3on3 World Cup Final

The 3on3 World Cup started on February 20 and will come to an end this week. A total of 53 teams competed from 24 different nations. In the grand final Germany Germany will play against Finland Finland in a best of 5. Germany will have a 2-0 lead due to coming from the upper bracket.

Grand Final

image: 91_1265045597
Germany gr0ss
Germany KRESTi
Germany s1LENT
Germany sTOWNAGE

1 of June
21:00 CEST
image: game48076
Best of 5
image: 89_1265044593
Finland Statti
Finland Swanidius
Finland vokki


France France - Bowler, didi, KareN
4th United Kingdom United Kingdom - Artstar, crumbs, jam, R0ss, razz, sqzz

I would like to thank everyone who gave me positive feedback regarding the tournament making it a great succes!

Next ET tournament I am going to host is the 2014 All Stars. If you are interested in playing please visit this link.
Whats the point of that consolidation final?
3rd and 4th place
But loser of the lower bracket final should be 3rd so it would be France, UK basically got eliminated last round before lower bracket final. :)
this. lb final loser is always 3rd place. 4th is also locked to whoever lost to the team who qualified to the lb final (uk lost to fin).

only 5th & 6th is "unset" :P
Check CG play-offs tree. I stand by this, because its a tournament hosted through cg.
Yeah, I saw it before in CG brackets and started wondering why on earth its even there. It belongs to single elimination brackets, not to double elimination.
Hmm. I get your point. I'll change it tonight to a best of 5 too with France having 1 map lead due to coming from lower bracket final.
you must hate france for trying so hard to take their well-earned pocal away from them
You're not making any sense. Read my comments above.
your comments about a game that doesnt need to be played?
I don't know why you are getting upset with me? Watch cg playoffs tree.
I am getting upset because the tree you are refering to is wrong and you're too stupid to realize it. Not only that but also the Grand Final decision seems fstupid also.
You're one of these people who give 0 constructive feedback, just complain.

The tournament tree has been live for several months now, and at the end you start complaining about small things. Just because you're used to ET's tournament playoffs doesn't mean that some admins prefer a different one.

Besides that, you're not even playing so that makes me wonder why you even bother at all.
I think it's pretty straightforward what he's saying. This tournament tree is wrong therefore, dont use/follow it.
If you don't agree with the tournament tree then you shouldn't sign up for the tournament.
whats the big fuss? why couldnt they compete about it - we play this for fun right? :S
it's just a system most double elim tournaments have used in gaming since like forever, and only now changing it is a little strange. :P
well game is dead - having this one played is totally not a bad idea
activity has nothing to do with how a bracket is formed ;p only when deciding whether or not it should be single/double elim.
You seriously aint getting my point.
I know what you're saying. ;p france simply have no reason to play any more games, they've earned their 3rd spot already.
If you play seriously for pocals yes. For me it would be fun to play one more game in the cup :~>
CG play-off tree is kind of super fucked up so you should take it with a grain of salt.
Should just fill that in as whatever the score was before, teams lose twice in double elim they are out in that position. Otherwise it really isn't double elim.
Goodluck to all 4 nations & gj timbolina! (best of 5 , interesting ^^)
Its best of 3 where Germany needs only 1 win to win the cup and Finland needs to win all of those 3 matches to win.
isnt it just 4 maps? and germany got 2-0 lead (so germany have to win 2 maps?)
Dunno, I though 1 match is 2 maps(or in case 2-2, more maps), and Germany has already won 2 matches("UB effect") so they need to win 1 more for 3-0(3/5 matches played, Finland could end at 3-2 at best) and to secure cup victory.
2-0 means map points and bo5 means maps, they have one map advantage, so they need to win 2 more maps (3 map wins, Bo5) to secure victory.

Your match based point system makes no sense at all. :D
Swanidius in Grand Final lol
Just wait for CG 6v6 Season 1 Grand Final post
gl sw1ruz, bring back oh wait
I feel so bad for france :( we lost them for nothing 1st time :(
nice lives
Good luck!
wtf x} where is my pocal ???? we lost in looser brackets finals its over for us now
was nice cup tho , gl both in finals
gogo germany & uk
How do u pick maps in bo5?
Germany have 1 map lead.

Both teams pick a map. Germany wins both maps its gg.

If deciders are needed then you just use cointoss with the remaining maps in the mappool.
So is 6 points needed for victory? Or is for example 5-1 enough?
since 5:5 is possible in ET, 6 points are needed. Like timbo said - if ger wins both maps, it's game over (1:1 - double fh - is not a map win). I think the same system is used in CS for quite some time - but there you can play map until somebody wins it, unlike ET where you can draw a map (that's why I think that two BO3 matches for double elim. brackets grand final are better suited for ET).
" Germany will have a 2-0 lead ..." that seems very stupid not to mention france already won 3rd place, haha
Alright, I cancelled the match granting France France the 3rd place in the tournament.

I cant speak for Team UK, as i only filled in the other day (probably the reason why we lost).

I however wont be playing the consolation final. contrary to what the Team UK lineup says!

1 - because i dont see the real reason to - 3rd or 4th = blehhhh
2 - Judging by the comments and the loser bracket tree, it is clear that France deserve 3rd place.

Thanks for the tournament though!
Hehe UK playing with 6 players only 4th :P:P:P:P
just write fin have to win twice

god wth is this
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