United Cup I Announced

Welcome to the new most prestigious online tournament in Enemy Territory, United Cup. In this tournament top teams will battle it out for ET's ultimate title!

image: 6e29n6

Precise details of the size, format and schedule of the cup can be found in: United Cup I - Details. Buckle your seatbelts as we prepare for another period of supreme Enemy Territory action in ET's first United Cup season.

With the dominant force of Germany Rockit.ET coming off a run of two straight LAN titles, will anyone be able to challenge their dominance? Can they be defeated, or will they continue their unbeaten run for an unprecedented victory?

We can promise it will be a season you can't afford to miss.

Tournament Structure: 6v6
Coverage Sup: United Kingdom MerlinatoR
Map List: adlernest / bremen_b3 / missile_b3 / radar / Supply / sw_goldrush_te
Price: €100,-

We are happy to introduce the following 8 teams who will participate in the first season.
  • Europe 'xD Trickjump,
  • France dMon eSports
  • Europe erAse.et
  • Finland Finland
  • Germany Rockit.ET
  • Europe TAG
  • Europe Team - Visual
  • Germany Yermanz

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup. We can be reached on irc (in #ET:U) or through a Crossfire PM.

Belgium ChilAx
United States of America Foreigner
Netherlands Sebhes
Netherlands timbolina
Goodjob! !!
Good Effort
-Adler +karsiah gg
every year people think the maplist needs to be changed. when is this crap going to get old. :(
karsiah is a great one
played the map in many tournaments in the past and can honestly say after the first stage the entire map is just a cluster.
nice, gl to the teams
Well done, looking forward to this cup!
gl to all participants!
where is my team :S
Indeed, where is it
Let's go 'xD WE DEM BOYZ
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