A Change in Format

It's no secret that competitive Enemy Territory is a lot less active than it used to be. The other admins and I have tried again and again to breathe life back into the game, but sadly we haven't been too successful. After careful consideration, we've decided that the only way to keep ET alive is to abolish the 6on6 format and replace it with the much more popular format of 3on3. Keep reading for more information!

image: b0G9RJq

We firmly believe that 3on3 is the future of ET. By simply looking at the number of 3on3 ladder matches played weekly compared to 6on6, it should be pretty obvious which format is superior. This change will result in the formation of more teams and will make it a lot easier to find wars. There will also be much less spam in-game, thanks to the limitations of the 3on3 global server config such as no landmines, rifle grenades, or panzerfausts.

This was not an easy decision, and many of you are probably going to be a bit upset, but please understand that it simply had to be done. The 6on6 format is quickly becoming more and more obsolete. Something has to change, and, inspired by the ongoing success of the gMen 3on3 World Cup, we feel that a change in format is the way to go. Who knows? Maybe we'll see some ET LANs again because of this, as it's certainly much easier to organize a LAN for teams of 3 players each than it is for 6-player teams. See the latest event, for example.

Anyway, the 6on6 ladder on CG has been closed, and the 6on6 league will come to an early end on Monday the 14th of April, with the "playoffs" stage now cancelled. Play on the 2on2 & 3on3 ladders instead!

Lastly, we would like to announce that we're officially teaming up with Austria DrLagAlot - one of the channel operators in #3on3.et - to help keep the IRC channel cleaner than ever in order to accommodate the format change. Here's what he had to say about it:

Quote by DrLagAlotI'm happy to see that the admins have finally started making some good decisions. You can count on me to work as hard as I can to ban every player who has ever been caught cheating from #3on3.et, except for myself of course. Good job guys!

All future CyberGamer EU ET cup seasons will be in the 3on3 format. The CF ET Spring Cup 2014 is going to be the last 6on6 ET tournament hosted by Crossfire. We have already spoken with ESL management and are in the process of convincing them to run their "revival cup" as a 3on3 ODC instead of 6on6.

Thanks for your understanding, and good luck in 3on3 ET everyone
April fools!
Really wish this wasn't an April Fools.
April fool motherfucker
Nice try
Haha good choice teaming up with drlagalot
well I almost fall for it, nice one! :-D
dude where have u been the last weeks :( im almost plat (not an april fool) and u aint here :(
haha gratz man :D well I'm kinda playing a bit more ET, and had to do lots of paperworks for my scholarship @ uni, but finally I finished with it and in august I'm gonna move to Lithuania for 6 months :-D
God damit.
Took me a while I was thinking about an april joke.
"Lastly, we would like to announce that we're officially teaming up with Austria DrLagAlot"

=>untill that I've read this, I wasn't thinking about apri Fool
I'm not sure why everyone thinks it's an April Fools joke and even if it is, 3on3 is clearly the more superior format, as it requires more skill (eg. aim) than 6on6.
Yep, the story has some essence of truth to it
and less brain/tactics
idd & less spam etc so fack 3v3
Yet everyone in 6on6 does the same tactics.
bring back EstoniaNight for that
Not really.
its fools day, not trolls day
HAHA :D i loved the Quote xDDDDDDDD ""you can count on me to work as hard as I can to ban every player who has ever been caught cheating from #3on3.et, except for myself of course."" i like this april fools! :D brought a nice smile on mwa face :D
:XDDD nice try
I am very pleased to be part of the Cybergamer crew from now on, thanks for the warm welcome ohurcool!
That was the april-fools part. Format will chance, but you having something to do with CG & ET, oh come on...
did you already check the adminlist on cybergamer and #cg.et? ;)
Nice try! Good post anyway! I think some people will believe it!

The whole thing is obviously a joke, not just the Kalii part, 3o3 is fucking boring and would kill the game for sure.
April foolsception I think
wolfenstein enemy territory doing the urban terror way
Is urban terror only 3on3 nowadays?
3on3/2on2 since some years already. empty servers rule the internet
Such a shame, it's a pretty cool game
this drlagalot joke :XD
haha forgot the date even after our 'conversation', fml
I think you're very serious
sad but true
Will we see the return of TLR and dignitas with this format? image: Kappa
Kappa comme sponsor officiel
Nice, looking forward to it! At least someone is putting effort for our lovely game...
fu boss, was thinking about other joke already ;(
ye i hope too this is a joke but something telling me he is serious and we all will be on Monday the 14th of April like "wtf are you fucking kidding me" and he would be like "bitch i told yeah" :DDD
well, than he destroyed ET forever :)
Better joke would have been removing delivery from 3v3 mappool
that rage :D
Tbh, thats a good idea
lets remove goldrush then turbot drops 2 divsion
i believed it till i saw the quote with galli
There is only one Fool in this topic. His quote is in the main news.
to be honest i was actually believing it
gamma + havoc

fucking gay bruddissss! ;)
how did u figure it out when you believed this april's fool you fool?! =D =)
This is not even april fools, this is cancer...... everything about this post is cancer. why juan, why would you do that?
quote from mister shit a lot
can only be shit april bullshit filled with much shit D:
Might change mappool to only delivery while you're at it huehue
sounds good
this april fools is actually legit
dat quote xd , hilarious.
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