3on3 WC Playoffs

The 3on3 World Cup is an initiative by gentleMen eSports to crown the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory champions. The qualifier and playoffs stage are being held online with the Grand Final taking place in April/May of 2014. The winning team will be crowned the 3on3 World Cup winners. 23 teams from North America, South America, Europe and Australia will be measuring up at the World Cup Playoffs after having qualified through their regional competitions.

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gentleMen eSports proudly presents

Playoffs Teams

Austria Team Austria
image: 84_1265045086

Austria DrLagAlot
Austria DonMatthias
Austria jaN
Austria Scorch

Australia Team Australia
image: 108_1265044749

Australia Covert
Australia Dash
Australia ShibB

Belgium Team Belgium
image: 85_1265038980

Belgium Azur
Belgium Buzzer
Belgium ViKO

Canada Team Canada
image: 110_1297438671

Canada anim
Canada CrimZon
Canada Empty
Canada monkey
Canada Tomun

Chile Team Chile
image: 111_1265038769

Chile Adoeuken
Chile hanS
Chile nArcox
Chile Switer

Columbia Team Colombia
image: 4496_1297438989

Columbia David
Columbia Paper
Columbia torM

Czech Republic Team Czech Republic
image: 115_1265045001

Czech Republic Green_Clon
Czech Republic jalo
Czech Republic malfoy
Czech Republic milhAus
Czech Republic Rifleman

Estonia Team Estonia
image: 88_1265045042

Estonia MCLEOd
Estonia subbi
Estonia yEnch

image: 89_1265044593

France Team France
image: 90_1265044160

France ben
France Bowler
France didi
France KareN
France ReturneR

Germany Team Germany
image: 91_1265045597

Germany gr0ss
Germany kiwi
Germany s1LENT
Germany sTOWNAGE

Hungary Team Hungary
image: 92_1265043757

Hungary jerK
Hungary lajt
Hungary Powi
Hungary Sebi

Iceland Team Iceland
image: 112_1265044442

Iceland Fifty
Iceland jEzt0rr
Iceland phyzic
Iceland rNz

India Team India
image: 11016_1328122663

India RaNa
India Sandhu
India Singh

Israel Team Israel
image: 94_1265044478

Israel destiny
Israel FrAgOn
Israel justice
Israel Matan
Israel RenegAde

The Netherlands
image: 98_1265043620

image: 99_1265043929

Portugal Team Portugal
image: 100_1265041371

Portugal azerty
Portugal muntarii
Portugal R0th
Portugal sensez
Portugal setuper

Romania Team Romania
image: 1451_1265043711

Romania Bullet
Romania Desene
Romania Stary

Sweden Team Sweden
image: 104_1233015052

Sweden alexL
Sweden jonas
Sweden NuggaN
Sweden sAvage

Switzerland Team Switzerland
image: 105_1265044668

Switzerland Aquila
Switzerland GirlzJE
Switzerland olmp
Switzerland TAu

United Kingdom Team United Kingdom
image: 106_1265042794

United Kingdom Artstar
United Kingdom crumbs
United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom sqzz

United States of America Team USA
image: 553_1265038832

United States of America detdet
United States of America peaches
United States of America vein

Playoffs Stage

All these matches will be added to GamesTV.org and all players will be using CyberGamer AntiCheat. Nations are allowed to have a maximum of 5 players in their line-up.

All the nation's captains are required to sign up their team here: http://www.crossfire.nu/journals/151634/3on3-wc-cgac and add all the players to the roster. This way we can use the CyberGamer AntiCheat. (Sign up with for example: Team Israel or Team Poland).

A Double Elimination - Best of 3 will be used in all playoffs matches.

CyberGamer Tournament:
You can find all brackets and groups via this URL: http://eu.cybergamer.com/bracket/35/Playoffs-Final/

This is a copy of the brackets we will be using on www.cybergamer.com.
image: 2vxotjk

Maplist (=CG 3on3 maplist):

Every match each team picks their map from the mappool

If you have any questions regarding this stage, please contact an admin.

Belgium Kenzi
Netherlands timbolina

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My eyes were severely hurt after glancing through this post. ._.

Good job though! Should be fun to follow.
A single elimination

uuuuuuuu that pressure !1111
highskillorz gonna be tired after 3 maps, split matches incoming ;(
waaaaaaaait? 5 maps?
Best of 5

So you have to win 3 maps instead of 2
(sherlock mode)
gg too much gaming
(to Vokki)

There is a total amount of 23 teams. If we would include a double elimination Bo3 the tournament would at least take a few months to finish.

Will the teams still be bothered playing then.

Single elimination Bo5 saves some time for other teams to focus on CG/CF tournaments.
spot on, you can already tell by the qualifier games that the regular format would take way too long. Probably sign of the times for other cups as well imo. More frequent single elim, also equals more frequent cups. Only issue is at the risk of devaluing cups but added pressure to teams to not screw up their strats/make mistakes (e,g. "oh well LB comeback").

edit: also I remember aussie teams being jealous of best of 3, 2 maps (3rd map elim) for ages and at the same time EU teams really liking aussie best of 5, one map format. Although best of 5 supply zzzzzzz, gawd damn talk about a TosspoT casting nightmare!
Yes, you are right. Most of the big events have Single Elimination Bo5 system. Look at IEM Katowice One event from this weekend.

First there's the group phase (Bo3) and then the main event (Bo5 Single Elimination).

I have never seen a Bo5 in ET really, ET Australia used to have a Bo5?
yeah Bo5 one map, used to get some really long matches, talking like 2 hours+ haha
Can I ask the obvious?
U are not talking about CS:GO here right?
CS:GO was group stage and playoffs Bo3 if I recall correctly
1st matches was Bo1 and playoffs were Bo3
You could have made first round single elimination and then double elimination (bo3) for 16 teams. The main reason why those qualifications have lasted so long is that you dont have any(!!) schedule what would force teams to play matches faster.
belgium is low and i love the idea of bo5. single elim is pretty bad tho :/
can u explain how we choose maps ?
somehow cant sign up..
Alright, thanks for telling me. We'll fix this asap!
You can sign up now.
Maybe I'm just too stupid, but:

Error: You are not an admin for that tournament
Best of 5 xD like it gonna make a difference losing 3 maps or 2 maps to razz & co, just saying double bracket would have been a much better option, however it is your cup good job anyway keep it up!
You've got no time for Double Elmination brackets in a main tournament where best games are going to be played, but you got time (25 days already since 1st quali game) to make a double elmination system in qualifiers for shit games that are being postponed over and over again. Qualis ain't even over lol.

Half ot teams above gonna play against much better teams in 1/8 already (especially these who play vs PL, FIN, UK etc) and after 3 (maybe 4) maps it will be over for them. Teams have been waiting 1-2 months for a main tournament to get a chance to play 3 maps vs sqzz, get raped, and that's it. Not even a chance to make a comeback in loser brackets against lower and/or equal teams.

Double elimination brackets for 16 teams takes 6-7 weeks, ok let's count it as 8. With 7 days schedule for each week, a strict schedule (forced games for Sunday/Monday, after that forfeits) + Qualifiers made faster & in a better system would take same amount of time (approx. 3 months = 2 for playoffs, 1 for qualis and signups) as it will with your bo5 tournament - Signups were opened on 04.02.2014 - so I hope the Grand Final will be played at the beginning of the May, at the very last, since bo5 should "save some time".

Just my 2 cents. Do not even bother to reply if you still have nothing interesting to say, trampolina.
lb in playoffs doesnt slow game down,except 2 extra matches at the end.
On tombe bien
I would only suggest to add a -new- schedule and sort of try and stick to it (forfeits) because well qualis are rlly taking too long...(2nd part of what fanatic said is dead true). I saw the NL qualis were forced to be played today but now they are gone or rescheduled again:( . Not that I am affected seriously but the overall interest in the event could be lower if games continue to get posponed too long and the common joke "is theer an EC going on?" could take place here :P
I have to agree with fanatic here... basically with everything he said lol. Qualis takes too long, and main tournament will be just one game for a lot of teams, and even the outcome is very obvious. I mean there is no real point to make lower teams play if they cant really fight with equall skilled teams. The begining of the tournament will be just rape. At the end we surely will see some nice games but i actually dont care with it, cause i dont watch ettv, i just wanna play :p
Agreed. Each winner of the first round will lose in the second round, bar NL who will probably continue. I guess timbolina wanted the lower teams to have a more equal match for their first game? But after that they will get nowhere.

vokkis idea "You could have made first round single elimination and then double elimination (bo3) for 16 teams. "

^ I don't mind that. Kind of like the last RtCW Cup consolation bracket: http://www.rtcwcup.com/consolation-bracket.htm (These teams came from the group stage and never made playoffs, but you get the point ).
Guys, I don't mind being the tournament lasting a lot more longer. I just tried to save all teams some time with CG and CF cups coming up.

Reply to my comment with your preferences:
- Single Elimination: Bo3
- Single Elimination: Bo5
- Double Elimination: Bo3
- Double Elimination: Bo5

I will wait one day for people to reply. Most votes will count.
Double Elimination: Bo3
- Double Elimination: Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo5

gg bb
Double Elim bo5
Double Elim Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo3
Double Elimination: Bo3
double penetration bj(o)3
team ger will take this
you don't need to thank me for "making it" double elim bo3. guys grow some balls finally
gl germany
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