CGAC Version 1.6.0 Released

We are proud to present version 1.6.0 of the CyberGamer Anticheat! A lot of improvements have been made since the release of 1.5.5 about five months ago. We've spent the past few weeks in beta testing and are confident that this version will be the most stable and efficient one yet.

image: 81XpmVt

Please follow the instructions below to start using CGAC v1.6.0.

  1. Download the program from this page.
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Make sure you have .NET framework 4.0 installed. If not, you can download it here.
  4. Run CGAC.exe.
  5. Enter your user ID, auth key, and match ID in the appropriate boxes. Select the correct game from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click LAUNCH, wait for CGAC to log you in, and start the game when told to do so.
To find your user ID and auth key, go to your Extended Profile page and click Game IDs in the GAME DEFAULTS section.


- Call of Duty 4 no longer has Visual C++ dependency.
- Call of Duty 2 no longer needs the black screenshot fix.
- No installation is required to use CGAC.
- CGAC will now automatically update to the latest version every time you run it.
- During the match, the CGAC window will stay open and display match information as well as players from both teams currently running CGAC.
- CGAC no longer supports Windows XP. If you are an XP user, please update to a more modern and secure operating system.


If you experience any issues, please make sure you add an exception to your antivirus, have extracted the .zip file, and are running the program as administrator.

Please refer to the FAQ on the newly updated CGAC page if you have completed the above steps and are still experiencing issues. For further help, open a support ticket.


This version of CGAC not only collects data such as hardware information and running processes but also takes screenshots. These screenshots are in-game only and won't be shared with anyone outside of the CG admin team. Again, no desktop screenshots will be taken - even if you minimize while CGAC is running.

CGAC will once again be mandatory in all official CG EU ET ladder matches starting in January 2015.


CGAC - Version 1.6.0 Released
Sweet to have it mandatory again, big fan of the screenshots too
I am happy with the update of CGAC. As Norton user I experienced a lot of trouble installing CGAC in the past. With the new update, the only thing I had to do now was make an exception for the CGAC map in the "scan folder" and the "Auto-protect, Sonar folder". Another change was that I didn't need to have firewall off any longer during officials.
The automatic update is very useful aswell, so it's not longer needed to UN-install -> install CGAC for newer versions anymore. Also the lay out has been improved and it's much easier to see whose running CGAC and who isn't.

If you have any troubles as Norton user feel free to message me.
goodbye my sweet windows xp :(
So ingame screenshots aren't public? I don't see the problem if it's just ingame screenshots and no desktop screenshots.
Ah, the good old days of TZAC SS hunting
Right, currently none of the CGAC screenshots are public for any game.
time to retire h3h3
good i retired before :xd:.Xd:x:d:xD::Xd

nice, sounds really promising!
Nice ! :)

e: Cant open the map ? "Zipped folder is invalid" ... ? Never had any problems before.. ?
Try downloading from both links and make sure your antivirus isn't blocking it.
Did that & turned my antivirus off just in case..

e: Its okay, problem solved
tmoe comeback, stay tuned
So if you use XP, you can't play any games on Cybergamer? (League/ladder)
Once CGAC is mandatory again, yes.
Okay, seems weird to me as a lot of ET player still use XP, but guess losing 20 active players or so isnt as important as having CGAC.
There is no other option as having to support Windows XP would basically limit the functionality of CGAC. According to past data, only a small percentage of the active player base still uses XP, and it is a very outdated and vulnerable operating system anyway.
Quotevulnerable operating system

Lies, all lies.
About how many players are still using Windows XP?
There are about 20-30 active players who have run CGAC with Windows XP at least once in the past. I don't know how many of them are still using XP.
Vielä tänä vuonna XP:n käyttäminen kuulostaa ihan homolta
Pretty tired of hearing these xp/linux kids have a cry over unsupported operating systems.

I guess you still use IE6 too?
1st - my son is older than u
2nd - i use xp and i do not need something new, which needs much more power to run - this means its killing our nature faster
3rd - what the fuck is IE6 ??
1st - you became a father at the age of 7? congratulations.
2nd -
3rd - Internet Explorer 6... you know, that other out of date, no longer supported Microsoft product??
1st - my son is 8 - but i am no kid anymore
2nd - no support do not change the fact i wrote above
3rd - never used Internet Explorer
4th - :)
to be honest i thought the same, but when i installed win7 for play BF3 the difference in speed was abissal
Thanks Jon for posting this here.
Thanks Kevin for commenting here.
QuoteThis version of CGAC not only collects data such as hardware information and running processes but also takes screenshots. These screenshots are in-game only and won't be shared with anyone outside of the CG admin team. Again, no desktop screenshots will be taken - even if you minimize while CGAC is running.

why no public screens? when they only take ingame shit?

kinda suspicious..
Not sure, really. They may become public some time down the road, but it isn't really something that I have control over.

The screenshot function works similarly to the one used by TZAC with in-game screenshots only.
tzac sreense were public.. major difference and i don't consider you trustworthy...
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but it doesn't change anything.
i didnt expect any different than that..
why would anyone care about you though? :D
Quote by Kittzehretardi don't consider you trustworthy
why would anyone care about you and what you consider trustwothy?
hm i'm not allowed to say my opinion?

i dont care if people care about me or not... who gives a fuck... go and clean your hair
hair quite clean, thanks for your concern ya silly retard
you start something without any value and then call me retard... gg
What is this I agree with you what is happening oh no I'm melting nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
who the fuck are you though? ":D" don't make it such a big deal, you would also agree if I said that sky is blue. sky is blue = kitt is retard
Hey man, historically speaking you haven't said very many sensible things. This time you are on point however.
I have said many sensible things, you probably just chose to ignore them or are too newschool ":D"
Cant unpack the file from either of the links
What error message are you receiving? Make sure your antivirus isn't blocking it.
1st link: Unexpected end of archive
2nd link: The file is either unknown format or damaged

Yeah tried without antivirus also.
Try re-downloading with your antivirus disabled.
Good work!
Where do I find my auth? Is it the series of symbols on the right of my user ID?
Who actually are behind this CGAC crew or who are the people who review the screenshots and handle this anticheater stuff? :o
The coder of CGAC is a CG CoD4 admin named Belgium badkip (he's already commented on this newspost). All ET-related things on CG are handled by me and Poland szczurek.
OK thanks.
Inb4 admins taking bribes lOl
Zockst du Dig noch?
even more shit to deal with,
You don't even play ET!
Could not find file 'C:\Windows\System32\StikyNot.exe'.
Error code 0x05

e: fixed by closing the Windows 8 app Sticky Notes.
FUARK!... A traditional Icelandic Igloo does not have the power supply to support better operating system than XP :( now i need to update my house and computer, GRATZ Ohurcool now you are force'ing me to loose $$ :(
Quoteit may collect and scan information and files regarding your system for use in anti-cheat matters.

I like programs which can scan my personal information on my computer, regardless of the author.
image: Quick_hide_
go to hell
Why don't you like rapusti? :(
5 months and 15 days

Your opinion doesnt count, and seriously noone would care if your trio decided to leave this game. Or maybe its a bit harsh to say no one, maybe hevimies would cry his eyes out
No need to be a bad loser. Ps. No idea why people claim he/we have any kind of connections to hevimies :)
Bitch please 8)
Need back TZAC!This is the worst AC...
my mate cant play, he has got xp :(
That is a shame, but it doesn't make CGAC "the worst AC" and certainly won't magically bring back TZAC. Windows XP isn't even supported by Microsoft any more.
But there are twenty active players, these have half xp :/ ET will be dead
what's so hard to install Windows7/8 what takes like 30 minutes and gives you way better looking/working OS?
Better working, yea. Better looking, no way :o
You should see the amount of amazing skins Windows XP has that only require a patch with zero impact on system performance.
Even if all XP users quit playing actively because of this (which I seriously doubt will happen), ET still wouldn't be "dead".
I don't really understand why people bring up the "Microsoft has stopped supporting XP" argument. Sure, not updating leaves you more vulnerable to security threats but as long as you've got some common sense and basic computer knowledge you'll get by just fine. I was using a slightly updated SP3 build for years and years without updating at all.

Microsoft's decision to stop supporting XP has lead to some companies ceasing to create drivers for some hardware though so there's that I guess. But really the reason why I could see people still wanting to use XP is because that sort of generation still plays a lot of older games and the compatibility is a lot better on XP for some of these older games. Including a lot of useful software that only runs on XP.
It's easy, XP = old, even MS doesn't care about cracked WinXP versions anymore. Older software meant for Windows XP will always stay working on WindowsXP. But to keep supporting an OS that works a lot different then the newer ones is a pain in the ass.

Nowadays you got to choose, make software that needs to run as admin (probably in compatibility mode) on Vista and later or make software the runs properly on vista and higher but is crap on old unsupported by MS Windows XP.

It's easy enuf to run a virtual win XP for that usefull software that only runs in XP. For the themes there is also an uxtheme pacther for windows 8. And trust me, after configuring windows 8 you wont see the metro interface at all, at least if you've got some common sense and basic computer knowledge.
Yes, it isn't entirely secure any more, and yes, you can still avoid problems just like you can get by without an antivirus as well, but that's not even what I'm saying. It's weird to me that people expect new software to continue to support Windows XP despite the fact that Microsoft itself has dropped support for it. This shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, really.

Also, as I said a few days ago, having to support Windows XP would basically limit the functionality of CGAC. Certain versions of .NET framework do not run on it, for example. Surely it makes more sense to focus one's time and resources on actually implementing useful features than constantly double-checking and rewriting code to make sure everything works for the players still running a thirteen year old operating system?
Thirteen year-old operation system running an eleven year-old game :D
But yeah, I can understand that it's bothersome but people are still using XP for a reason.
Honestly I've even considered running XP in dual-boot for ET, Quake and some older win 98 software so it doesn't surprise me that people are still insisting on using it. Oh and there's also a reason why Microsoft supported the OS for so long, there's a shit-load of people still using the OS. I'm not saying you HAVE to support XP and I'm just saying you should really expect people to ask for XP support. It's of course your choice if you want to listen to your users or not.

Also, I was not only referring to your comment in particular. Overall that's the comment people like to give to people who're still using XP. As if Microsoft's decision to stop supporting the OS automatically means that you have to stop using it or that developers should stop updating their software to support XP. My usenet client still sent out an update for XP yesterday =D
Well, if Splash Damage had continued to develop ET and released an improved version then we'd be playing that instead. :P

Can't you just run those games and programs in compatibility mode for XP anyway?
This is not about me really, I'm running Windows 7 these days so I'm all good :D
But no I personally got some games that will only run on XP from the good ol' days of Windows 95 and Windows 98. But nothing that warrants me to run XP at this point :D Only ET and Quake I guess.

Although ET still runs like shit and I keep getting random problems every damn 6 months or something :D
Now I've got this mysterious 'lag during objective voice broadcast messages' issue that I've seen other people have on here. If someone knows how to fix that shit pm!
Cu on the next ban wave 8D
Stop defending old people! Something something Microsoft, dollar dollar bill y'all.

Also, you can customise the schet out of win7/8 visuals too

Of course you can :D
But, it's not even close to as easily customizable as Windows XP is.. and the selection is not even comparable.
Full of transparent trash skins for Windows 7, disgusting! Hell, windows basic/classic looks better than the majority of Windows 7 skins imo :D

Lassekongo83 skins for XP, enough said!
Haha truth! I even set my win 8.1 to basic lol
Haha, I'm using classic on windows 7 right now xD
You're such a fucking hipster. Jesus nuggat, get a grip.
Hey, you use classic as well am I right? :D
I was referring to your other comments above, but for what it's worth... yes, I use classic shell.
Welcome to the club my friend, let's be hipsters together <3
finally I can play et without cheaters all around. thx cg crew
Good job, maybe its time to play sum games again and see how effective it is. How does it work anyway? Ban waves twice year or what?
It's difficult to say as it will largely depend on how many players are caught cheating and how often, and I doubt too many cheaters are brave enough to test things out on CGAC so soon. Bans for CoD2 and CoD4 will be issued in waves, and we'll do our best to follow suit with ET as well.

As I said above, this version of CGAC is by far the best one yet and should work well.
Avi to test cheats on CGAC to see which are caught.
When can you start?
Right away.
Sorry but not running any application made by polaks from ET thats forces you to run it with adminpowers

Quoteit may collect and scan information and files regarding your system for use in anti-cheat matters.

as long you don't state which files \ folders you are scanning I will never advice anybody to use this spyware made by polaks to steal your personal belongings. And by hiding the screenshots you can never prove they are ingame only! I guess thats the only reason for hiding the screenshots.
Not sure if you're trolling or confusing CGAC with CWELAC, but there are no "polaks from ET" involved here. The coder is a CG CoD4 admin named Belgium badkip. It isn't spyware and doesn't steal anything, just scans your PC/memory in the same way that every other anticheat does.

I'm not entirely sure why screenshots are private, but it certainly isn't because we're lying about them being in-game only. If I was trying to deceive you, why would I even mention that CGAC takes ET screenshots?
Yes like your personal life interest me this much. We have over 10.000 users with CGAC so yeah even if we stored personal data I would definitely be super interested in yours.

Also it's not very nice to call me a polak when I am from Belgium.
better publish the screens mr coder... you know that atleast the et admins are full of shit?
When is it going to support linux?
so i get again screens from matches with cgac which are named shot00xx and one sceen named "silentweapalt"..

does cgac crash after?
yea when closing et.. cgac.exe has stopped working..
Why would you make the anti-cheat not for windows XP? I can't imagin a good anti-cheat can't be build for users having microsoft XP, ET is already 12+ years old!

Also statistics shows that microsoft XP is still the 2nd most common operating system, why would you not support it? Would be great if you could revise your decision.

Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows 8/8.1
those scores are worldwide (in India / China there is a vast majority that still runs Windows XP with India & China having 2.5 billion inhabitants = 35% of the world population), so they do not represent the ET community at all.
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