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Season 2

After sign ups closed on Monday I am happy to say we have enough teams for a second CF Championship Season. This time around some small details, each team will play each other twice and all games will be completed before the end of the year (by 18th December). We had 6 teams so will have only one group, 6 of each teams 10 games will be set in stone (on a per week basis) the other 4 games will be down to teams to organise over the course of the entire tournament. Games will start from 10th November and the 6 set matches per week have to be played Monday-Thursday (Sunday can be used for the 4 'whenever possible' games).

With the changes in the tournament, fixture lists will take a little bit more time to come out - I hope to have something for you by Sunday 2nd November. I will also be contacting teams about the map list which needs completing.

Current Maps Confirmed: Escape, Frostbite, Ice, Sub, Beach and Base
Potential for remaining maps: Adlernest, Beach, Base (10min), Church, Delivery, Keep

Sign Ups
Team 1: Estonia ZeD, Finland nsd and Finland caej
Team 2: Sweden askungen, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom crumbs
Team 3: Netherlands v4s, Netherlands max and United States of America parcher
Team 4: Poland h2o, United Kingdom mini and Netherlands kylie
Team 5: Finland olBaa, United Kingdom jam and United Kingdom sqzz
Team 6: Estonia mata, Norway Kris and Belgium syL

So now we move on to team sales. I currently have a small list of people interested in buying teams and will stick my self in back ups just in case we dont get enough (should be fine!)

Confirmed CF Season 2 Owners: United States of America TK, Australia biggz, United States of America Warwitch, Netherlands timbolina, Denmark Frodee and Netherlands Rezta

Owners need to provide into on the following:
Owner Name:
Team name:
Team Tag (including colour codes):
Team pick order: (from the team list above)

Owner Name: Warwitch
Team name: 501st Legion
Team Tag (including colour codes): ^1(^7501st^0.^7NAME^1)
Team pick order: 2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 5

Team names etc. can be based on which team you get, if you wanted to make it lineup specific. Teams will be drafted to owners by Thursday the 6th of November. Teams cost around €10 to purchase, details will be given to prospective owners when I get messaged.

Please contact me here or on Facebook if you have any inquiries or want to own a team - teams will go to non-playing community members first where possible.

Tournament donationsare open again just like last time which had a massive response raising over $1,000 for the prize fund. Donations will mainly go towards tournament prizes (minimum of 90%) but some money may go towards server costs for the tournament.

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Nice, let it be draw tho, not "Which team do you want to get?" etc :D
it is a draw, thats why there is a pick order.
I want a team with Oxy fakenicking so I can waste my money again.
interersting, can't wait for a streams :)!
gl hf
mam swoje wydatki ;(
Awesome. GL all!
Nice :)!
How much for a team? o.O I might get one.
gl parcher, max, v4s and jam
ty broo not played for ages need to play more :Xd
How much!?
Buy us v1rkeS
Cant wait to see some decent troll buys one of these teams :'D
Yes I honestly want to see someone who is paying just to troll :'D
Pay 50 cents to buy ur team for trollname? Why not. I would name it as gay as possible and u will have to enjoy it.
Why not? Because that sounds something like a 10-y old would do.
Yeah, thats the point... but it gonna make players looking like that, not a buyer, who doesnt have to show with these retarded teamnames and tags. Actually caejs act like a 10 years old and it would stick to them.
Quote by MerlinatoRbasically teams are sold to raise money for a minimum prize pool. Owners get the option to name their team (within obvious limits - nothing insulting etc) and design the tag.
it wont be insulting at all, just gay :'D
I think night's last season name <3potter was a bit gay
Nothing wrong with a bit of gayness tho
Your post makes no sense at all. you keep repeating 'buy team, buy team' with no background information. How do you think someone like me, who reads this for the first time could ever understand it?

basically teams are sold to raise money for a minimum prize pool. Owners get the option to name their team (within obvious limits - nothing insulting etc) and design the tag. Mainly aimed at community members who don't have time to play, etc.
I've purchased a team. Looking forward to the results!
May the best soldat win
hail hydra ;)
Hail Hydra! :D
I'll buy mini's team
i raise your 1 penny bid to 15 euro cents
are you some dubai sheikh?
Best I can do is tree fiddy
are are
<3 come back?
plx no church/keep :S beach/base ftw :oo
Don't let jam win. Beach sure but no base.
If u can give me till friday merl id like to get myself a team :)
all teams sold already - was always going to be pretty quick.
any updates concerning the team-sales?
What kind of updates
All teams have been sold, sorry! :( you were next on the list if someone backed out but nobody did.
ciekawe kto was wezmie biedaki jebane :XD. sprzedaj skorke w cs i sam swoj team wykup :XD
Już jest 6/6 właścicieli a jeżeli chodzi o to ,kto kogo kupi to ma być podobno losowanie więc może nam się trafić ktoś na prawdę dobry.
to niech ci skorki do csgo kupi :XD
Już w cs go nie gram. Jak juz to bardzo rzadko
Again too late!? Darn
next one day cup is 21st December :)
mini will roll!
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