ClanBase is no more

QuoteDear everyone,

ClanBase is no more. We are sorry.

Please find our final statement / press release explaining the situation in detail on this page:
GG(L). Quite expected tho. Thanks to all CB admins for their effort into keeping this game alive!

Unless ohurcool got something up his sleeves to save the game, I think the game is dead.
ye thanks to all CB ET admins for their hard work

just a tip:
xarqi still avi? xD
I think Xarqi ragequit after all the flame he received from this dickhole community
no way he received flame without provoking it somehow. :D the community can't always be the automatic scapegoat for people giving up on things.
Just stating what happened :P
so he was being some perfect admin and the community were genuinely flaming him for nothing at all? I somehow doubt it. :D I mean I have no idea as I didn't play OCL cups nor did I witness drama revolving around his cups, just find it hard to believe.. xarqi: "hey guys, cup on sunday 18CET signups open" - dickhole-community: "stfu faggot 420 blazeit"
You'll have to ask him. He told me he'll quit because of this dickhole community.
right, well he's the retard then. this is the most pathetic excuse I ever see from admins who only want to contribute if they're being praised by the entire planet.
don't agree here. Why would you put time in something for idiots who don't even appreciate it?
don't agree here. It's not the effort that's unappreciated, it's the, in majority of the cases, horrible execution. ie, in lights of recent events, ZeD and UAC are two prime examples that come to mind. The whine will always outweigh the appreciation, positive feedback or even praise you'll receive, that's just how things work. If there's nothing to whine about, people keep quiet. There's no reason for anyone to praise you for having done what's expected of you, we appreciate the time and effort you put into it, but don't expect me to go crazy kissing your butt just for having done something thousands of others have done before you already. If you're going to run cups, or leagues, or anything.. really. Do it because you enjoy doing it, not because you're looking for the quick thrill of attention. Judging by the conversation above us, xarqi did it for the exact wrong reasons and it bit him in the arse for it.
for the people who do appreciate it.
Every admin knows that some particular flame will come, but to be doing something when there's 0 positive feedback, i understand him why he would act like that.
the only possible reason that he could have 0 positive feedback is if he was doing things terribly wrong and wasn't willing to listen to others, there's no way everyone would flame him for absolutely NO reason while he's giving us cups.

anyways I saw xarqi having arguments about NBS, he seems like this kind of guy who finds it easier to blame others than take responsibility for his own lack of efforts and/or willingness to find a solution to issues and dilemmas that pop up. it could be just as possible that it's the same story with his OCL thing.
What I remember about him he was "a bit" short-tempered, at least he made some bad decision as MGC manager. Couldn't see him managing any bigger organization.

However no grudges - he was/is a decent lad
Not surprised, from what I remember he got offended very easily and took everything personal. No doubt he did a lot of good work, but those are some qualities which don't really help you if you are an admin.
Thanks for the praise, honestly, but I'm not the only admin around. As I said below, there are still plenty of awesome guys in the community who are working hard to help contribute.

Don't let anyone tell you ET is dead. It is literally inaccurate to call a game "dead" if teams and players are still actively playing it. Just look at RtCW, a game which is even less active than ET yet the community continues to support itself in many ways.
I know ET is not literally dead. But the drop of inactivty the past few years was inmense.

Still it was you who had to pull the kart while ET was so inactive. Not unlike the glory days.

When will there be an official CB ET statement?
What sort of statement are you looking for? We will finish the current EC/OC season as best as we can, then we'll see what happens from there.
Some statement about what's next?
I don't even know for sure what's next yet. :P
QuoteJust look at RtCW, a game which is even less active than ET

is it though, really? In terms of overall participants, perhaps, but general activity in RtCW is a lot greater than ET has been in the past 2 or 3 years. Not to mention RtCW actually does have a "competitive scene",
2 / 3 years ago in ET? nah, ET 2/3 years ago was in a pretty decent shape compared to now. You can't find any RTCW wars before 7pm tho. While you can still play some wars in the afternoon for ET
Got to agree tho, cups organized in RTCW are way better, due to admins / casters motivations, and players too, who prac a bit more.
our community is "stronger" imo. that is what makes the difference. We are more united than the ET scene is. I'd say the et community is more "fragmented"
"our community" sounds kind of weird. As far as I know, the ET and RTCW community have always been fairly interchangeable. I haven't played RTCW ever since my friends stopped playing it, but atleast back then a lot of people playing ET had played RTCW for awhile.

I bet a lot of people really enjoying RTCW right now are those who got to play it for the first time back when there was a hype about it amongst ET players a few years back. Most people who have played RTCW know that it's the superior game, but I have played it more than enough.

People move on. People moved on from RTCW to ET. People moved on from ET to something else. Games like this have a lot of replay value, but even than the appeal fades for most of us. I guess RTCW has been a drift longer than ET because people moved on the the next game ages ago and people were already forced to take action themselves.
Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter? :P I was simply giving an example and don't really feel the need to argue about it, especially not with you.
thanks for killing ET..
oh yeah, CB is killing ET.
helps the process
thanks for hurting my feelings :(
punky, mah' nigga!
Ah well. You tried.
Thanks for the games.

image: p4fi
cb, esl as Finlandnerds would say "rest in peace sweet prince"
whats next?
m1tja losing his virginity
m1ja just got unbanned dude xD
shit happens lol
RIP :((((((((((((((((((((((((

Wait so now I can talk about how cancerous GGL was without getting into trouble? :P

What do ohurcool and the ET crew do now? Move to ESL, host their own shit or just let the game die?
game is dead since u left cb
But I thought I was killing ET everytime I banned someone :(
they said the same for every admin who did his job, dont wry
Man you killed ET. U fucking murderer!

Edit: We all started smoking instead of buying bots.
hahahah gnajda <3 :p
I think they'll get something else going.
I'll still be around contributing somehow but haven't decided on the specifics just yet!
your name reminds me of a streamer :p
eSports killed CB - RIP
I have not logged in here in a long time, but I think ClanBase deserves a farewell comment. Thanks for everything you have done for the game and for eSports.
hear hear
may the full power of yolo be upon CB rip in piece sweat prince
Sad day....NOT! Move on nerds
said the guy who wants 5v5, move on.
whats wrong with 5v5 :<
now we can start play NC like
looks like no cb pocal for teams participated in this season :XDDD
Gg :C
Its the last chapter to end of this game !
where is Peaches?
Not even peaches could save ClanBase from GGL. :P
Maybe we should ask Merkel...
Geht nicht, das Internet ist für Merkel Neuland
" ClanBase is no more " after around 6 long years, can't find any words to say excpet that i was proud to be part of the big adventure
thx for whole time we spent together in this league, boss!
szczurek and jon, i would like to apologize if i was not always in time to help you during last season, but it was a great human experience. Thx to you
No need to apologize. :P Thanks mate!

Join IRC some time!
Tonight I will drink and party for CB! :( Big thanks for the full ClanBase Crew for the 10 years of great cups I followed. Special thanks to Mads for managing the site until it was possible, and for the trust in me when I was organising the NFS cups. Btw. the winners of those cups were payed. I'm really sad, because this site was the best example how to create something really good with volunteers!
this proof for sure swanidius never in EC gg 'nice own"
sad day,

good job @ all admins!

"I can't understand it.
The search for an answer is met with a darker day.
And we've been handed these moments forever.
But I'm reassured there's another way.
You don't have to close your eyes.
There is room for love again.
Ease the pain to realize
All that love can be.
Forced apart by time and sand.
Take a step and take my hand.
And don't let it go.
Never let go.

Broken, once connected,
We were so strong and so blessed in a simple way.
So don't let me go it alone.
Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below but me.
Face the truth to realize
All that we could be.
Torn apart by rage and fear.
Hold onto what brought you here.
Don't let it go.
Never let go.

Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below.
Don't let go."
Sucks. I always figured that one day ET would cease to exist on ClanBase - that we would inevitably reach a point where there simply weren't enough teams left to make it worthwhile to run an EC/NC/OC/SC for Enemy Territory. But until this year, I would have never expected CB as an organization to shut down. ClanBase has played a huge role in my "career" as both a player and an admin, and I'll miss it very much.

There was a journal posted a few days ago asking if ET is dead. My response: ET is not dead until activity hits zero. We have not reached this point yet. As bad as it may seem at the moment, it could always be worse. ClanBase as we knew it may be dead, but the other ET admins and I will still be around to help contribute as best as we can. Other organizations like Crossfire, GamesTV, and YCN Hosting will also remain active in ET regardless of what happened today. Like I said, it could be worse. There are still some good people around who are working hard every day to help keep this game alive for as long as possible. You will continue to see cups being run and might even get to play on some ladders again.

Thanks a lot to all of the teams and players who stuck with us until the very end, and a huge thanks to GoldoraK, szczurek, t4Mj, and Aniky for everything they've done for ClanBase and ET.
Now that you can leave your basement, I sincerely hope you do not burst into flames when your skin comes into contact with sunlight.
it goes straight to my heart, thx you for your job jon
You really think that just because ClanBase is dead I'm gonna leave my basement?! Ha!
You've been a great admin =) (And those who have been working with you aswell)

The "public" scene of ET is still quite active. Many pubs (Other mods) are still full everyday.
Bullshit, there's no greater recognition for any CB admin than "you were the worst ET supervisor ever".
You like to think positive, I like that!
It is really sad so ET game on CB end. ohurcool Thanks you very much for your good job as CB admin.
I hope so ET game will go for next years. I think so ET competition league can move back on ESL or here on crossfire.

Move ET game league here is only my idea, but idk if that is possible.
Wasn't quite involved with CB but I saw a small part of the job you did on this website (tournament promotions, UAC flame, etc.) Hats off!
suAm (:D)
Been secretely admiring the amount of work you've put down during the last couple of months for this game. Have encountered few admins with the manner and professionalism which you've put at display. Do keep it up unless you find it too demanding, this type of work shouldn't be more stressful than it is rewarding.
shhiiiiiit son. it finally happened. lols
Can't be that hard to create a website with tournament options.
was just a matter of time. sad shit i wanted to show my grandchildren my golden throphys on cb one day :'(
Your future grandchildren will be quite pleased of seeing a certain youtube video featuring yourself and a bunch of germans :')
Same, im really sad cause i lost like 5 golden pocals and many more :'(
Even I had a lot of those, I think they gave them out for free because I wouldn't even remember where I got them.
thats cause u got only shit pocals :((, i got em all rest to brag around other games, but cb fucked me over!!!
You should buy up the domain clanbase just to put your pocals on the front page.

Think I had some good ones though, just because I was in teams without even playing :D
Only ones I had something to do with was some SC ones, premier division one and the 3v3 ladder thingie.
btw with cb beeing dead a big part ofl the et / rtcw history will be gone. If people want to keep ET alive start a wikia or something similar with all the cup results, lineups etc.
i can imagine that random cheater will be claiming to be some old ET OC winner from the time before gtv soon
Yeah, a bit too late now though. Or we would have to be able to get a hold of the clanbase data somehow?
I see it this way, we had a beautiful future in this young man called ClanBase.
Everyone loved him everyone wanted him.
All was good and happy for ClanBase.
He had money, many nice & motivated friends and everyone loved him.
As what happens to all nice human beings apparently, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 (GGL).
Things weren't looking good for ClanBase after a while, he noticed something was wrong.
Doctors gave him 4-5 years to live.
He couldn't pay for his medical treatment.
Since ClanBase was a pretty cool guy, all his friends decided to help him and keep on supporting him through all these years, not giving up.

Sorry guys, I thought I was onto something but I got bored writing it at the end. I ain't on drugs either.
I've got no script in my mind, I'm just going to ramble on and hope I get to the core of what this organisation was meant to be.

First of all, it's a thank you to ClanBase, not just the directors, not just the management, the admin staff, the players, the supporters, it's all of you. You have been the most fantastic experience of my life. Thank you.

I have been very fortunate. I have been able to manage some of the greatest cups and games in ET, let alone ClanBase.

All these admins here today have represented ClanBase in the proper way, they have won our hearts in a fantastic fashion. Well done to the volunteers.

ClanBase's retirement doesn't mean the end of our life with ET and Crossfire.

If you think about it, those last minute documen saves, the comebacks, even the defeats are all part of this great game and community of ours. It has been an unbelievable experience for all of us, so thank you for that.

I'd also like to remind you that when we had bad times here ClanBase stood by us, all my staff stood by me, the community stood by me - your job now is to stand by our new admins or organisation site, whoever that might be. That is important.

I'd just, before I start bubbling, I just want to pay tribute to ohurcool who is organisation-less today. Unbelievable, one of greatest admins ClanBase and this community has ever had or ever will have. Ohurcool, we wish you a good future whatever that might be. I know you will be around to save us again. Also, I would like to say a little word wishing TosspoT a speedy comeback to our community.

The players, I wish the players every success in the future. You know how good you are, you know the tag and name you are wearing, you know what it means to everyone here.

Don't let yourselves down. The expectation is always there.

I'm going home, I'm going inside for a while. I just want to say thank you from all the ClanBase family, they are all up there.

Thank you, thank you.
Thanks a lot! :)
Sad news and can't really figure out to revive the competitive scene like RTCW is doing/has been all the time.

Thanks clanbase thanks ET!
also i agree with mama, is it possible to save some of the grand et history?
Oh snap :o
I've always been quite negative towards ClanBase, but fact is that CB has always been the home for ET.
It feels crazy that it's gone.

RIP ClanBase. Been a good few years, especially enjoyed playing NationsCup.
Well.... looks like is time to read books.
Keep playing LoL nerd
Hopefully if things are gonna go the way i hope it, times are going to be better soon.
Pretty much sums up ClanBase between 2007-2013

Thanks to clanbase and all the admins. I guess I won the last ever Nationscup???
It's kinda sad for me....
but there is nothing more to say
THX to clanbase & all admins
All we need is vapour now. He could close esl and steam by using some exploits. After that he build his own league and steam replacement which support et.
If we had access to CB´s source I would host it on my projects team servers NP.
Just got 2 ibm with xeons.
Although we will never have access to hit and nobody will be willing to code something as big as that without beign properly compensated.
its simple, we love clanbase because clanbase allways hosted cups for enemy territory (our game).
but if you really look at it, how can an organisation can keep its head above the water if they don't take a part of the huge games such as league of legends, starcraft, dota.
money is all in these types of games.
Simple thing is, we dont need clanbase to host etcups/ setup ladders.
Clanbase was living in the past, instead of being real competitors towards esl, and invest money, get some nice webdesigning staff etc etc. they tried to cling on to dead useless games, it's simple.
If you look at sports you have football, basketball, tennis etc etc.
See those as certain game concepts 'or whatever the right term is' such as, fps mmo's etc.
inside those game concepts you have certain leagues like for instance in holland you have eredivisie as top league in football, and after that comes jupiler league. ofcourse both seen as professional football leagues, the money is found in the eredivisie.
allthough some ppl are fans of teams in the jupiler league, most people dont give a shit about and shouldnt either because they are just a bunch of above average players and shit and will never really make any money.
I kinda see clanbase as the stupid fools to invest time and effort in those kind of things ' lets say if they would buy a team in the jupiler league.

the examples i gave are complete bullshit, and sounded way better in my head, but i'm completely bored out of my mind and had to come up with something to do, gg.

sorry for my bad englande, no copy pasterino.

p.s. R.I.P. clanbase, you poor fools, if only your management weren't complete fucktards
m1tja avi for 3o3 offi ?
He is playing with me already.
Haha awesome. I remember when I was still a teenager that clanbase was this new and innovative website. There was nothing like it and it was THE place to be for gamers. It felt so professional at the time and it was the center of e-sports.
ET was like Mandela, announced dead since 5 years but still there. Now he's really dead :D

RIP, go Extraction everyone !
Thanks for the great time. Playing on clanbase was a fun and memorable part of my youth during many a rainy day. Too bad it ended like this, better management could have helped clanbase transition to a more modern approach. Sad to see that this happened to an icon in gaming.
Good job on turning away ESL guys !
Rejecting their anticheat, their help! Now regret it..
Thanks to all decent and helpful admins through all dem years.

Avi to organise NC.
Shut up , your the one who killed tzac
if cb is dead why there is still some people looking for 3o3 offi ?
really sad news.clanbase and et made rather big part of my "gaming career" and i ll remember it with a joy.i registered in 2002 and still liked to visit it 2013.for me it had a really superb site and playing cups on it was always special...esl site will never be close to CB site,eventho i play on esl a lot nowadays.

what kinda makes me sad is the fact that entire et history is gone, since et was mostly connected with cb only :(
I remember stronger than hate mix team playing, allways loved to spec this shit!!
Is there any backup files from clanbase?
yes, but we have no copyrights for use it
What, so you're not allowed to access it? Just getting hold of all data related to ET would be nice to have stored...
We don't have access to anything, and even if we did, we would not be able to take it or use it without GGL's full permission. GGL owns ClanBase and everything related to ClanBase.
Shame to see ClanBase go. I always prefered using CB over ESL but now there's not even any need to debate it anymore. Very sad. :<

Guess TurboApinat will go down in history as the champs of the 6on6 ladder though? Don't know what the ladder looked like the last month but according to this cached site from 2nd of November they were topping it ;)
Was a nice time @ CB; helped me to keep my english on a quite good level, met some nice people thanks to that adventure :')
I just knew about CB closing... it's really something sad, it kills me inside a little bit to know that I won't be able to go and check my repository of old memories...

so fucking sad

bye CB
this is the end of an era for fps games :(
RIP clanbase, i have so many good memories of your cups.
But everything has to come to an end.

Good bye CB
FYI some guys have created a clanbase clone which works the same way but looks even better. Could become popular? Its called
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