The RtCW Alliance Cup - Update 2

The Alliance Cup sign ups close Saturday 30/11 at 19:00 CET and we have had a good response from the community as we have so far received 15 applicants to participate! Time is running out though, so if you're still thinking about signing up this is your last chance.

image: alliance_cup

Sign up here or PM an admin at #ASUS.Alliance at QuakeNet IRC. Note that you can still add players DURING the cup, so if you have a minimal of 6 players don't hesitate to sign up. Also the more teams we have the higher the prize-purse will be (25 teams max). We'll have a live stream set up at 21:00CET Saturday 30 November to make the group announcements, make sure you don't miss it! there's been a change in the group announcements, unfortunately no shout casters were available so we're rescheduling the announcements to Sunday 1 December 20:00 CET and also we'll have a show match at 21:00 CET, be sure to tune in to WarWitch's stream!

Let me remind you again that we're running a very tight schedule, you'll only have 2 wildcards at your disposal, one during the group stage and one during the playoffs. The wildcards are your only tools to reschedule a game, so use them wisely.

I'm sorry to announce that we're dropping the prediction system, there was too much disagreement about it within the community.
We're now looking for a way to incorporate the graphics card into the winnings for the teams.
We'll likely decrease the prize purse for the teams overall and use that money for viewer/player awards instead.
More to be announced about that.

To finish this up I wish all the participants good luck and I hope you'll have a great time!

#ASUS.Alliance at IRC ~ Alliance Cup Website ~ Crossfire Forum Post

don't think that's a good idea, however ill support anything best of luck
I like the idea but the way this prediction thing is being handled is very inefficient and not secure.

For example: I only have/use 1 active email address, and I don't feel like pasting that on Twitch chat. Beside all the good guys watching there are also a bunch of dicks who I don't want having that. Also Twitch chat is IRC based and IRC is known to have spam/advert bots with can copy paste that email address as well and you'll end up with a shitload of Viagra or Prince Oekalaboekoe spam on your email...

Why don't you give out a downloadable format at the start of the stream, for example a Word table with all the matches already added and people can add scores behind it themselves. Then set up an email account for the predictions, or some GMail account w/e. And set a time frame for people to send them in during the stream. You can even use the email account receiving times to easily check whether people entered them in the timeframe or not. More efficient and more secure that way?
Nothing wrong with a bit of oekalaboekoe from time to time.
is dat ben of gewoon ben
Prince Oekalaboekoe spam :D
I understand your concerns but an e-mail system would be likely to result in a huge amount of work, having to open every e-mail individually.
Oxy has made a suggestion to let people register on our website and then just allow them to fill in a form when the prediction game starts. I think this is a good idea but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to set something like that up and I doubt anyone else in the group does.
That said, is it not possible for you to make a fake e-mail address and use that only for this?
hehe :P kon even niks anders verzinnen maar punt is duidelijk :P

I get Oxy's idea would be nice aswell! But you'd need someone for that(maybe reach out out to people on CF?)..

Making a fake email adress isn't an issue, just sucks I even need to make one for something that could be handles much simpler :(
Understood sir,

I made the mistake of underestimating the powah of my fellow admins, Faster is going to work with Oxy's idea. I'll adjust the news post when it's ready.
post prediction on every game? Isn't that a bit to much? Wouldn't 3 be enough?
Quote4. If for some reason you're not able to watch the stream someone else is allowed to place the predictions for you (note that the person posting for you will have to add your nick/name in front of the e-mail when making the prediction).
I already red this dude, but not everyone has someone watching ET for him ^^
No one is going to correctly predict every score for every game there's to be played in the cup, what's your ruling in that case? Whoever came closest or has the most correct scores? Also what if multiple people predict an equal amount of games correctly?


Not sure if I like it to begin with, that viewers get a greater reward for... well, really nothing, than the players themselves :p Just sell the god damn card and throw something of equal value into the pot. Or have ASUS give you 6 Displays, or GTX 660ti's instead. Or.. Motherboards, or anything really.
e: No price for viewers anymore :(
thanks obama, i mean oxy
im still avi to play if liquids still need players
start playing some games, join in #rtcw.wars. Idle from 19.00 -23.00 or something. They will invite you for a mix if merc avi. That way you can get 'to know' more players... and hopefully a team!
you should make something like thiswebsite, check it out
Good luck to everyone! :)
surely its easier to just have a mass prediction for the group games, as it will be chaos otherwise, like everyone submit their 10 results (or w/e it'll be)

Then for the playoffs you can do it on stream, and announce whos leading etc and do predictions just for the current game.
Was really hoping you guys wouldn't do a ZeD on the prediction thing. Not because I want to win it but because something like that attracts more people to a stream/a community when they pick it up. Would have given people another reason to 'lets see if I got my predictions right' instead of just seeing the same people play for a prize again.
The thing is 2 many people that are playing the cup thought it wasn't fair that viewers can win more then players. We will get different prizes for the prediction game so we can still continue. Hope you understand we don't just decide things ourselves. We do what the community wants.
I as viewer wanna win a black RTCW t-shirt with the cup logo!! :D
I understand why the decision is made, but I think admins(ZeD was a nice example) are listening too much to the top players. Let's be realistic, how many of the players of the cup actually have a chance of winning that card... Take about the 20/25 that have a decent chance compared to all the maybe 100 new viewers(and potential players) you could attract with such a big prize :P

Just seems like a decision that's in the interest of the top players and not the entire actual community ;)
Top players will stop playing and start focussing on the predictions instead. This will not help the cup at all. It is best in the interest of the viewers and the players that are playing to make this decision. Therefor it is better for the whole community.
Meh, if that is the case I wouldnt even bother hosting a cup :P If the moral/ethic of players is so low enough to stab their teams to win a gfx card :P

I get why you guys are doing it as you are, I'm just sad it's not being used for trying to appeal more people from outside of the existing community to the game. I prefer having a bigger community and smaller prizes than fewer players and big prizes :P
that's bull, I have absolutely no delusions of ever making it past the first round with our team, yet I still wouldn't want the GPU to go to a viewer for doing nothing but sitting on his ass watching others perform. Especially so with a rigged and not well thought out system in place (sorry bully :P). There's nothing wrong with listening to criticism, it becomes awful when you stop listening and make horrible decisions no one, not even your own grandmother, would agree with. Viewers =/= players, even more so when 95% of your proposed viewers are only even tuning in for a chance at the reward. Bribing people to watch a stream, one they may not even enjoy, is not going to get you any benefits either.
I'm not stating anywhere that viewers are equal to players. Neither am I saying they should be. All I'm saying is that this prize would have been a great way to market the cup to people outside of the community and a way to get more people attracted to the game... And I think it's a shame that that is not being used as it could have.

Don't get me wrong, the players earn their share aswell. But since there is a prizepot aswell I had hoped that they would have the courtesy to allow this single prize(if it were 6 cards it would've been logic to use them for a team) to help strenghten/grow the community :)
Apology not accepted, I know where you live buddy.
Nah I agree with you Oxy, but I don't really understand what you mean by rigged?
Bad wording, no worries . :)
QuoteI understand why the decision is made, but I think admins(ZeD was a nice example) are listening too much to the top players.

ZeD didn't listen to anyone, including 'Top Players'. That was pretty much his biggest problem as an admin, that and perhaps having random arguments with idiots which are sadly in every scene, no matter how small.

But he is extremely inexperienced as an admin and problems are always bound to come up because of this. Alliance Cup guys have at least countered there equal inexperience with having a large number of admins.
You meant that you were hoping that those wnb wont make a FAIL?
I think this group is better than one person is doing it all alone.. Also there has never been an admin team that made zero fails during a cup, doesn't mean they are bad admins. Same goes for you, you made some weird decisions aswell but I won't say you're a bad admin.

All I'm saying in all my posts is that I was hoping they would use this card as a marketing tool and not as a prize for the players. As there already is a prizepot for them :)
Problem with those famous players in current community is that they are small group of people and its them against the world. When they were sitting and I took the game to another level that it was then the whine started when I had balls enough to kick someone out. And reason why they are mad is not because I kicked raw out, something else aswell. Now they are sliding on my success. I doubt everything about the GFX card, sorry...
I think the biggest reason for them shutting you out is your complete arrogant attitude. Yes, you did a lot for the game and gave it a new breath of life by bringing people like WarWitch back in, I don't think anyone will deny that. But you seem to hail yourself as the greatest savior of RtCW and I think you need to calm down on that. Get over yourself and realize some people didn't agree with you and decided to handle it themselves, you could have been the bigger man yet you seem to take every turn to make them look like the bad guys, and yourself like a God of RtCW...

About the card, I know Playaa personally and his connections to ASUS so I can pretty much vouche for that to be believable, so I wouldn't have doubts about what he promises regarding that.
Im not arrogant, reason why people think is that im never going to be in a dicksucking crew where those guys are in. Reason why they are mostly mad because I made a ballsy move. I hurt their friends or whatever. Never said I was god of rtcw.. there is none. Those admins here think they are the ppl "we come in peace and we will make better cup and ZeD was very very bad admin"... All that very intelligent talk what fstr and bully are saying here is just horrible...just fucking fake how they act :D

Its a desperation cup nothing else.. last resort for rtcw...
You are utterly delusional.
Go back to was fine untill when ET players started invaiding RtCW scene
man it´s annoying. everytime this kind of news and the announcement of shoutcast is online 1 day before - so i miss this. I would be happy to see this news some days before so i can manage to watch this shit live....
if you got a smartphone with twitch app, you can login and subscribe to warwitchtv, if he goes live, you'll get a notification ;)
warwitch pretty much casts every sunday :p
yah i know its often/mostly at sunday - i also watched it many times but often i miss them. i have got no smartphone only a phone and my own smartness ;)
Nice fail taking the GFX out of the picture for viewers....

1st fail..

Ill grab my popcorn.. to be continued...
only 99999999 fails left to catch up with you
mad because your team got kicked? I had no fails, if you consider i failed because i kicked raw then your wrong because the only one to be mad is your own team :)
to who did you gave the creative headsets from last cup?

+ time to read this:
True that.

MVP + Rookie of the tournament: Creative fatal1ty gaming headset?
Headsets were provided by United States of America Nail so what exactly are u asking me? fail, 1st get ur facts right then start pointing fingers. all those haters are wrong and based on non-facts.
Keep hating and you will get kick from the cup same as you did with olBaa and razz...
Nah, so far it's nothing too serious, entertaining if anything else.
Well i could pretty much whine as you guys did , right?
olBaa and razz were removed by their own leader Mr.Jam. I did not kick them, I had no reason. You can only point fingers at United Kingdom Jam.
gonna laugh at this comment next update :-)))
Interesting things i have heard from ROG...We'll see when this ends...
Regardless of anything else. Thank you Bully for playing RTCW during the quiet times. There'd be nothing left to revive if the likes of you ,Sipperi and co. had not kept going.
I have two questions regarding the rules of weapon boosting:

Rules on the usage of game exploits:
1. Receiving a weapon boost from a teammate is NOT allowed.
2. Weapon boosting achieved by yourself such as using a grenade to blow you over the back wall on Frostbite IS allowed.
3. The documents are NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near the allied spawn on Village.

So 1. means you are not allowed to boost the teammates at the beginning of the round? (E.g. on ice to grab the flag or on frostbite to plant faster)

In the case of rule number 2 the boosted player and the booster will both be required to self kill.

I thought rule number 2 (self-weaponboosting is allowed - even with airstrikes?) says that boosting is allowed?
Hey Raul,

This is mistake on the website, we'll correct this asap.
Should be: In the case of rule number 1 the boosted player and the booster will both be required to self kill.
The goal of this rule is as you say; to prevent teams from boosting another teammate to get an early flag grab/plant..
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