ET United NationsCup '15 Captains Announced

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ET United NationsCup 2015

After two weeks of applying, we are proud to present the ET United NationsCup 2015 team captains! In total, we received 46 applications from 25 different countries.


  • Australia dash
  • Belgium Nickje
  • Canada Tomun
  • Switzerland Aquila
  • Chile mgZa
  • Czech Republic Rifleman
  • Germany stRay
  • Estonia yEnch
  • Finland Swanidius
  • France blade
  • Hungary sebi
  • Israel destiny
  • Iceland fifty
  • Italy mama
  • Netherlands timbolina
  • Poland grzesiek
  • Portugal R0th
  • Romania stary
  • Russia Jago
  • Sweden olpen
  • Slovakia aiRen
  • Turkey Ramination
  • Ukraine ScoOf
  • United Kingdom sqZz
  • United States of America Foreigner
Team captains have until Thursday, May 21st to announce their lineup. Only nations who announce a lineup by this date will be allowed to participate in the ET United NationsCup 2015.

Each captain will be given rights to their nation on CyberGamer. It is their responsibility to list a full lineup by their first match.

Nationality and Residency Requirements

  1. A player has the nationality and residency of country X.
    The player can play for country X without further delay.

  2. A player has the nationality of country Y, but lives in country X.
    The player can play for country Y without further delay. There is a limit to 2 players per team.
    The player can play for country X without further delay, if they live there on a semi-permanent basis. There is a limit to 2 players per team.

  3. A player has double nationalities, both country X and country Y, and lives in country Y.
    The player can play for country Y without further delay.
    The player can play for country X if he can provide a legal document which proves he has the nationality of that country.
Note: If a player has participated in a previous NC, they are only eligible to play with the country that they most recently played for.

The exact format of the tournament will be published after we know how many nations will be able to field a lineup.

ET United NationsCup 2015 Schedule:

  • Sunday, 26th of April - Captain applications open
  • Friday, 8th of May - Captain applications closed
  • Sunday, 10th of May - Captains announced
  • Thursday, 21st of May - Lineups are announced by team captains
  • Sunday, 24th of May - Groups published
  • Tuesday, 26h of May - Start of the first matchweek

During the playoffs, maps can only be chosen one time by each team until the grand final. This is to avoid having the same maps during each round of the tournament.


  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached on irc (in #ET:U) or through a Crossfire PM.

United States of America Foreigner
Netherlands Sebhes
And so it begins ..

Good luck everyone!
exact format? what do u mean with that?
number of teams per group mainly
GooD LucK Rifleman, yEnch, sebi, mama!i!
<20:10:14> "Sem": Team Colombia 4 - 2 USA
<20:10:33> "Sem": you heard it here first
avi for Italy, ukraine hmm and Switzerland, maybe also for Turkey, not sure yet
team turkey ftw :'D
like there will be enough decent people in 2015 :P they barely did a lineup 2010
probably some etpub heroes and half of them busted
you should be avi to quit already
When did I play the last time my old try2be friend? =)
I don't actually know, but that was my point :D
wow your mum was rly busy
lol, mad cause you got declined for team germany? noob
i didnt ask for it, ever^^
hoi mental!
How are youuu!
fine, on my way to get a csgo pro, and you? :D
Well making a comeback in eSports I guess. Hehe, you've got skype?
Nah, just steam :D
Oh, I should install that :p by the way I remember you doing some movie-clips in the past for me. Do you still got those?
Nah, ofc not :D
Meeeeeh, are they uploaded somewhere haha :D
yea they were on, but it deaded
killmaster :D :D :D
lol swanidius lowest nc ever
gl grzechu!
25 captains, 15teams max imo :D
Unfortunately I did not make NL captain, gl timbolina!

Avi for NL
Just when i thought i could go about my life without ET - sqzz gets captain...
They need you, you can never escape, never
gav got some real captain skills
Olpen! Pick me!

image: 500crash
who r u friend ?
so many teams
gj olpen
mama pidar
Congratulation Czech RepublicRifleman !!!
Good luck timbolina and Team NL.
<SQuid> has perfo been on?
<Oxy> dunno
<Oxy> probably
<SQuid> hm
<SQuid> got a 100 line pm from timbolina for NC
<Oxy> lol
<SQuid> if I wanted to join
<SQuid> would like to know if perfo will play
<Oxy> probably.
<SQuid> keke
Private logs, ban.
avi for turkey amina koyim
grzesiek obvious choice <3 gl pryszczu
Hopefully some new UK blood gets a chance, Shaman needs dat experience
swap the first two places 8 : ]
Only if dongou and riCo are playing bro, unstoppable
avi PL and NL

Finland woot team finland gg
nah, woott doesn't have finnish nationality
who is blade
lol romania , hopefully they wont use 6 cheaters like the last time.
Stary is in so they already have one cheater. I don t remember who were the other ones, but I think Damon was too
Gl aquila and olpen :D
this maplist brings tears of happiness to my eyes
anim and joker for captains pls i wanna smurf :P
Only if outlaw shaffie Gizmo will pwn
Gl to all the nations!

Nice to see Italymama back <3
oh ffs gav
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