Extraction at PAX Prime 2013

Extraction featured at last weekends PAX Prime event in Seattle, Washington. A few interview videos as well as a game-play video have made there way onto the net and they should give some insight to the developers aims as well as how the game looks at the moment.

image: 1237043_546207698761903_1710475091_n

First up we have a couple of interviews with the guys over at Splash Damage outlining the aims and why certain decisions, like free-to-play, were made. Both videos have some game-play during the interview which show various weapons and objectives.

Interview with Paul Wedgwood, Splash Damage CEO and Extraction Executive Producer

Paul outlines many different things but particularly that the game is free-to-play and not pay-to-win. This is good news for everyone who wishes to play the game from the more casual aspect to the more competitive - it means, mainly for us here at Crossfire, that to play on a high level competitively you do not get an advantage by spending money.

Interview with Alastair Cornish, Splash Damage Creative Director

Alastair goes a bit more in depth on certain areas of the game including confirmation of stopwatch as the main game type. He also talks about the class or 'character' system as well as discussing some maps and different objectives. He also talks about Extraction in terms of eSports.

There has also been a non commentated game-play video published showing one of the maps, London Bridge, showing how the game works on that particular map.

Extraction game-play on the map London Bridge

As you can see from the video there are a lot of similar things in Extraction to Enemy Territory so Splash Damage have built on a solid foundation to make this game. There are vehicle escorts as well as barrier building and numerous weapon types shown in the video and will probably give a nice insight into the game pace and love-hate topics like movement.

I will add more videos and such to this news item as and when I find or are given them.

Taking Nexon as publisher is the worst idea made by splashdamage
As Extraction is going to be free-to-play and Nexon already has a massive playerbase on the other games they are involved with it could draw in more players - I don't see how this is a bad thing, the only thing I have heard is that Nexon are heavily pay-to-win but as has been said and reconfirmed in these videos that will not be the case with Extraction.
You'll be surprised how much cheaters is playing on Nexon games.
That hasn't got anything to do with the publisher...
because of the weak anticheat they are using for their games
try to cheat on maplestory, you will receive a ban within days.
ce que merlinator a dit
what's your nickname on extraction ?? haven't seen you once!
not played it
@1:27 in the first video he mentioned ET :P
yea they talk about ET a lot, and how the teamplay / gameplay in ET is something they wanted to continue in this title.
unfortunately same was said in ET:QW and Brink
Think Extraction will still be good after the namechange and publisher switch. Only thing I hope is that it SplashDamage sticks to the roots, and not make it too 'Team Fortress-y' with retardeded hats and stuff.. :P

Btw that third video is not from PAX? That was one of the first publicly released gameplay videos?:X
ye the 3rd vid is old...
it was re-relased during pax. Also some people may not have seen it already :)
need more info about server types and about amount of option u have control on
I guess more will be known publicly when it is out of alpha.
Kind of disappointed in everything they showed at PAX this year, nothing really stood out for me. Biggest disappointment being the strange Xbox One announcements.
It seems to lack something, just looks so generic. Got the same feeling now that I had before Brink arrived. Looks like something that could be fun for a little while but nothing that I'll see myself go back to year after year like ET.
inb4 shit engine, shitfps for everyone and no private servers
It's using Unreal Engine 3. Shit engine? Really? Also, considering that almost all of SD's games have had Private Servers in the past, I'm sure this one will too.

There's being skeptical about whether a game will be good or not, and then there's just being negative for the sake of being negative.
Since id Tech 3 nobody has developed anything better. Even the CoD games are based on id Tech 3 although it has been so heavily modified you hardly notice after CoD4.
Totalbiscuit talks about Extraction on PAX
- you receive XP ingame during the playing session (just like W:ET campaign on public servers) to unlock abilities
- no usage of Brink's S.M.A.R.T. system

Also, he recorded videos, so I would expect a video with more extraction footage in the next weeks.
Well, I will play it :) ... ET is no alternative anymore :/

looks shit tbh :D
cant wait!
I've watched the gameplay footage. F2P now suddenly makes sense.
Im the only one who thinks its just a cheap TF game? ... No replacement for ET ..
Nexon turned Maplestory into a completely pay to win game fucking scumbags.
Ye still looks like brink/tf/battle mixed together which is pretty sad tbh
and ironsights makes it worse

this was supposed to be a replacement for et?
ironsight is useless in the game (excepted rly long range). it just has Brink's art nothing more.
ok, maybe the game will not be pay-to-win but you will have a advantage with other characters.

For example you will start with a LT who has an airstrike like in RtCW i am sure this will be nice for open maps.
But if you are in a building and a other LT you have to buy for example has a Molotov cocktail you will have a advantage there.
This means for competitions you have to spend money to have a advantage...
Any idea when it will be available for download?
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