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With a comeback into casting in late 2012, Warwitch has gone from a 'lets have fun once a week' to full time casting. He has now managed to break into a select few on Twitch opening up partner status which will bring great things for viewers and Warwitch alike - quality settings will be available all the time which is fantastic news and there will be added ways to support the channel as subscriber mode gets unlocked.

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Considering the roots of the channel it is a big achievement as Warwitch never shied away from history coming straight back to RTCW. Picking up casual games like Left4Dead2 and Titanfall among others the American has built up a healthy fan base who tune into him multiple times a week.

I caught up with him to fire off a quick Q&A:

Q: When you came back to casting in 2012, was it your aim to unlock partner or was it a step at a time?
A: I didn't set my goal on partnership until about a year ago. I'm very much into taking things one step at a time, setting small goals that eventually lead to a larger end game.

Q: You have been on the streaming scene now for just under two years, is this just the start of things to come? What can we look forward to on WarwitchTV?
A: For the longest time I thought the only thing I could be successful at was match commentary. While I think that is still my forte, I've learned to expand into more casual territory. I'd really like to get involved in the fighting game scene. I plan to take a good look at Mortal Kombat X and see if that's something that might be right for me.

Q: How hard was it to adjust from the oldschool style voice streaming to the now standard video stream?
A: It actually took a lot of adjusting. If you listen to my old shoutcasts and compare them to what I do today you'll notice a huge difference. I had to basically re-learn how to broadcast.

Q: you've not only built your own reputation up on twitch but helped a lot of others, myself included, in establishing themselves. Any tips for people thinking about getting into streaming?
A: Always be positive. If you commit to something then do it. Be professional and don't give up.

Q: Lastly you have a very hardcore and established fanbase, who have supported you throughout the last couple of years and beyond - how much has that support helped get you where you are now?
A: It's been huge! Without the viewers streaming is meaningless. I'm very grateful to everyone who has stuck with me from the start, and those who have just joined me recently. It's been a great ride, and I hope it continues for a long time to come!

It might be a little while before it is fully finalised but you can catch Warwitch on all the social medias, head over to his twitch page to get all the links. Like, subscribe and follow. twitch.tv/warwitchtv

very happy for warwitch he deserves every little bit of it. it's about time twitch made him a partner!

great job warwitch! keep up the fantastic work <3
Keep it up warwitch! :)
nice! keep up the rtcw casts!
congrats and deserve it!
took you 2 years to be partnership, I've seen cs:go players with new channel and they already are with subs button and qualty settings is unfair >:C!
You mean he gets a subscribe button so that people can increase their e-pen0r and twitch get's 50% of it ? If you want to support the stream donate to him directly.
It's more about the transcode stuff, especially for low number games like RTCW and such, will help a lot. subs are nice too - twitch don't always get 50% either and there are bigger benefits from channel advertising now for the broadcaster.
don't know what partners exactly means, but it sounds really good. Keep up the good work warwitch! the community all loves you xx
"quality settings will be available all the time which is fantastic news and there will be added ways to support the channel as subscriber mode gets unlocked."

you had one job. to read. hope you get more BSOD! :P
Awesome Stuff! Well deserved!
so good to see WW's channel evolve into what it is today, well deserved!
Pfft TosspoT should have pushed it through 2 years ago the judas :D
I wanted to do this on the merits of my own hard work without calling in any favors or special requests. And thank you everyone for your ongoing support! I'm looking forward to covering some more RtCW soon :)
As if this was the case. U got a free pass cause of who u are. U were nowhere close to the partnership numbers, and wont be tbh.
I'd say it has something to do with what rtcw was/is as such a hardcore class and team based game.
Also no rtcw = no ET and no rtcw = no xfire.be/crossfire.nu
( Crossfire - A Return To Castle Wolfenstein Community - http://www.xfire.be )

As stated on their website..

Minimum broadcast requirements are a general guideline. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. We're always excited by broadcasters who stream unique games!

Hope you are feeling better miNd.
Mind: I look forward to proving you wrong :)
that's the spirit warwitch ;)!
He is so much better than those streamers that just get their titts out to increase viewers/subscribers.
Or those faggots like that spastic kid screaming at every zombie he sees
miNd seems like a fun guy.....prob hornyboy2014 trying a different angle.....
oh and while im here, a quick shout-out to my viking brother Kris!
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