3er Open - ET LAN - Official sign-ups

We're pleased to inform that we are opening the OFFICIAL SIGN-UPS for the W:ET 3er Open Tournament. This tournament is meant not only to show, that the game is not dead yet, but to revive it and bring new players to it. Everyone is welcome - we've got something in store for everyone.

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Date: 15-17th July 2016, Start: 10:00
Location: Poland Gliwice Sports Hall, 5 Chorzowska Street, Poland

Entry fee for 6on6 tournament: €120 per team
Entry fee for 3on3 tournament: €60 per team
Entry fee for 1on1 tournament: €20 per person

Lan schedule

Friday 15th of July: 3on3 (groups&playoff's)
Saturday 16th of July: 6on6 (groups)
Sunday 17th of July: 6on6 (playoff's)


1st Place: €800 + 6x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
2nd Place: €500 + 6x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
3rd Place: €300 + 6x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
4th,5th.6th Places: coming soon

1st Place: €400 + 3x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
2nd Place: €250 + 3x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
3rd Place: €150 + 3x(motherboards, mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)
4th,5th.6th Places: 3x(mice, SSDs, mousepads, headphones)

1st Place: €130 + (mice, SSD, mousepad, headphone)
2nd Place: €80 + (mice, SSD, mousepad, headphone)
3rd Place: €60 + (mice, SSD, mousepas, headphone)

Players accommodation during 3er Open:

Our second Sports Hall, which is located in a strict centre of the city will be a FREE OF CHARGE option for spending the night for players participating in the tournament.

The players will be provided with (among others):
- Accommodation in the sports hall (you only need to bring your sleeping bag or something),
- Showers,
- Gym (to work on those sweet sweet biceps),
- Safe place to leave their stuff/luggage (it is Poland after all...),
- Internet access.

In ideal case, we will have 16 teams ready to play in each tournaments. The minimal amount of them is 12 per tournament. All matches will be played in BO3 format.

The area of the hall is rougly - 1000m2.
The area of the 'free2play' sector - 300m2. (mini-tournaments: Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, Others...)

PC Specs: (screen)
Processor: Intel i5 6600K
PSU: Be Quiet! Straight Power CM 600W (BN235)
CPU cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 (BKgtx96018)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX960OC 4GB WindForce
RAM: Crucial DDR4 Ballistix Elite 16GB
SSD: Crucial MX200 250GB
OS: Windows 10 HOME

Gliwice are located in southern Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship. The city is located on the intersection of some of the main communication routes in Poland.

Distance from Poland Gliwice to airports:
Gliwice - Katowice (30km)
Gliwice - Krakow Balice (95km)
Gliwice - Wroclaw (170km)
Gliwice - Warsaw Chopin Airport (320km)


In order to register the team you need to e-mail the provided recipient registration@3er-esports.com with the following information:

E-mail subject:

Team (3on3,6on6):
- Name of the team,
- Nationality of the team,
- format(s) of the team (3on3,6on6),
- Lineup (Name and Surname, Nickname, Nationality, Age),
- Logo (minimum 200x200px) [not arbitrary],
- Captain's phone number/e-mail address.

Player 1on1:
- Name and Surname,
- Nickname,
- Nationality,
- Age,
- Phone/e-mail contact.

Registration form for each format needs to be sent in a separate e-mail.

Registered teams/players:

Players 1on1:
Germany kReSti

Teams 3on3:
  • Germany kReSti
  • Germany FiREBALL
  • Germany FLoPJEHZ

  • Poland Abj
  • Poland dialer
  • TBA

  • Poland Baczo
  • Poland w1lko
  • Poland SkyLine

  • Germany GiZmOoO
  • Germany outlAw
  • TBA

Teams 6on6:
  • Germany kReSti
  • Germany Bl4d3
  • Germany FLoPJEHZ
  • Germany sTOWNAGE
  • Germany FiREBALL
  • Germany Ava

  • Poland Abj
  • Poland sNi
  • Poland dialer
  • Poland fanatic
  • Poland b3lka
  • Poland WuT

220 PCs
180 Monitors 60Hz
20 Monitors 144hz

The event will have many attractions for both gamers and spectators. We will have a professional scene, lighting, audio system. We will have a free2play zone, gear stands with special tournaments prices, many contests with gear prizes.

Another big attraction will be one of the bigger cosplay contests in Poland.

3er Esports League Fanpage
3er Open Event
MORE STATISTICS = MORE SPONSORS ! pls join and like us on fb!
IRC: #3er
Lucky ppl who gonna get to play with 144 monitors =)
We still have time for more 144 :>
avi 6on6
holy fuck, this genuinely looks like the best lan ever lol (gear, location + prize wise)
but it's not in NL so some people won't come? zzz
But NL lans are sooo gooood always ♥
have you been to any tho? haha

yeah maybe people like the atmosphere but this event is way bigger at its actually genuine from Hao to include ET there, wish more people were intrested.
No, would never go to NL unless someone was driving there whom I could drive with.

It's funny though as some people say it's expensive to get tickets to Poland, but they completely ignore the fact that with food/accomodation/lan itself MUCH MUCH cheaper than in NL, they save more money on these things and it may genuinely be around the same as a whole
Yep those 20 euro hotel rooms or even cheaper accomodation provided by 3er must really suck for peoples budgets.
4-5 euro meals at decent restaurants and less than 1-2 euro beer is also such an disadventage XD
QuoteNo, would never go to NL unless someone was driving there whom I could drive with.

gliwice is only ~450 km away from prague. this is your chance to attend a LAN (especially if rifleman will come), cu there m8 :P
I said that I would go if someone could pick me up in a car @ Ostrava :p
dat insta reply :D

rifleman if you read this, settle your differences with bobika and pick him up!
Why not go by a train or bus? If you can get to Prague there is cheap transport to bigger Polish cities. It's not optimal but still affordable.
I live in Prague :D, but I can't be arsed using buses or irregular train connections
I wish I could go by buses or irregular trains connections, man up bobika its time to meet ^^
I wish I didn't have to tell my friends I have a soccer tournament in Scotland so they still talk to me when I'm back from a lan
Just man up man, read what Sebhes said. You are making too many excuses :P
I wish I didnt read your nice arguements.
I'm gonna there by my car. Same as I was in the Enschede LAN by my car. (Starting in Mladá Boleslav, 20-25 mins by my car to the Prague - Cerny Most). And I believe I'm gonna to the Gliwice LAN, cause I believe R1sk wont fuck up this idea of playing there :)
nice, gl to all! come on guys sign-up for this, we need at least 12 teams, and this 120 euros/team is a discount comparing to NL lans
I don't think the location or anything is an issue. It seems great to me. I think the fact that it's the middle of the summer implies some people (e.g. esSe) can't attend due to vacations.

It would be nice to see some extra Polish teams signing up! My own team still has the intention to come.
agree with your, it is an awesome Location and it is sad to see not so much Teams willing to come, still i see alot of Players are interested, they should make some Teams together but it is like always Player x doesnt want to Play with Player y, and when the lan is Happening there are like 100people watching twitch.tv while saying "shit that i didnt go to the lan" :D

anyway yermanz are coming! 3o3+6o6 and iam going to Play 1o1 :p

cu all in poland!
Yea indeed, also the fact not many people want to take responsibility and organise a team might be the most important reason.

I don't see too many people having issues with each other but the lack of potential team captains is the bigger problem perhaps.
awesome location? :D its fucking awful
Haven't seen anyone say a bad word about location so far, mostly because polaks commented
well I'm not going to ruin the hype but Gliwice is just awful :D especially railway station
Gliwice have a new railway station :p
no cats either in any form. We decided to bootcamp for the next NL lan in Finland this time period.

so gg vittu. so mad
i'll replace esse, np
Looking forward to it! Hope enough teams are going to signup.
Btw anybody ideas on the fastest way to get from Katowice airport to the LAN centre in Gliwice?
yes, turn left on de NetherlandsHighway
definetly avi for this, 60hz is fine and i will wreck you 144hz users

pm for details
Looks surprisingly good, gl
100% avi, PM na CF albo /q Woozie #exert
so who is in ?
prizes and everything seem decent, but the dates unfortunately not.
im not giving a fuck about prizes but ur so right about the date !
avi /q
so the guys who sing up first will get the 144's
ye you can play 3v3 against eachother :XD
yeah will be good prac for the big 6v6 event
It seems like ET is dead :-(
aye :(, guess i won the 1o1 tournament already tho :D
any news..?
Sup with the news? any chances lan happens? B)
wp kresti
thx 1o1 Champion here.
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