ET CANCELLED on 3er Open

The preparations are still going strong, and some changes occurred! We are sadly dropping the League of Legends tournament. Instead, we will be having an Overwatch one! The maximum amount of teams for the CSGO tournament has been lowered to 16 teams. HS remains the same.

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We are not giving up on ET! We want to gather at least 8 teams to run the bracket. We know that the interest is big enough, so all you have to do is pay the entrance fee :) additionally, the 1on1 and 3on3 tournaments became free of charge to participate in, and we will still do our best to provide as many goodies as possible for the winners!

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Of course we will return any entrance fees that you may have already paid for the 1on1 and 3on3 brackets. The deadline for team registration is 10th July, so please don't hesitate and sign up! If we don't successfully gather 8 teams, the event will have to take place without our beloved game :). The main sponsor for the ET tournaments is Gigabyte that will provide motherboards (with B150 chipsets) for the winners as well Katowice Gaming House that will fund the winner's team a glorious weekend in their gaming house!

You can also sign your team up for the CSGO, Hearthstone and Overwatch tournament, the entrance fee is:

Entry fee for 6on6 Overwatch tournament: ~€41 per team (180zł per team)
Entry fee for 5on5 CS:GO tournament: ~€91 per team (400zł per team)
Entry fee for Hearthstone tournament: ~€7 per person (30zł per person)

On spot we will have an enormous free2play zone where you will be able to enjoy titles such as:

- Overwatch
- Total War: Warhammer
- Tomb Raider
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
- Wolfenstein
- Quake

Our advertising! Posters and banner!

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More info about 3er Open on FANPAGE!

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still nice effort from u! hopefully it works out for et! polish teams/palyers need to get into that! goo boys
Guess the main issue for most of the people is the date which is a shame, maybe if a similar event (as you mentioned there will be more?) would be held in autumn like september/october/november more EU teams would sign up I guess and Polish people would have more time to get some zombies back to life?

Personally think it's a shame, although I'm exactly away on 15-18th there seemed to still be around 6-8 teams interested to come for the 6o6 format - and it's a shame it didn't happen in the end...

Also considering Poland is an amazing location - because if you exclude the travelling that may be more expensive, the accomodation, food & drinks are all miles cheaper than in NL or BE....
this lan was announced month ago, so ppl should have enough time to plan or organize.
the entrance fee is almost gifted, so all the ET players should drop their ego's and put together some teams/mixes and play for fun. Every polnish player should attend in my opinion :P
if this event happens now, it shows that ET is not dead yet.
well to organize trips without knowing that the lan happens is hard too, imo there was abit too less input into the community like organizing cups in the name of 3er or anything else like talking to teams and so on... thats the difference what sebhes and timbolina did and what worked much more...

and like many said the lan is at a not so good date like having one in winter or so... theres too many guys missing who attended all the other lans or whould have also liked to travel to poland to have a lan there
go go guys! we need this to happen
Im not going anymore and so is Jere so ye gg
Can you make sure OW tournaments are not played parallel to ET tournaments? I would like to take part in both of them :)
poor result of the ET community , even more from the polish scene..... good effort mate u did a good job.
LoL is a casual shit scrub game anyway good decision.
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