Owners Get their Teams!

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Teams Allocated

Last week we put the teams up for sale for the CF 3on3 Championship and we managed to sell them all within 12 hours raising €80 for the tournament prize pool. Along with that €80 we also received over €100 of donations bringing the total prize fund to €195 ($270) which is absolutely amazing!

The Draw
Here is the draw for the owners which was live on WarwitchTV tonight:

United States of America Warwitch gets Sweden askungen, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom crumbs and United Kingdom razz
Netherlands timbolina gets Poland h2o, United Kingdom mini, Finland rwjz and Poland vdr
United States of America TK gets United Kingdom jam, Netherlands mirage, United Kingdom sqzz and Finland olBaa
United Kingdom Artstar gets Hungary powi, Hungary lajt, Hungary sebi and Hungary phobeus
United Kingdom MerlinatoR gets Norway Kris, Estonia mata and Finland Sirkka
Estonia Night gets Finland vokki, Finland Swanidius, Finland Statti and Finland olDen
United States of America Gut gets Sweden malmen, Belgium faster, Belgium syl and Sweden ozzy
Austria potter gets Germany Oxy, Iceland phyzic and Estonia subbi

Owners need to name their team by Monday the 28th of April (tomorrow!) I will message each one of you to get the name as well as a basic idea for a logo we want to create for each team.

For general donations, please hit the link below - for UK and US based people you can use a currency converter HERE - roughly (£1 = €1.2) and (€1 = $1.4) - All donations towards the tournament will be based on amounts received after fees. (If you want to donate specifically in USD without having to work out the exchange rate etc check: HERE)

Thanks already for all the donations - close to $300 which is pretty great! We will be putting a donators list on the Cup website before the tournament starts.

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Questions & Requests
Thank you very much to everyone for the quick responses and sign up response - great stuff for a test run of this tournament, more news on how the the whole thing is going to shape in the coming days.

In Progress Rules: LINK
Cup Webpage: RTCWCUP.COM

Massive thanks to malmen who has worked a lot on the cup page for all the RTCW tournaments.
lets go image: 12824_1372844873 boys!
LETZ Do THISsssssss
Nice sponsoring blatant cheater(s) :s
No idea what u want to say by that :X
All demos of games will be freely available to download so people can look at whoever they want etc in terms of actions or who they suspect of being cheaters.
QuoteNice sponsoring blatant cheater(s)

Such as ???
h2o! Obvious demo of him lying around somewhere.
I actually remember some of these people. Looking forward to it :)
well, don't be sad. :D
actually you were the team I aimed for. :D

my plan will come to life!! http://www.crossfire.nu/news/8450/cf-rtcw-3on3-update#c4378862
haha nice :-) looking forward to it!
you have no idea of, a) how much he wanted you as his team and, b) how lucky he was to get you as he had last pick.
tk vs potter will be interesting
Warwitch wins!
its TK POW!
POW was actually the name of the clan he was in :) (Prisoners of War) He just never removed the tag, POW to the end! :)
ahhhhhhhmmm thx not the same team with "pov rage"
Was the same team.
I'm very happy with my draw! I'm ready to see my boys in action :)
i dont get this :D but w/e gl sebi and powi<3
ps to sebi: its time for LoL again!
i started to like dota2 a bit more :( but might play some lol as well :D
damn who the fuck did that to u i gona kill him :(
dont get what? :P
this whole cup thingy
it seems i missed a post before or sth^^

a guy getting a team then they sold the team and ye :P
teams signed up as 3-4 players
teams were sold for €10 each to raise money towards prize pool
owners didnt pick their teams, just order of preference
names drawn out of a hat to see who got what team
Warwitch was first, his first pick was Clowns team
Potter second he had oxy's team as his highest pick
all teams allocated
top 3 get price or how is it?
atm top3, but if we get more donations could be top5 etc.
Top 8 please :)
if there are enough donations :D
gl team knight
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