#ET-Cup - *Upd* 4 teams left!

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The image: et ET-Cup for all ET Reborn Lan teams is at its peak. This Sunday will bring us the final matches of the remaining four teams and with Europe sick6 and Germany Team Rockit sitting in the upper bracket and Poland tMoe and Germany neverbyte in the lower bracket I can guarantee you more than just two big ET games with United Kingdom MerlinatoR as streamer on top. Go ahead and read the full preview!

I have already posted a short review of all the Thursday highlights and this post is meant to be a match preview with all information gathered as well as some community predictions.
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First of all let me introduce to you the remaining four teams - although none of them is unknown within the community.
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Europe sick6: This team got quite a history and with 92 matches played on GamesTV one can surely say they are no stranger on stage. With matias, SQuid and Salaneuvos they are one of the strongest teams aimwise and due to the presence of twidi and toxic they will not run like a pile of headless chicken. Iron will take on the noobstick and with his experience dating back to the very early stages of ET he is of course no stranger.

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Germany Team Rockit: If there is a Lan there is a Rockit lineup. This fact is valid and thus brings us another great compilation of Enemy Territory first class players. The core is build around R0SS, razz and chry and with the addition of sqzz the team not just got one of the fastest players ever but also a very skilled medic and supportive gamer. koop is ready to take the fight - online and on Lan - against the likes of Iron, Lightning or FLoPJEHZ and to finalize the lineup they got the Dutch stalwart M1lk himself!

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Poland tMoe: Frag'Stealer! or Lockheed will pop to your mind if you think about Poland`s finest and this time they are joined by a next generation of machine gunners and with their absolute determination they are - on a good day - face to face with the above named teams. Talking about the next generation of machine gunners I meant names like lesti or Abj. I am more than excited to see the lower bracket matchup between those guys and the German powerhouse.

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Germany neverbyte: This is an all-German lineup with top-notch players like Bl4d3, KRESTi or FLoPJEHZ. They have shown us some really great actions last Thursday and I am sure teamleader stRay has something up one's sleeve for the coming clash. The 6 men army will be completed by FiREBALL and sTOWNAGE and those two players can handle crucial situations on their own. With this said I expect a really close game between neverbyte and tMoe!
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Europe sick6

Finland twidi
Finland Iron
Finland Salaneuvos
Finland Matias
Netherlands SQuid
Malta toxic
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6on6 Upper bracket Semifinal
Best of 3
Germany Team Rockit

United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom koop
United Kingdom sqzz
United Kingdom R0SS
Netherlands M1lk
Belgium chry

image: eiKtUtG

QuoteOn the paper the Rockit squad looks stronger, but most of the players in their squad just recently came back when LAN was announced so they are still getting back into shape and teamplay. Considering they already played on high level, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, but it will come down to how good sick6 is prepared at this point. My vote goes to 4:0 for Rockit, sick6 could pull a map, if they can perform some great game, but don't think they will be able to win this one. - Portugal Aniky

QuoteBoth teams are full with talented players who have both game knowledge and the aim. However, I think that this match is not so much going to be settled on the aim, but communication and interaction with each other. Rockit have previously shown that they belong in the top of the game, Enemy Territory with a combination of different type of skilled players. I look forward to this match and to see if the English lads can continue to deliver what by many is being expected of them - a victory. - Denmark gyzr

Quoterockit.ET is still far away from what they are capable of. The experience is still there and it helped them in winning their matches in the first rounds. They are coming to the LAN for nothing less than the first place. Expectations are high and winning this cup will provide them the first step in their journey winning the LAN. SICK6 is definitely a team who is able to beat rockit.ET. They have big names who are able to make a difference. I am betting my money on the team who gets a decent warm up before this match. I believe this will make the difference between winning or losing. I'm predicting a 4-2 victory for SPUU´s team, assuming both teams got a decent warm up. - Netherlands Sebhes

QuoteI'd predict a 4-0 win for Rockit, they've shown some really strong performance despite the fact that some of them just came back from inactivity. They have some really good individual skilled players but their main strenght mostly comes from their experience as a team at the highest level. Sick6 also have some really good individuals with toxic or Salaneuvos who both proved to be top players several times. They all have some really good experience at the highest level aswell, but overall I guess they're not as strong as Rockit might be. - France Snatixx

QuoteOn paper, both of these teams look pretty strong, they have the experience and the knowledge of the game to show us some good ET. But after our different praccs with erAse against these 12 guys, I think that Ri will take it 0-4 as they looked more dominant and more on point aimwise. - Belgium Buzzer

QuoteThis is a very interesting game with a close result. My prediction is that rockit will take it with 4-2 just like they won against TAG. It felt like rockit realised, perhaps to late, that tag isn't gonna give up so easily and I think the same will happen again. Will rockit realise this on a earlier stage or not? - Netherlands insAneeeee

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Germany neverbyte

Germany Bl4d3
Germany FiREBALL
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Germany KRESTi
Germany sTOWNAGE
Germany stRay
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6on6 Lower bracket Round 4
Best of 3
Poland tMoe

Poland blk
Poland Abj
Poland grzesiek
Poland Frag'Stealer
Poland lesti
Poland Lockheed

image: eiKtUtG

QuoteThe Germans probably have an edge at this game, due to the daily activity through last month or a bit more and are at this point at decent shape to reach for top spots even at lan, so i am considering them favorites. Haven't seen tMoe practicing that hard apart of last couple of weeks and some of the players returned recently as well due to lan from inactivity so it will be hard for them to keep it up with nByte. My guess would be a 4:0 or a 4:2 win for Germans as they have more activity and currently better teamplay. - Portugal Aniky

QuoteThis game is hard to predict. Many would guess the german powerhouse However, I think the game will be settled on small margins. These margins are players like Lesti, Frag'Stealer, Kresti and Stownage which can make the difference, but in a match like this you will never know what can happen. My guess will be Lesti and Co. takes the victory. tMoe 4:2. - Denmark gyzr

QuotetMoe surprised me with their good performance last Thursday. I didn't expect them to play that well and defeat neverbyte in the first round with 4-0. Rumors are saying tMoe is aiming on a top 3 position during LAN and I certainly think this is a realistic goal. I consider tMoe as the dark horse of the LAN. On the other hand, neverbyte played decent as always and you could clearly see the practicing is payed off. Some moments were great to witness. Their power is their teamwork. I think tMoe will surprise and win this in a close 4-2 match. - Netherlands Sebhes

QuoteBoth nByte and tMoe had a really good run during that cup where they both already beat at least a really good team. tMoe took the first match against nByte with a 4-0 win, but it seemed very close, judging by the stats and the time set. They can count on some very good shooters such as Abj and Frag'Stealer, their spam is also very good.
On the other side nByte beat TAG who showed some really strong performance aswell, beside losing to tMoe during their first meeting, the germans have been playing together since forever and I'm sure can pull off a really great performance to beat the poles. With shooters like kresti or s1lent, they can switch a tight situation in their favor. I'll predit a very close 4-2 win for the Germans. - France Snatixx

QuoteThis is a tough call to make, I don't recall playing against the poles recently so I don't have any opinion about their current playstyle but I'm sure that their aggressive style of play and aim will play a huge part in this game. The germans have been praccing really hard so their teamplay and the skill of their player should make the difference on sunday, I would say 4-2 for the Germans. - Belgium Buzzer

QuoteSince they already faced each other early stage they know what to expect from each other..but is Abj able to carry tMoe for a second time? I dont know. My prediction is that neverbyte will win this with 4-0. I know that both neverbyte and tMoe have very strong aimpower but i think teamplay is gonna be crucial in a fight like this. And in my opinion neverbyte, due pracc hard go pro mentality, will take this one. - Netherlands insAneeeee

After both matches we will see the loser of sick6 vs. Rockit fighting against the winner of neverbyte vs. tMoe and afterwards the Grand final! Be prepared for an intense and long ETTv evening!

Graphical work:
Ireland wra1th
Australia biggz

Germany SPU9 over and out!
Quote Frag'Stealer! or Lockheed will pop to your mind if you think about Poland`s fines

I just threw up on my keyboard
well, dialer is by no means "next generation gunner" (and I am pretty sure lesti had been around for quite a while as well). And Lockheed would never even popped into my mind when talking about "Poland's finest".
well i have written "next" not "new" - which in my eyes means: some good machine gunners ;)
and about lockheed - i have not specced him an analized all his actions but if i remember right he was always playing for one of the best polish teams...so he is quite consistent imo
I guess we won't agree on this one.
but i agree with you. if that aint something, i dont know what is.
no, not poland's finest but lock & fragstealer are simply the most oldschool in this lineup, they're definitely two very recognisable/prominent names in the PL community.
just to make it clear - I did not question Lockheeds "oldschoolness", just the statement where he is marked as one of the poland's finest.
ah, agreed then.
dialer clearly newschooler ":D"
there's a difference between being on an OK level in 2004 and winning NC in 2004. :P
wishing I were poland's finest. image: 024-LOUDLY-CRYING-FACE
zaraz podjadę i zobaczymy czy jesteś taki cwany :XD
i co się szczerzysz? jak to pisałem to jeszcze w GDA byłem :P
lol jaki nup
ale i tak bloodje > all jezeli chodzi o spotkania integracyjne
nie wiem, ja tam byłem zajęty więc nie było czasu na integrację
well, maybe you are too newskool for those two players ;D at least back in my days they were the known guys ;)
lockheed lol
you better show lockheed some respect he won nationscup 2004 or 2005 with team poland
not sure if trolling or
there is a fragmovie where you can see team poland wining the finals just ask him and he will show it to you dont rememebr the name of the movie anymore
I didn't mean that
this isn't about his behaviour or attitude, as mentioned above he has no clue how good lock is anymore and is clearly talking about his history as a player.
lock was never actually good player lol
Quoteone of polish fines
is the most ridiculous thing I've read regarding ET player ever :D
you wouldn't know if he was ever actually a good player, you can comment on anything from 2011/2012 onwards but anything before that is beyond you.
you are making yourself looking stupid once again
best 1v1 playor yo
nice effort once again,really awesome that some guys still contribute something to this community,after all those crucial years :)
my respect.

gönn dir :)
Nice read and good luck to all players
Nice read and good luck to all players
Good read and nice luck to all players
Good luck and nice read to all players
Nice luck and good read to all players
awesome article, rare stuff. Good work SPU
updated, thanks biggz for the graphics ;D
Lesti isnt really a next generation machine gunner. We used to play 3on3's with kresti and lesti together back 5? years ago and gun down many.

Besides my egoistic comment, It is truly weird to see all these same guys playing the game! I played on a pub some days ago after a long time and I didnt own. :D

Good luck to you all. And have fun, that is what ET is!
lel that was like ages ago ;)
Sure was! I actually noticed it was more like 7 years ago, shit. Many things has happened since huh!
Mitä vaimos tuumas ET:stä
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