Team Poland 2k14

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I am proud to announce this year's Poland Team Poland roster that will be led by Poland fanatic. This is the starting lineup for now, however it might be changed during the Nations Cup - depends on the current shape of all selected players. Without further ado I introduce you the lucky thirteen that were selected by captain!

Poland fanatic (c)
Poland Abject
Poland hunter
Poland palemki
Poland WuT
Poland zMk

Poland grzesiek (vCL)
Poland belka
Poland Czarek (voiler)
Poland dialer
Poland dIZEL
Poland Elviss
Poland Kirej
Poland ridji

The lineup is not closed yet! So if you think you can handle the Nations Cup level, feel free to pm fanatic here on Crossfire or at IRC (or me on cf as well), and we will review your application.

Quote by Manager of Team Poland, grzesiekWhat can I say about this year lineup...really strong if we won't play drunk or something. We wanted to get upload & co for lineup but they clearly said that they dont want to participate in this "parody". New faces this year - dIZEL, asked us if his awesome career could be honored by his appearance in a national team. We couldn't refuse him as he is a very valuable player as a rifler & Czarek, probably the best engineer smg in this game, too bad he's so expensive with "planta za 2,50" and I'm not sure if we can afford to hire him for every game & Elviss, the master of q+e keys, always ready to throw some airstrikes & ridji, known 3on3 player proved last 2 weeks that he is able to handle 6on6 level. Nothing more to add from me.

Quote by Captain of Team Poland, fanaticI know every player from my lineup very well, we are all friends and I’ve been playing with all of them for years now. I’m confident that I picked all the best possible polish players and we will do well this year. We’re going to prac very hard for this event, I’m gonna check everyone and the starting lineup for official games will be based on a current shape in our daily pracs. I wish a good luck to all participants and nations. Greetings to all our fans, I hope you will be with us in our every game, cheering us up!
hunter !!!! SICK AIMER!!!!!!
gl, looks decent

zmk !! :D
shit team, nejm for captain
everyone within the backup roster, except for dizel and belka, is more useful than fanatic
hf vs uk
good logo
the best, good luck everyone especially palemki <3
GL team PL
Quote by Manager of Team Poland, grzesiek

1o1 q3 now
Where is the finest of Poland in this team ? I mean Nejm ... what the heck is that guys ...
fuckin solid lineup

palemki will rolllll
no ska no victory

hf kirej :)
go Jerik
no fragstealer no win
go palemki!!
noobS they just lost goldrush against a french mix with Kaisen and Angel :P
also lost to NL with testi and esse in the lu huehuehue :D especially testi
been waiting for years to lose to DE with you in the lineup hehhehuee :D especially you
as if i would ever play for team ger
btw where is Poland"grucha"?
as if they ever took you :D

grucha is a hardcore LoL gamer, getting challenger right now so no time for et
had the chance last season for test games and i didnt want it so ;) I rather played with my mates then with people i barely know, never played with germans so (beside ercan and fizz)
No, you didn't.
`last season, when you werent playing stray and co asked him..

this is the first time you play for germany, so plz get your nerdy ass out of here
actually oxy was praccing like 90% of pracs with germany (in 2013) because they always had someone missing, but when it came to offis the main lu was always available. even the times i pracced with uk vs germany oxy was there.
Well, it is not about the praccs is it?

Specula got asked, and if oxy wants to burn specula with reasons who are not legit, he should just shut up.
He might have been asked, by stray, but realistically would have never played, he would have had as meaningful as a position as scatman and wodka and all the other backups that never even been considered when looking for mercs. Non-Germans got prioritized over the actual backups of last year's team.
lol man testi is right here :D i dont know the grudge between u and specula but it looks kiddish
with the difference that scatman and wodka were just in the lu cuz they r buttbuddies from stray while some from the main lu asked stray to take me as bu, but srsly i rly dont care its just sad how u r acting... better post it on fb that u gona play for team ger cuz its sth special in a dying game :P
im not interested in this drama about specula, I was just talking about this "last season, when you werent playing" - oxy pracced almost every match and the whole team wanted him in the squad but stray refused to add him on cb. who cares if stray asked scatman specula etc and other guys who would never make it to the lineup? the actual team wanted oxy.

I cant answer the Question who voted for stray. But i can say, that the most of the backups never show up anyway. We even have to take a merc (Oxy, who should be in the lineup imo) if someone is missing. So i dont know why they are even in the Lineup. But actually i dont care, since we have mostly a stable lineup of 6 players. So its fine :)
why dont you take bytheway in? he is deffinetly good enough and he's also nice as fuck!
:D yokoo too good!! nice to see you back though 8)
Ange too good*
Hihi thanks, was just kidding ;-)
Avi fanatic
snacks only
which one is wiaderko undercover? :)
he doesn't rly need to be undercover, he's not banned anywhere anymore. =P
get face and muscles
i would like your face on my bottom muscle! :***** <3
Please take Meehow. Amazing aimer. Spreading headshots everywhere!
Team PL bizebs
GL PolagZ!! :D
gl, where is brahi & samraj? oh wait
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