ET United NationsCup '15: Play offs

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ET United NationsCup 2015

After four weeks the ET United NationsCup '15 Group stage has come to an end. It is now time to get ready for the playoffs. The best 16 nations of the group stage have advanced to a double elimination playoff.

** You can find the playoff standings here: **

General information

  • On the Thursday or Friday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the end of the matchweek (Sunday or Monday).
  • Team must play their match by the end of the matchweek. If either team fails to show, they forfeit. No wildcards allowed!
  • The maps in the playoff stage are not forced. Each team chooses a map from the map pool.
  • If needed, a decider will be chosen by cointoss elimination. The winner of the cointoss may decide which team starts the elimination.
  • CGAC is mandatory in all matches.

ET United NationsCup 2015 Schedule:

  • UB - 1/8 Finals: Tuesday, 23th of June - Monday, 29th of June
  • UB - Quarter Finals + LB: Round 1: Tuesday, 30th of June - Monday, 6th of July
  • LB - Round 2: Tuesday, 7th of July - Monday, 13th of July
  • UB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 7th of July - Monday, 20th of July
  • LB - Round 3: Tuesday, 14th of July - Monday, 20th of July
  • LB - Round 4: Tuesday, 21th of July - Monday, 27th of July
  • UB - Final: Tuesday, 21th of July - Monday, 3rd of August
  • LB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 28th of July - Monday, 3rd of August
  • LB - Final: Tuesday, 4th of August - Monday, 10th of August
  • Grand Final: Tuesday, 11th of August - Monday, 17th of August


  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached on irc (in #ET:U) or through a Crossfire PM.

Belgium ChilAx
United States of America Foreigner
Netherlands Sebhes
Netherlands timbolina
great idea with the LB!
are teams able to pick the same map every round of the playoffs? if so this should be limited imo, good ol' rule.
There is no specific rule regarding same maps in the playoffs.
that's a shame 8[
+1 this rule was good
Oh snap, nice!
That UK vs France tho, real E-sports.
Haha indeed that was amazing ! I have missed this kind of exciting moment in ET, you can't believed how hard we screamed at the end of frostbite :D
lol nerds :s
Go Greece !
Plz Stream finals!
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