3er Open - ET LAN - Initial sign-ups

We're pleased to inform that we are opening the initial sign-ups for the W:ET 3er Open Tournament. This tournament is meant not only to show, that the game is not dead yet, but to revive it and bring new players to it. Everyone is welcome - we've got something in store for everyone.

image: 3erbanner

Date: 15-17th July 2016
Location: Poland Gliwice Sports Hall, Poland

Entry fee for 6on6 tournament: €120 per team
Entry fee for 3on3 tournament: €60 per team
Entry fee for 1on1 tournament: €20 per person

Additionally, we expect to be able to provide a free place to spend the night for the players. This place is likely to be the second hall of Gliwice Sports Hall. Of course you will need to bring some pillows if you want to take the offer ;)
For all of you who prefer more comfortable environment, we will also be offering rooms in the nearby boarding school for a price of €9/person a night. Each room is for 2-3 people. (We are still currently negotiating the price, so it might become lower)

In ideal case, we will have 16 teams ready to play in each tournaments. The minimal amount of them is 12 per tournament.
All matches will be played in BO3 format.

The area of the hall is rougly - 1000m2.
The area of the 'free2play' sector - 300m2.

PC Specs: (screen)
Processor: Intel i5 6600K
PSU: Be Quiet! Straight Power CM 600W (BN235)
CPU cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 (BKgtx96018)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX960OC 4GB WindForce
RAM: Crucial DDR4 Ballistix Elite 16GB
SSD: Crucial MX200 250GB
OS: Windows 10 HOME

Gliwice are located in southern Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship. The city is located on the intersection of some of the main communication routes in Poland.

Distance from Poland Gliwice to airports:
Gliwice - Katowice (30km)
Gliwice - Krakow Balice (95km)
Gliwice - Wroclaw (170km)
Gliwice - Warsaw Chopin Airport (320km)

If you'd like to join the tournament either as a player or as a team, please PM me right away. The information is important to us. However, the official sign-ups for the tournament will launch on 16th May.

Application: Poland HaoKakao

Team (3on3,6on6):
- A team name,
- Team nationality,
- Team format (3on3,6on6),
- Lineup,
- Contact.

Player 1on1:
- Nickname,
- Nationality,
- Contact.

List of people willing to participate in the 1on1 tournament:
Poland Elviss
Belgium rznje
Belgium dAv1d
Poland WuT

List of people willing to participate in the 3on3 tournament:
  • Poland Elviss
  • Poland hunter
  • Poland ridji

  • Belgium dAv1d
  • Netherlands timbolina
  • Belgium ViKO

  • Poland Abj
  • Poland dialer
  • Poland WuT

List of people willing to participate in the 6on6 tournament:
  • Poland Pepper
  • Poland invent
  • Poland hwq
  • tba
  • tba
  • tba

  • Poland Risk
  • Poland w1lko
  • Poland SkyLine
  • Poland Baczo
  • Poland Kuna
  • Czech Republic Rifleman

  • Poland BloOdje
  • Poland Czarek
  • Poland Elviss
  • Poland hunter
  • Poland Michalek
  • Poland ridji

  • Poland Abj
  • Poland b3lka
  • Poland dialer
  • Poland Frag`Stealer
  • Poland WuT
  • tba

  • Belgium dAv1d
  • Belgium sweatycameltoe
  • Belgium rznje
  • Netherlands Snafu
  • Netherlands timbolina
  • Belgium ViKO

  • Netherlands GiZmOoO
  • Belgium Jere
  • Netherlands outlAw
  • Netherlands Sebhes
  • United Kingdom sqZz
  • United Kingdom razz

  • Germany Ava
  • Germany Bl4d3
  • Germany FiREBALL
  • Germany FLoPJEHZ
  • Germany kReSti
  • Germany sTOWNAGE

  • Poland Pius
  • Poland Palemki
  • Poland Voodoo
  • Poland th0rdis
  • tba
  • tba

We are also looking for people willing to help us with organizing both this event and the ET matchmaking league.

If you're striving for more information, feel free to hit us up on our fb page:
Facebook fanpage - Like us!
IRC: #3er

***** Edited: 19.05.2016

We currently have 220 PCs and 200 60Hz monitors. Eventhough we have them, we are still trying our best to get 144Hz monitors for the event. We are expecting to also offer gear prizes (motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads etc) for 4th, 5th and 6th places. The event will have many attractions for both gamers and spectators. We will have a professional scene, lighting, audio system. We will have a free2play zone, gear stands with special tournaments prices, many contests with gear prizes.

Another big attraction will be one of the bigger cosplay contests in Poland.

You will have to pay for the ticket to get to the event, the tickets will be available on Ticketpro.

3er Esports League is meant to be a new chapter in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's history in terms of esports scene. 2017 will be a year of reneissance for the game. We are also working on other features and projects that will benefit both new and returning players.

We are already making plans for the second edition of 3er OPEN lan. The event is expected to take place at the beginning of 2017, right after finishing the biggest sports building in Poland - Podium Gliwice. Yup, the event is expected to take place in this very building.

Please visit our fb page to find out more about 3er Esports League: Facebook fanpage

We are looking for an English caster for the W:ET tournament, we will be able to provide a hotel room for the caster for the duration of the event.
Hopefully enough time for people to get interested etc. :) good luck
Good luck! Hope this LAN will happen.
Gl & hf :)
no you be quiet
Finland KRP want to sign up put us in there
PM me pls :) lineup and format ^^
what screens will be there?
Awesome post providing a good overview! Will try to find players for a team this week.
:D reallyyy?
bitch plz.. i wont be going unless someone can convince gav to! :D
tell him im not coming!

gl convincing him
Gg I'm in vacation that time in Finland gg gg gg
Gg cats out because of dates gg gg gg
It's OK, I can take your place and carry cats to victory!
Count me in!
Show Time!
Nice effort, hope it'll happen!
time to see dialer again ;PpP
need 6th come play with us :D
3erwinners? Sounds familiar XD
what about csgo sign ups?
yermanz comfirmed
CGS3ERWINNERS fanatic avi /czas odkurzyc myszunie @
Poland Follow.et.pl is ready to bring back
Poland Rafek (c)
Poland Kama
Poland serrano
Poland Hans aka Get_Right
Poland nicon
Poland baq

Marseille Coach Le Francis

As you can see here at #follow.et we don't descriminate people for their internet connection and we give some love to our polish friends with top quality sponsorship.

e : My friend is worried... is there any local shop close to the lan center? Thx in advance - Coach Le Francis
it is Japan Serr4no and Japan Hans :)!
QuoteEntry fee for 1on1 tournament: €20 per person

only 1 player is excited for this
he will pay €20 only to win... €20 :)!
yermanz coming lineuo undefined yet tho
Is there any information about the dates the formats will be played? We would like to form a team but I am not sure if am personally able to make the 15th of July due to vacations
Let's get it straight... You got a football tournament at that time of the year again ? :S
Almost as if you can read my mind :D
15th July - 3on3
16-17th July - 6on6
16th or 17th July - 1on1 on the main stage
Thanks, should be able to at least participate in 6on6
what monitors will be used?
Avi for 3on3
avi /q
Would love to come but I will work for sure :(
let your gf come here, gonna take care of her *winks*
xD you are something else
if you let me take care of yours, deal?

We wont go in poland before september :D
play with me snilek :D
Germany Ava ready to shoot People in the face.
GermanykReSti ready to give people love.
  • Netherlands GiZmOoO
  • Belgium Jere
  • Netherlands outlAw
  • Scotland razz
  • Netherlands Sebhes
  • Scotland sqZz
Ready to take home the victory!
sqzz is Wales welsh
true, only whiskey is Scotland scottish
Welsh whiskey is awesome too.
3erwinners - that name must've come from dialer
Worked for CGSWinners, maybe will work again xD
Good luck all!
Ik wist het he... Dat die naam crtxz me erg bekend voorkwam op die TS3 server met die WoW raid : D
*****UPDATE NEWS (220pc's)
Hello guys, avi for 6v6 and 3v3. Leave me msg here for more info.
avi for 6v6
Nice :) GL all
A swedish team might be possible
A north-korean team might be possible
Jestem avi, med skill, /q Woozie #exert
street fighter tournament?
avi for 6on6 ! wroce do treningow i lecimy ! /q on cf !
avi as shoutcaster
sup with this LAN? 40 days left
poles need to wake up and sign up 8]
in my opinion lan will be canceled(ET)
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