CG EU ET Season 1: Tournaments

After six weeks, the league stage of CyberGamer EU ET Season 1 has finally come to an end. It's now time for Stage 2! The thirteen 3on3 & 6on6 tournaments will officially begin on Monday the 28th of April.

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The top four teams from each division have advanced to Stage 2 of the cup and will compete with each other in double-elimination tournaments which can be found here.

6on6 Tournaments

Division 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( 4 ( 5 (

3on3 Tournaments

Division 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( 4 ( 5 ( 6 ( 7 ( 8 (

General Information

The process for scheduling matches will be the same as it was in the league stage. We will generate matchlinks during the next few days and make another announcement on Sunday with a reminder on how it all works.

All games must be scheduled in advance. On the Thursday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the end of the matchweek (Sunday or Monday).

In the tournament stage, maps are not forced - in each game, each team picks a map from the map list. A reminder of the maps in this season's map list can be found below.

No wildcards are allowed in the tournament stage, even if you never used yours. We will do our best to accommodate teams as necessary, but the goal is to finish this cup by the first week of June at the latest.

All Division 1 matches must be played on ETTV.


Week 1 (UB Semi Finals): Monday, 28th of April - Monday, 5th of May
Week 2 (LB Semi Final / UB Final): Monday, 5th of May - Monday, 12th of May
Week 3 (LB Final): Monday, 12th of May - Monday, 19th of May
Week 4 (Grand Final): Monday, 19th of May - Monday, 26th of May



As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks and good luck!

CyberGamer EU ET Season 1 Tournaments
Good job ohurcool! Looks nice!
So we wont play against teams from other divisions? Pointless to play the same oppo once again
When have you ever played versus teams from other divisions? :P The point of the divisions is to separate teams by skill level in order to make things more fair. If you'd like to take on teams in Division 1, challenge them on the ladder!
Well since there are like 5-6 teams in one division i really dont like the tournament system. This would be fine if there were more teams in one division (similar to CB). I was really hoping to play teams from other divisions... never mind, gj anyway
At first I did consider running the cups with 2 groups per division like we had at ClanBase but soon realized that there simply aren't enough teams around to do it properly. It would require either fewer teams per group/division or fewer divisions, and both of those would do more harm than good especially considering how many dropouts we've had already.

Anyway, this is only our first cup season and certainly won't be the last, so there is a chance that the format could change next time if necessary. Always open to suggestions!
I get it. The groupstage was great. I just think tournament/playoff stage should be different.
Lets say: Best 2 teams from division 8 (lets assume its the last division) would play against 2 best teams from division 7, winners of these matches would play against best 2 from division 6, etc.
The skill gap would be too much. It may work for some divisions, but with 6on6 Division 1 and 6on6 Division 2 for example, that would mean phase vs new terror and sick6 vs Forward Momentum. I think phase vs eA and sick6 vs turbot are more fulfilling for both the teams/players as well as the viewers.

That would also mean fewer teams advance to the "playoffs" - as many as 4 per division are left behind if there are no dropouts. I don't like that as I always try to run cups in a way which allows teams to play as many matches as possible.

And it wouldn't work with an odd number of divisions either. :P
It would work with odd number of divisions.
The only skill gap is between divison 1 and the rest. For example paradise play division 4 and as far as i know, we never lost to any team from divison 2, it was just irc wars, but still i believe we could play against any team from divison 3 and 2. To overcome this skill gap, even the last team from division 1 would play against winners from other divisions.
I guess I misread the last part of your comment! Interesting idea actually, but I still don't think that it would be fair to the other teams in the divisions, and it would definitely result in some uneven match-ups. We'll see!
True, this "system" would need some tweaking. Well, hope to see something similar next season .)
EDIT: It could also be like this: Best team from divison 8 X Worst team from diviosn 7, second team from div 8 X second worst team from div 7. This would allow all teams to participate in playoffs.
already top3 hell yeah
Pocal guaranteed!
Yo ohurcool, what happens about this:

Division 5 (

Europe mikeh's low gamers vs Europe FOLLOW BANANA

Do we just have one final?
Read the description!

QuoteDue to the unfortunately high number of dropouts in Division 5, there are only 3 teams in this tournament. Juice'd up has automatically advanced to the UB Final, and the team who loses the UB Semi Final will move directly to the LB Final.
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