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Today I am proud to announce, that new Team-Poland.ET is ready to battle for next NationsCup. We are the winners of NationsCup VII and we are going to do it again this season. We have big lineup, full of experienced and high skilled players from best polish teams, like FearFactory.X-Fi or Netrunners. We will do our best to make our community proud of us.



Poland Thoro (FearFactory.X-Fi)


Poland kot (Netrunners)
Poland Wrobel (FearFactory.X-Fi)
Poland krisek (FearFactory.X-Fi)
Poland Robol^ (inVert Multigaming)
Poland wiesiek (FearFactory.X-Fi)
Poland gotti (Netrunners)
Poland buzka (Netrunners)
Poland S4rna (FearFactory.X-Fi)
Poland chester (Netrunners)
Poland r1co (FearFactory.X-Fi)
Poland oic (Netrunners)
Poland dialer (Logitech UVM)

Public Relations:

Poland WookasH (HeadShot Radio)
Poland Set (
Poland soofka! (

no mrozu :o
no doktor :o

ow noez
hoi wukas!, oh wait
Good Luck :)
need more funny pictures in nationscup line-ups
i'd love to see a policeman arresting one of you guys for stealing something
team ger pic will beat them all ;D
hehe ou re so funny suck my .....
kot > all (polish ofc)
lol... dialer @ nubmode :] Krein instead of dialer imo! <3

gl dialer,but really,u need krein
Kickban from NC plz
rly nice lagger team :D
nice players, gl all FF guys ! <3
netrunners + ff = new polish team \o/
wheres sOme and uf0l? :<
s4rna, wiesiek, kot, robol etc. nice team :) gl
lol this must be team aut imho
2nd team-aut gl mates!! :) gl dialer =)
lol nice aut lineup
isnt it like 3 players from one team max?

Gl anyway
in one match
aha, so bending the rules to teh max eh? :]
there are no rules about max number of players which can be in a team
only restriction is max 3 players from one clan playing at the same time
doktor? :<
u gonna start with 2 teams?
where is Poland Doktor ?!?
ill miss lockheed and fragstealer :p
Where the hell is Poland Krein?

Gl dialer!
Gl my beloved laggers! <3
no s0me o_O
looking forward to see some great games, gl
very strong team imo
no ufol/some ? :o
good luck s4rna and kot :) go get them guys
+ sOme imo
no kenta no gold :/
Robol <3
jestem dumny z naszego malego Roberta :DD
tyz :D Robert FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice lineup btw
QuotePublic Relations:

PolandWookasH (HeadShot Radio)
PolandSet (
Polandsoofka! (

best part i lol'd rly

gL Polandlaggers :)
I am waiting for Mica to post... shall i do it for him??

Lets take out the polish trash!! omg fucking polish laggers.

LOL <3 Mica
GL fighting for 2nd place =P perfo is going to hear you comming =)
wheres Poland nrs?
but going to PGA to play for cdap?!
but still he was inactive for last 2 or 3 weeks so he isn't playing in team poland
gl guys =)
where's Poland gambit? Oo
Good luck Thoro and gotti.
gl wiesiek and thr ;]
gl S4rna & wiesuaw :]
gL Wrobel :>
pls dont use hax
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