#ET-Cup - Tournament details!

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As I have already announced in last week`s post I will arrange a two day image: et ET-Cup for all the ET Reborn Lan teams only. This cup will give you the chance to practise your aim and tactics as well as gaining some more euros for the upcoming offline event in Enschede.
  • 6v6 #ET-Cup
  • first matchday: 26th March, Thursday, 19.15 CET
  • second matchday: 29th March, Sunday, 19.15 CET
  • you can just enter if you have signed up/paid for the Reborn Lan
  • Mappool: Radar, Supply, Frostbite, Bremen, Adlernest, sw_Goldrush_te
  • make sure you can play the whole evening&with your complete Lan lineup
  • no mercs allowed - as stated above - double check if your team can surely play on those dates!
  • it will most likely be a double elimination bracket
  • the winner will gets it all (100 Euros)

To signup you have to pm me SPU9 with your teamname, country and whole lineup as well as your teamlink to your Cybergamer teamprofile.

Thanks to wra1th for the banner!

Additionally I am looking for some supporters - be it with the ingame supervision, streaming or donating some more euros to the prize pot... feel free to pm either Germany SPU9 @ Quakenet or right here on Crossfire! More news to come!
Nice, will probably be some of the first ET I've watched in a while again :D ! Avi as in game ref/supervision and can do a (secondary)stream as well :)
Can't see it working out too well if there is no single merc allowed. GL nevertheless
Ready to bring home the victory!
we can't take part :( we are just with 5 of our lineup untill 22.45cet at thursday the 26th :/
i just amde the rule to prefent teams taking a strong "online" merc to improve their chances to win the 100 euros for their lan trip... if some more teams do have the same problem i might allow 1 merc...it really depends if you are the more or less only team with that problem...

just convince yout 6th to take a day off on thursday ;D
I clearly can understand your choice there and I'm staying totally behind that! In our case we would just need one for 2 1/2 hours at thursday (where the cup wont be decided anyways but still you should not do an exception for us or some1 else.. rules are rules! maybe some others need one merc at thursday too and that might help us participating - if not then not.

would like to convince him taking a day off, but well its just a week to go and its quite hard to change plans at some jobs where strict schedules are running.

nevertheless - i like your work for the community <3
avi ^^ been on 6 lans h3h3h3h3
have never seen u :O fakenick?
I could play! :)
i wouldnt mind to allow 1merc but only a merc that has been to one or two lans
I think its a good idea about no mercs, because if not people could create dream team online to roll cup. Well done SPU9 -
I see what u did there :P
cool effort, from you and from wra1th! hope he comes to lan aswell! Although its gonna be hard for our team to fill 6 players at those times...
Maybe let teams pick a merc from some team who is attending the lan. could resolve problems.
Quote no mercs allowed - as stated above - double check if your team can surely play on those dates!

gl sick6

gl bloodje XD
1. You got to be a banned/busted cheater to participate
2. Play for money while being busted and banned cheater

Re: mercs, what razz said, allow mercs from other teams going to lan OR do something like wildcard substitute that can be used only in one match(any merc) which could solve a problem for stray's team

And it could allow me to merc as a riflerito hehe
Do you really think the teams with cheaters/ex cheaters could even touch the higher tier teams? No, so I wouldn't worry about the money as much as it sucks allowing busted people to play.
Activity > pasr skills
And these busted guys nerd every day XX hours
still zero chance of beating any top 3/4 team
stop licking everyones arses you little trash, and stop commenting every possile journal/comment/game noone care about you and your opinion, special about cheaters which you notoriusly playing with little hycpocrite bobicek shit.
It's already 33th day in a row when you instantly spammed me on irc without me actually saying anything, I guess you couldn't really handle the ignore, right?

People that whine/flame people for commentic are hypocrites and so fucking retarded :D
Also, you're the one licking everyone, who is atleast a bit skilled so they play with you while most of them rather stopped, because you're fucking mongol...

I notoriously play with cheaters? I wonder who that since you've played with more cheaters in the last 3months than I did in the last year.
Never happened
gotta wrok on ur englisherino m8terino
avi LÖLÖL<3
come to the lan first bolbaaa :D
Should probably allow 1 merc, would be quite a punisher if a LAN team simply can't have all 6 on and aren't allowed to play because of that.

On another note, are the busted LAN people allowed to play the cup? Said this in the LAN posts aswell, it's already quite the joke that we 'have' to allow busted players to have a LAN but to then also just let them play online events would be an even bigger embarrasment to CF/ET. Probably noone cares about my maybe returns to ET but if that's going to be the current state of the game I'm definitely not going to bother playing ET competitively again :D
Awwwwwwww yisss :D
XD Je doet wel erg je best he. Nog dieper de poeperd in jij. Kom maar achter mn schermpje meekijken op lan steek je nog wat van op
can understand u and u shouldn't bother too hard imo .. if the lan teams who play against them dont make too much trouble about letting them play then just chill down mate! i totally understand u but still its a lan (many waited for and wanted it!) and/or a cup for it and to have a good comparison (about them) this might be a good test :)

e: hope to see u at enschede again :)
We all wanted/waited for a LAN and if I would've been able to attend the LAN, I still would've canceled my signup after this decision...

edit: I hope I can make it sunday and I will definitely come by if I do manage to finish other things early.
Well, as in mind of competition.. No, there is no real reason to play this game on competition, only if you have bunch of old mates to spend time with. Otherwise it's a big joke. Let's just hope some ET player wins 60 million from lottery and we can have money tournaments on daily basis!
#ET-Cup = quality cup ^.^
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