CyberGamer EU ET Season 1

Forty-four days have gone by since CyberGamer EU Enemy Territory was officially launched. Over 650 matches have been played since then with a total of 150 teams currently enrolled in the 3on3 & 6on6 ladders. About two weeks ago, CGAC was updated in order to add support for ET. Now, it's time for some cups!

I'm happy to announce CyberGamer EU ET Season 1! Signups are now open and will remain open until Monday the 3rd of March.

image: 81XpmVt

General Information

The first official ET cup season on CyberGamer EU will have two different formats: 3on3 and 6on6. We're doing our best to make things as familiar as possible, so it will be quite similar to ClanBase cup seasons.

Season 1 will run in two stages, starting with a league and followed by a tournament.

Stage 1: League

The first stage will be a league, which is sort of like an organized ladder and is similar to a Groupstage on ClanBase. Matches are played round robin style, meaning that all teams play versus each other once. There will be matchweeks with unscheduled matches being forced weekly. Teams are free to play their matches at an earlier or later date if both teams agree, but all matches must be played by the deadline.

We will run two leagues, one for each format. Teams will be split up into divisions based on skill level. The number of divisions and number of teams per division will depend on how many signups we get.

After all league matches have been played, the top x teams from each division will advance to the next stage.

Stage 2: Tournament

The second stage will be a tournament, just like the Playoffs on ClanBase. There will be several tournaments, one for each division in each league. The top x teams from each division will compete in the tournament.

We have not decided yet if the brackets will be single- or double-elimination, mostly because the CG website doesn't fully support double-elimination brackets at the moment. However, we will try to work something out to make double-elimination possible.

Once the tournaments are finished, Season 1 will be over. It should take less than three months from the start of Stage 1 to the end of Stage 2.

Signing Up

In CyberGamer, the system only allows you to join one league or ladder per team, since each one is considered a different game type. Because of this, you will have create a new team to participate in a league for Season 1. If you'd like to participate in both the 3on3 and 6on6 leagues, you will unfortunately have to create two new teams. However, keep in mind that there is an option to create an organization so that all of your teams are displayed neatly on one page.

Once you have created a new team for the league, your team will automatically be added to the waiting pool. If for some reason that doesn't happen, simply visit the league page and click on "Join League". After signups close, we will take all teams in the waiting pool and split them up into the various divisions. Sorry for the inconvenience of being forced to create so many teams, but that is simply how CyberGamer works. The good news is that after this you shouldn't have to create any more teams for future CG EU ET cup seasons.

Please read the rules carefully before signing up!

CyberGamer EU ET 6on6 League

Waiting Pool - Rules

CyberGamer EU ET 3on3 League

Waiting Pool - Rules
image: GZgeEm3


  • Tuesday, 18th of February - Signups open
  • Monday, 3rd of March - Signups close
  • Thursday, 6th of March - Leagues online
  • Monday, 10th of March - Leagues are live & first matchweek starts
A full schedule will be posted once the leagues are online.



Questions & Suggestions

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below or visit us on IRC at Please keep in mind that this will be our first time running cups on CG, so it may be a bit of a bumpy ride!

To all those looking to participate or help out this season, thank you and good luck!

ET 6on6 Ladder - ET 6on6 League - ET 3on3 Ladder - ET 3on3 League

Should really make it look a bit more inviting though - It looks like a wall of text and may turn people of. What about a name also? Season 1 sounds a bit shit
How do you suggest I improve it? Isn't the purpose of a newspost to provide news and information? :P This is going to be rather new for both the participants and admins, so I wanted to make sure that everyone understands how it all will work.

Well, we can't really use EC/OC since that remains with ClanBase and GGL, and it's not really a "winter" or "spring" cup, so we decided to go with a simple "Season 1" instead.
euroleague openleague or something like that?
Dunno, I like Season 1 because it's nice and simple! The CG CoD4 cup seasons also follow this format, so I figured we could do it the same way with ET.

And I don't really want to use euro___/open___ because that implies one cup is invite-only and the other is open for any team, which isn't how we will be running things (at least not this season).
I dunno, maybe its the marketer in me. It needs a banner for sure, surely there are plenty of willing people to make one. Also, maybe just shorten the name to CyberGamer ET Season 1. It is small things, but I think they sub-consciously have an impact. No one really wants to read a wall of text. I would just keep it simple like previous CB or War leagues cups -

Just my two cents
Why does it need a banner? :P Are the CyberGamer logos not enough?

The reason I include "EU" is to differentiate from the AU website. There is and, and the latter used to run competitions for ET as well.

ClanBase cup announcements were easy since EC/OC was run pretty much the same every single season. This is different because hardly anyone in the community is familiar with how cups work on CG. I'd rather have a "wall of text" with all necessary information than a nice-looking newspost which doesn't explain the actual cup season very well.
ClanBase Enemy Territory EuroCup XV -> CB ET EC XV -> CB EC XV -> EC XV

people will ease into the names of things and before long "CyberGamer EU ET Season 1" will be shortened everywhere to "CG ET Season 1" - people just need to see the name everywhere for the time being until everyone actually knows what the shortening stands for. :P
add ponies and dragons
gj ohurcool :)
nice :-)
Hopefully there will now be an influx on cless posts
Force one map, let the teams cointoss and then with "picking" choose the second map.

inb4 Supply / Grush

E: also Topic with - AVI for league could be good :p
Maps will be forced in Stage 1 (groupstage), while in Stage 2 (playoffs) teams will be able to select one map each.

Maybe! There are already a lot of stickies in the forums, though.

Just stick it as journal? :P

There will be crap load of journals/threads/topics/whateva very soon about someone being avi :P
Yeah, we'll figure something out.
A recruitment sticky is more important than a movie database sticky lol...
I'm not the only one who decides what content gets stickied, and it's not currently possible to move threads to the journals section with CF 4.0. :P
:( The recruitment sticky for CB Summer OC was pretty useful :) Hopefully you get something like that up!

fragmovie database? Are you fucking dumb?
what the fuck is wrong with you fucking 13year old waste of semen?
Come and lick my ass on teamspeak :P
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that was a comment u could read two ways. I was actually saying hi to you what is up and then for the 2nd point in my comment what about supski!? ;)

yes i know i am a highly intelligent man! :D
Good luck with it m8
Good job CG&Ohurcool!
*waiting for fanatic*
he's working on his 24page reply
you are so mad lol :D
I'm so mad that my eyes are about to pop out
gj. :) stick with season 1, it's all the same! D:
if there is a good offer, i might be avi for this
/q embarrassed
good job!
JACKPOTT endlich hast du nichtsnutz was gemacht.
i will be avi :>
Nice, gmen will play this.
Nice one!
search team pm me english speak only no swedes
braun out and ufo & erden still in? xD
More like braun out, ice in! :P The other two maps were gonna stay regardless.
delivery out pls :p
If only, if only... :P
Dear ohurcool admin bad player

Why keep erdenberg and ufo? Whats wrong with 6 maps in map pool?
Because they are decent enough maps, and having a maplist with only six maps is boring.

We probably won't force erden/ufo and frost/karsiah in Stage 1 anyway, instead leaving them available only as decider or as a team's map choice in Stage 2.
let's add minas tirith and cortex then, will be very exciting
escape and sub =p
Tell me when the ET versions are finished, and we'll consider adding them to the ladder maplists!
sub's been finished for years and is perfectly playable, night and I ran through it a couple of times to make sure it's not in any way altered.

as for escape, I believe blacky is still working on it, but was very confident that he'd get the job done.
whats the problem in escape? first stage?
Yup, CP and permanent forward spawn for axis kind of breaks the map.
Sub freaking OP map <3
get b4, deli and ice back to 6v6 :DD
e: Get deli back and remove every other maps. Let's do a deli cup and a deli ladder.
Any big boys still play?
Is club back in action?
fatty you still alive?!
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we need you brother-, cu on
no thanks m8, i pinned my mp40 on the wall
nice gl for all :)
avi (bu) for any team that need an old man
why no tc_base? :(
why no reactor_final? :(
why no et_bach? :(
why no oasis? :(
Cause shit maps (except for reactor)
Then tell me why is karsiah in the pool? And bremen?
supply only psh :D
Europeexitium is ready to rock the 2nd division.

Can't be touched, Can't be stopped, Can't be rocked.
bring oasis back :(
If I do not have 3players in my 3v3 cg team will it get removed?
You should have at least three players in your team by the start of the first matchweek - Monday the 10th.
alrighty! thx
avi 4 a team, give me a pm here.
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