CB ET EuroCup XXVIII: Grand Final

Once again, it's finally time for the Grand Final of the CB ET EuroCup XXVIII! Tune in live to United Kingdom TosspoT's stream on Sunday the 16th at 21:00 CET!

image: SNXsSFf

It's been a long season with several delays, unfortunately caused by the downtime and eventual shutdown of ClanBase. However, we promised to continue running EC until the end, and here we are - almost there!

On Monday 20/02/2014, nearly three hundred viewers tuned in to the Lower Bracket Final featuring Europe erAse.et and Finland TURBOAPINAT, casted by the one and only United Kingdom TosspoT. image: game45336

The Finnish team made some changes to their lineup for the match, replacing two of their players with Finland Matias and Finland twidi. It worked out fairly well for them, since Finland TURBOAPINAT managed to come out on top with a 3-1 victory after three fullholds in a row. This means that Europe erAse.et has taken third place in the cup.

image: eiKtUtG

This Sunday, Finland TURBOAPINAT and France phase will face off in the CB ET EC XXVIII Grand Final. Since the Fins are coming from the Lower Bracket, they will have to win twice to secure the victory!

Who will win the last EuroCup in ClanBase history? Tune in at 21:00 CET to find out!

France phase

Latvia Clown
Slovakia filuS
United Kingdom jam
Iceland phyzic
United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom sqzz
image: game45577
Grand Final

Finland turbot

Finland Statti
Finland Stuka
Finland Swanidius
Finland twidi
Finland vokki
Finland walle

This match will be streamed by United Kingdom TosspoT! Watch it live at http://www.twitch.tv/tosspot!

Each team's road to the final:

France phase
2-4 vs Finland TURBOAPINAT
4-0 vs Benelux gentleMen
4-0 vs Finland New Terror
1-0 vs United Kingdom one.soldier
4-0 vs Europe erAse.et

4-2 vs Finland New Terror
4-0 vs Benelux gentleMen
4-2 vs France phase
0-4 vs Europe erAse.et
1-0 vs United Kingdom one.soldier
3-1 vs Europe erAse.et

Good luck!

need more smirzz
snatix playing in 3rd bestest team in the world, too bad there are only 24hours a day eheheheehh
what happened to one.soldier?
They didn't have enough players from their normal lineup for their match versus phase and would have had to use mercs in that game as well as their next game(s), which they didn't want to do, so United Kingdom MerlinatoR asked me to remove them from the cup instead.
gl m8s :)

turbot needs some olbaaa

u mean olden?
uau cant miss it -.-
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaah!
gl jam&sqzz u fuckin queers <3
also gl chry & vokki.
Good luck both!
gl turbot!
gl turbot!
wow the lineups are looking fucking good ;) it somehow brings back some memories from the past few years ;)

gl to both and much fun!
good luck vokki.
inb4 new time coz razz
Matieye /q rito at irc if you want some last minute tips for rifling.
4:0 phase
Easy for walle :) and vokki :)
This epicness will be on the Twitch homepage
Think you can add some link love in your channel description to some of the community sites? Maybe we can convert some people.
holy shit, swani in EC final
Well, it doesn't look like this will be played on Monday... Both teams initially agreed to play it at 21, but now France phase isn't available until 22 it seems and Finland turbot can't play that late.

I've set it as unscheduled on GamesTV for now, sorry guys.
ah c'mon... i was gonna celebrate the end of my exams with this match.
not ur fault mate, any update on the date/time?
Nope! Next Sunday or Monday, I guess.
please make sure that the teams play on a monday, wednesday or sunday so I can watch!!!
still no date?
Nope. TosspoT isn't available until next weekend, so it will most likely be played on Sunday.
unless they decide to play without me, it's not gonna be played on Sunday
Well I don't really care when it's played, but I'd prefer sooner rather than later, and both TosspoT and turbot are available this Sunday. I don't think turbot can play on Monday.
I'm avi Sunday & Monday
Okay! Hopefully we can get this scheduled soon... :P
easy for chry ;O
Finally scheduled for Sunday at 21:00 CET! Tune in to United Kingdom TosspoT's stream at http://www.twitch.tv/tosspot!
Hope it goes ahead with the listed line-ups (even if a couple of the old school fins are out of shape). Fanboi eargasm with TosspoT casting :p
The Fins will likely be using their normal lineup actually, but it should still be a nice match! :P
this comment made me flaccid :(
Sorry guys bad news.

I heard that lepari sold his gaming PC after NC victory
Sample is still in recovery from hard drugs
olbaa doing olbaa and wants to chat in twitch rather than play.
Squall still unknown need to ask when i see him probably he doesnt care so we are left with Matias who is prolly drunk after icehockey game. We will see

sorry fans to let you down and miss epic spawnrape for your ET finn idols
who the fuck is jam?
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