CCA 2015 Winners

Three weeks ago, we announced the Crossfire Community Awards 2015. You have sent us your nominations and casted your votes... now, it's time to bring it all to a close. Here are the winners!

image: epGDGtt

The CCAs are a fun way for you - the Crossfire community - to vote for your favorite player, team, match, movie, and more. This year's edition featured twelve awards split into three categories of four awards each.

Here are the final results of the CF Community Awards 2015:

Enemy Territory

Player of the Year 2015

United Kingdom sqzz (48%)

Gavin "sqzz" Butler has been highly regarded as one of the most skilled players in ET for years, and last year was no exception. His extraordinary medic skills, strong aim, and inexplicably good movement makes him both a pain to play against and a pleasure to spectate. He held onto his spot in Team Rockit all year long and played a huge role in their overall success in 2015.

Runner-up: Germany kReSti

Team of the Year 2015

Germany Rockit / France rushit eSports (61%)

Despite several changes to their lineup (and team name, too) throughout the year, Rockit's strong core remained the same, allowing them to not only win both 6on6 LAN tournaments but also finish top three in every online competition they signed up for. The team met defeat in only seven of their over fifty matches played in 2015.

Runner-up: Germany Yermanz / Germany Playing Ducks

Match of the Year 2015

ET United LAN 6on6 UB Final: France rushit eSports vs Germany Playing Ducks (39%)

Nearly three hundred viewers tuned in to this spectacle as the Yermanz attempted to take down mAus & co. It was the first time that these two teams met in an offline match in 2015, even though both had previously played in the Reborn LAN together as well. They each won their respective map choice, the Ducks doing so a bit more convincingly, but in the end the 4-2 victory went to rushit.

Runner-up: ET United LAN 6on6 LB Quarter Finals: Europe vs Netherlands Team viSual

Most Improved Player of 2015

Netherlands Sebhes (39%)

Sebhes is proof that, more often than not, active teams & players will perform better than inactive ones. When he re-entered the ETPro scene in early 2014 he was average skilled at best. Two years and literally over seven hundred official matches later, the 2.55 player has turned 'xD Trickjump, into a top three LAN team and become one of the best objective players and in-game leaders in ET.

Runner-up: Netherlands kApot


Aimer of the Year 2015

Germany kReSti (52%)

Yermanz / Playing Ducks / KOMMRANLAN / credibilis / Team Germany

Runner-up: United Kingdom sqzz

Medic of the Year 2015

United Kingdom sqzz (55%)

Queens / Rockit / rushit eSports / Team UK

Runner-up: United Kingdom razz

Rifle of the Year 2015

Finland toNy (48%) / Team Finland

Runner-up: United Kingdom koop

Engi of the Year 2015

Belgium chry (77%)

Queens / Rockit / rushit eSports / Team Belgium

Runner-up: Germany stRay


Movie of the Year 2015

Ultraviolet - Volume II: Medius by Scotland -Max- (65%)

From the moviemaker who brought us one4one Decimated, mAx Chapter 3, and Requiem, this incredible film is the second of a three-part series. It features over thirty-five players from all around the world in footage recorded during "the most popular era of ET" - 2005 to 2009.

Runner-up: Enter the hunter by Poland requem

Journal of the Year 2015

Damon dethroned as 1on1 king by Netherlands Sebhes (42%)

Just a few hours after Damon's bitter defeat in the newly added 1on1 ladder, this satirical post was published and quite well-received by the community, complemented by the playful banter from Snatix as well as the unexpectedly heated comments of his opponent.

Runner-up: ET Reborn LAN: Pictures by Germany Rayzed

Content of the Year 2015

How to Play ET in 2015 by United States of America ohurcool (52%)

A rather simple concept posted on an impulse, this tutorial has become the go-to page for new and old ET players alike looking to get in-game as quickly as possible - not always an easy task unfortunately, considering all of the patches, downloads, and configurations needed to optimize one's experience in Enemy Territory today.

Runner-up: ET Reborn LAN: Overview by United Kingdom MerlinatoR

Community Member of the Year 2015

Netherlands Sebhes (58%)

It's hard to imagine what the year would have been like without this guy. The Netherlander was directly involved in nearly every ET-related event and competition in 2015, including two LANs, a NationsCup, a SummerCup, a CF cup season, and dozens of one-day cups. He also co-founded an organization called ET United, running four EC-like tournaments under its name, and more recently became one of the head ET admins on CG.

Runner-up: United Kingdom MerlinatoR

Congratulations to the winners & thanks to all who participated!

nice read :) hoping for move @ class winners too! :D
How many cool awards should've been there that are missing :C
What's missing ?
Could've included more of the specific role awards.
Like for the best pistol, fops, most sneaky player etc
Grats to all the winners, and a special grats to Gav <3
Quote´toNy (48%)

Voted 9 years in row for worst finnish player and is best rifle 2k15???
nice read!
Props for the post, really good read. Thank you very much for your kind words ohurcool and thanks to everybody who voted on me for the awards. I'm really happy to see that effort is getting recognized by the community

QuoteTwo years and literally over seven hundred official matches later
Cmon, i'm better medic than Gav! :D
didnt know this was happening tbh
Congratz Sebhes!
sebhes cleaning up
wtf did Sebhes ever do for ET that you give him this award?!?!

j/k nice read and congratz
Congrats to all winners (and runner-ups)!

Just curiousity - why you don't show up all voting results (3rd, 4th place etc.) like in last years?
Too many numbers to make up
Thanks. :-)
At least journal award (y)
One beast of a midget! 8) <3
you too even smaller midget <3
nice one! congrats to all!
who is this Netherlands Sebhes guy?
congratulations all
Quote Two years and literally over seven hundred official matches later

Nerd :p
And against 3 different opponents/mixeds. I find this pretty impressive since I myself started to doubt and feel if I should quit playing so much at 2009 if not earlier cause of lack of players and same opponents all the time. <3
QuoteAnd against 3 different opponents/mixeds.

you and caej say this sort of thing so often; truth be told if you wanted to be active there are enough opponents for that to be possible. no need to make up stats to solidify your reasons for not playing ET 24/7.
Hello. How come this is the only reason I don't play anymore? I love the game and I had fun till this complete dying of the game happened. (around 2010-11) I tried to still get motivated about ET numerous times after that. 8) + I still play other videogames 24/7.
most hated is missing :)

gratz to the winners
Oh I didn't know there was enough players in the game to make awards about. Congratulations to all.

Damn I love ET. :[

I was just browsing and about to purchase some new & crispy FPS gaming gear until I remembered the fact that there are no proper first person shooters alive or worth playing in since almost 6 years. So I closed my browser and got back to other kind of videogames.
Thanks for considering my journal post for the Post of the Year award and I am glad that it didnt end up winning. It was a post with picture from the ETReborn LAN, what has happened to CF? We used to have quality journals and shitposts so good that mine wouldnt even have been taken into consideration.

Trolls of CF I ask you to do better and get us more high quality journals!
Nice coma in brussel m8
Nice noob skills at drinking both you and rayzed
mENACE should be the most improved player...
better for kresti, im not active :)))
sorry but i would eat you alive on lan while having a jack Daniels in one Hand and the mouse on the another, online who knows tho,
much love xoxo
yours sincerly: kresti
fortunetly i play better offline than online, so i would eat you alive

much love to you "kiss"
I dreamt of you about a week ago. You were sitting on a throne made of spoons, surrounded by a constant shower of glitter, and you judged me silently but sternly for the perverse sins I had committed with my right hand and an old socks just minutes before falling asleep. I woke up sweaty and ready to go again.
musteve been game of bones
5/5 storyline
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