The Final - #17 ET-Cup

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So here we are, the end of the #17 ET-Cup. After a battling group stage and a grooling knockout phaze, we come to the final.

But how did Germany one4one and Europe cdap - Pi get to where they are now?

Germany one4one > Winner (Group Charlie), eSrael, uQ, Highbot
Europe cdap - Pi > Winner (Group Echo), sFx Evil, 2eaz, eC4

Before i give you the details on how you can watch the final, i decided to ask both captains for a short statement on the final itself, its team and the cup as a whole.

Quote by one4one.SheepWell I have no idea what our chances are because we have never actually played them. Having specced them before they look a very strong team, and after beating idle (probably most famous game this year) some may say they are one of the top, TOP teams. The competition so far has been pretty straight forward, after a relatively easy first game vs eSrael, we should have been playing vs. uQ - a game which we were not particularly worried about. However uQ had to forfeit and that give us a spot in the semi's vs. Highbot. We disposed of highbot and now look forward to playing cdap-pi. In all cases it's not about a single player, like the saying there is no I in TEAM. We have stuck together and played as a team and it has been a jont effort to have got where we are now. If there was one player I would ahve to single out it would be either DaNoNe or Iron. Iron for being so consistant and showing everyone what he can actually do with a rifle, or DaN having never had a 6v6 clan before coming in and improving day by day.

Quote by cdap|aeq I think we have a fair chance of beating one4one knowing the shape we are in but, we will not underestimate them. We havent really had very hard games in this cup yet, but i think the final is gonna be quite tricky. We have had alot of def. wins so we sailed through quite easily. I think the fact that we have played this cup with the same lineup throughout the entire cup contributes to the fact that we are doing quite well at the moment. And having to point out a player of the cup is hard, since we all have our own part in the team, but I think the way perfo has manifested himself lately is extraordinary

So there we have it. Some fighting talk from both team captains now lets see how they do in the game itself.

Date: Thursday, 9th November 2006
Time: 20:00
IRC: #ET-Cup
Maps: supply, frostbite
ETTv: IP's
Shoutcast: iTG Stewie URL / Mashed & Sinuss url

Dont forget the winner will also recieve teamspeak servers courtesy of
NICE PRICES .. almost worth fighting for!!!!

its sjip with the really nice attitude towards his enemies, GOOD LUCK FROM WHOLE MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice news layout n1 skydeh and gl sheep ofc
gl perfo teh hacker <3
shouldnt you be dead irl :D
wont even leave hes house cause to scared =/
ye ye whatever u say my master :D
n1 link to Statements xD
QuoteIn all cases it's not about a single player, like the saying there is no I in TEAM.

There is an "I" in "pi" though!
Oh yeah by the way cast also by Mashed and Sinuss thanks.
decided by 0,1 second. o m g. :X
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