolfenstein has seen a significant increase in activity lately, starting with the RtCW Fall Cup 2012 and recently continuing with the RtCW Legacy Cup.

We have decided that now is the time for ClanBase to step in and help contribute!

image: cb_rtcw_ladder

We are proud to present two brand new ClanBase ladders: RtCW 3on3 and RtCW Stopwatch! The second ladder is primarily intended to be played in the 6on6 format but supports all team sizes from five to ten players.

More information can be found below.

3on3 Ladder Map List
6on6 Ladder Map List
  • assault
  • base
  • beach
  • frostbite
  • ice
  • ufo
  • village

Before you start playing in these ladders, please take the time to read through our global rules.

image: gid7_small Europe RtCW 3on3 Ladder image: judge Rules image: details_blue Join!

image: gid7_small Europe RtCW 6on6 Ladder image: judge Rules image: details_blue Join!

If you are the clanleader of your team, you can sign up for the ladders here. For any questions or suggestions about the game and its ladders, please contact the RtCW Game Supervisor, Belgium GoldoraK. Also, feel free to visit us on IRC at #clanbase.rtcw!

We would like to encourage all of you to participate in the new ClanBase RtCW ladders, whether it is 3on3 or 6on6 or both! It is our hope that these ladders will help contribute to the game's activity by giving teams a chance to play some official matches outside of cups as well.

Special thanks to United Kingdom crumbs, Belgium homie, United Kingdom MerlinatoR, and Estonia ZeD for their help with this!

Clanbase News

Gtv link now open, feel free to share your game
good work mate :)
nice work goldo
nice!!! gj
good job :) keep up with the support
Oh My Gee, gotta install this shit again
btw IM AVI to join any teams to play 3v3 - 6v6 if needed :p
Good stuff.
Awesome! avi
Might be avi - if the team accepts I'm low, low, low, low (and can manage a stable fps on linux or mac)

sounds nice
Now this isn't completely useless is it now?
all for u dear :p
Excellent. :)
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