one.more Cup #11 RTCW 3on3

Another RTCW 3on3 ODC for you and with this tournament we are going to test run a new map - te_Delivery_b1 - which was converted by United Kingdom crumbs for RTCW. This cup is the second of a few tournaments over the next few months that hope to revitilise the RTCW scene - More information on the rest of the years RTCW plans can be found over on the forums.

image: onemorecup-11

Date: 21st September 2014
Start Time: Earliest will be 18:00 CET, depends on sign ups (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET - UB Final, LB Final, Grand Final)
Minimum Teams: 4
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Single / Double elim, depends on sign ups)
Maplist: Base, te_Delivery_b1, Escape2, Frostbite, Ice and Sub.
Servers: EU (antilag = 0)

The tournament is for European players, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4. Players can only be signed up for one team and all info on who has signed up to the cup so far can be found here: LINK. One extra bit of info as requested by Warwitch himself games on the live stream will have their maps decided by the viewers to add that extra dash of excitement all-round.

The cups later rounds will also be casted by Warwitch over at WarwitchTV and he will be joined by a mix of players and casters over the course of the night. Warwitch also has a Facebook page, show your support and give the man a like! HERE

image: warwitchtv-channel_header_image-66bd9c45d67763d6-640x125
Its a poor map choice for testing. If you want to attract ET players then I suggest go with supplydepot for example. Delivery sucks IMO.

All in all nice :)
no its not
delivery would be a great map to test out in rtcw
Crumbs made delivery for rtcw ZeD and we've all tested it a couple of times. It's actually pretty awesome. Balanced and fun too=D
Not all ;)
_b2 needed
step by step, map by map, just replace sub with something better :D
I thought everyone loved Sub??
The viewers love sub. It's never really played much in irc warz though, It's pretty shit :D
It's a good map, you're shit is all.
it is good for viewers and casters cos its really fast but most players get tired of this map even if they dont play it that often.
gl hf nice map
website for brackets?
It's linked in the forum post, will be updated on the day with where teams will go, etc.
Village and sub <3
I'm sorry to have to miss this and apologize for not being able to cover the tournament. Thankfully, Twitch now has the hosting option. I'll be hosting Merl1natoR as he covers the action today. Thanks and best of luck!
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