CF ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013

I am happy to announce the Crossfire ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013! This is a one-day cup which will take place on Sunday the 29th of December.

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General Information

Format: 6on6
Date: Sunday the 29th
Time: 20:00 CET
Size: 18 teams
Structure: Single-elimination Playoffs

Signups will close on Sunday at 19:30 CET. Sign up by sending me a PM here on Crossfire with your team's name and 6-player lineup!

QuoteEurope nhncd: Canada Brisk, United States of America detdet, Canada embarrassed, Estonia infi_, United States of America ohurcool, United States of America peaches

Check-ins will start at 19:45 CET. Check in by PMing me on IRC at #crossfire with the name of the team you signed up with.

Brackets will be created on Challonge and published at approximately 19:59 CET.

Schedule & Maps

Since this is a Christmas cup, I've chosen a few winter maps which will hopefully make things fun for both the players and the viewers!

Round 1 (bo1): northpole
Round 2 (bo1): northpole
Quarter Finals (bo1): et_ice
Semi Finals (bo3): northpole & Loser's Choice
Grand Final (bo3): Each team selects a map from the maplist!

Maplist: The fourth map is up to you! Comment below with your choice of the following: et_village / fueldump / railgun


  1. At least one player from every team must idle on #crossfire.
  2. Each team's lineup must be approved by the admin team. We will consider rejecting signups from teams who intend to play with banned players or known cheaters.
  3. All matches must be played on ETTV. The admin team will request each game and provide servers.
  4. Spectators are not allowed on the matchserver and should join the ETTV server instead.
  5. Failure to show up within 15 minutes after match time will result in a noshow loss.
  6. Players are not allowed to play for more than one team in the cup - no exceptions!
  7. Cheating or abuse will result in a forfeit loss.
  8. A cointoss will take place before each map. The winner of the cointoss chooses which side to start on.
  9. If there is a tie (double fullhold after one map or 2-2 after two maps), the decider will be frostbite.
  10. Teams must check-in before they are allowed to play.
  11. UAC is not forced but can still be used if both teams agree.
  12. Any issues should be reported to the admin team before the start of the match.

Admin Team

Slovenia Aniky
Canada embarrassed
United States of America ohurcool

Merry Christmas!

Can we vote for a new mappool as opposed to just the 4th map?
There should only be 2 maps in the mappool; supply, goldrush
There should'nt, cause they are the two best map ever made, but then again i understand that shit player like u wants to play more maps thinking that u gonna win game or two with "new" maps.
No man, you're so much better than everyone in this game, so it shouldn't matter what map is played, but maybe you're just another bad player
It's a silly Christmas cup, it wasn't intended to be a cup with the most balanced maps. Do you have any suggestions for maps that fit the theme?
avi for this
gMen is in, lineup something close to this
Netherlands adeto, Portugal punky, Netherlands Enigma, Belgium Azur, Belgium Buzzer, Netherlands latiN
btw rule 11.. is pointless? 'if both team agrees' so you can cheat freely aslong as you dont agree to use uac?
Change it to if one of the teams requests it or take the rule out completely
It's not pointless, just wanted to mention UAC somewhere in the rules to avoid silly questions. If both teams agree to use UAC, feel free to play with it! :P

Also, not forcing an anticheat =/= allowing cheaters...
Well I understand that, but it's not like maybe 1 team is suspicious of the other and wants to use UAC vs them to comfort themselves. But this rule makes that pointless :P because other team will just say 'no tnx fpslags'.
Certainly it is better than saying "UAC is not allowed at all no matter what", no? :P I don't see why it's such a big deal.

Thanks for signing up though, and have fun!
Cheaters in ET? Outrageous!
Sarcasm-o-meter going wild. But it's exactly why I said it :P
We will exclude most of the fishy ppl anyway, so there's going to be minimal stake for things like that to happen.
Isnt it better to say, cheating is not allowed? It cant be less effective than uac
Time to dust off our mp40s
Oh glad you guys didnt dissappear

btw, any chance you could add some modified map? Im not sure if there is any, but you have radar_summer or something, so find radar_winter :D

and AVI topic would be brilliant :D
Maybe! The maplist can still be edited a bit if needed.
radar winter is fucking horrible, the textures make my screen melt
Good luck to everyone! :)
I think you pressed "F" instead of "B" but np both letters are close to eachother on keyboards. image: Kappa
Nope. :P Crossfire, not ClanBase!
et_village as 4th plz
Why do you even care fucktard
nice attitude,
cheater isnt worthy more
Aniky? No thanks.
Hey, u wouldnt be welcome anyway :D
Nice admin attitude.
why is every cup so late. i miss the old 13CET start cups
Is 20 CET late? :P I'd have to get up pretty early if we started at 13 CET!

edit: I can change it to 19 CET if that works better for everyone. :)
Well he would join some team that would make it fair and starting @ 21:00 his time so obviously he expects to end mucho late.
Honestly, u should put it somewhere between 1600cet - 1800, 20cet is way too fucking late and suits pretty much only UK players
If 18 or 19 CET works better for others then it's fine with me, but anything earlier than that is too early for me and Canada embarrassed.
19-19:30 perfect start time for all EU countries basically
why not simple ice / frost / fuel / rail ? what northpole is ; O
I was inspired by fumble's journal, since there was a decent amount of positive feedback from players but unfortunately nothing ever really happened.
embarrassed worst admin ever.
i like ur profile gif
gl, avi for this
lets do this
really nice job
Slovenia Aniky
Canada embarrassed
United States of America ohurcool
Czech Republic t4Mj

iam glad to see some people care about ET:)
Thanks! Glad to help contribute. :)
This game still alive :)
Damn i have to work.. Gl all.. Would plax it once again
Nice. Will be playing thiss!
no wonder you aim for 6/8 teams with such a bad people in charge xD
avi as admin?
sure if you kick half of this awful crew
done :) welcome aboard
you've got no balls to do so :)
Orrrrrrrr I prefer running cups with normal people who don't have anger management issues!
No you just ain't got no balls to do so :)
Do you need a tissue to clean your brown nose a bit before New Year's Eve party? Would be sad to go for a party with shit all over your face
Avi + take fueldump !
we need 3v3 cups this sunday!
I'm avi for this, message me here i'll answer on sunday y0
Does anyone know that Glider map? I used to love that map back in 06 when I played public mostly. Was so cool to fly around on that plane haha =D I guess that map isn't possible to play competively, atleast on 6on6. Would love to play some 8on8 or something on that map.
Haha yeah, I've played that map! It was a blimp I think, not a plane. :P
I actually might be avi for this, if someone need me please pm me (:
You know where to be.
a mappool without supply? didnt you know that there is a winter version of it too? :D
sad but true no anticheat no game :'/
Supski will probably play, ill talk to some people and hopefully make a lu!
Ten teams have signed up so far, and we're still looking for more! Send me a PM here or on IRC if you're interested in signing your team up for the cup. :)

I've edited the newspost a bit and will post a journal tomorrow with a list of signups and more information.
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