A trip down memory lane by Feuersturm

Well, Wolfenstein Lane I guess.

QuoteThis is not a comprehensive look into the past of Return To Castle Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory, but merely a tiny peek behind the scenes, gathered from bits of personal scrap materials that have somehow survived from the early days of both games on backup CDs, old hard disks and FTP servers without any purpose of actual documentation. I would like the visitor to understand that the pictures are references to memories, so the captions are littered with trivia. This gallery is mostly meant to be read. It helps if you were there or have a fascination for that sort of thing.

- Feuersturm, January 2017

So hop in, http://users.kymp.net/~feuer/wolfensteinlane/

If you happen to have some older stuff or memories saved, feel free to share them now before they disappear!
someone should have saved all fucking rtcw / et results of cb. the whole history of those games gone with it
all results, lineups, cups, team names...
such a shame
Nice to get a glimpse into what the scene was in the very early days. The target audience for something like this has to be small by now but it was a fascinating read regardless. Kudos to Feuersturm

Wouldn't have been surprised if Swanidius had been fragged somewhere in that gallery.
You get fragged everywhere
true :-) During those times I was young boy in the troops of SVV
Thats young jake gyylenhaal and not Ferus
if Feuersturm would ever read this, i uploaded some matches of those players from broken etc:
to cf: old rtcw matches sometimes with shoutcast included. 260 matches uploaded so far, more to come over time... Been uploading stuff since march 2015

also uploaded most of the stuff from warwitch's comeback to rtcw 2012-2014, just check my playlists
respect sir, keep-teh-heat
Always interesting looking back on some of the history, thanks for posting this.
checked all the pics. conclusion; alot of nerds and i would hit xpaz' sister
Nice one!

Tried to find my old clan Teuva Total Dominating website from 2005 to 2008 but obviously it was removed :( There were awesum match reports written by meh.
Fake quote, no Feukka-hymiö.
This isn't news...
but it has more quality content than most of the news and journals
Image 87 of 93 -> Strange that spending quite a few years with sol in a private IRC channel didn't provide feuer with the info that this was at one time sol's maltese (or romanian, I forgot) ET girlfriend that he decided to visit at one point. Don't really know how that all ended.
maltese nickname was mt_princess
Well if it's proper info we're seeking for, let it also be known that at some point sol had a "girlfriend" in Malta named tinytracy, or tiny`. She was 14 years old when sol was like 23, 13 when they met. I randomly merced for this girl once, and she invited me to her irc channel which was basically full of at the time high level ET players. Changed my opinion about some people for a long time, especially the idle.ee guys, for they were all hanging around flirting with a 14yo girl while being 20+ themselves.

I stayed on the irc channel for a few weeks to play some detective on what's going on. From the conversations I had with tracy, it was obvious sol played her out. She was totally in love with him, while sol basically just took a trip to Malta every now and then to have sex with her. I pointed it out to her that she shouldn't be so blue-eyed and what sol is doing is highly immoral not only for the age difference but in general, but this only resulted in her banning me from the irc channel.

I hope she didn't end up becoming some crazy feminazi because of idle.ee child molester team.
Is this actually true or a good troll?
It's the truth explained exactly as experienced. While it's not illegal, since the age of consent in Malta most likely is 14 or lower, it's still highly despicable. It's not like people should go on a trip to Nigeria just cause their age of consent is 11. Who knows, they might be married by now and it might've been a love story of the lifetime, but I sincerely doubt it...
Which guys from idle
Well this was closer to 10 years ago so my memory might be little faint. On the channel there was almost the whole Idle.ee roster, most likely to make sol happy by making his "gf" happy by having guys give her attention, the only thing teenage girls want from life. There were some other than Idle guys there as well, but I don't really remember anyone except Lightning since he was talking on the channel constantly.
who are u :D?
Secret agent :) You wouldn't know me.
this is actually true stories sadly enough
Ha! that was trip down memory lane. I ate a lot of popcorn and got involved in lots of the dodgy parts of the community too. Was very fun looking back at it but Sols story always creeped to another level.

He told princess not to tell anyone about them many times, because you know, pedophilia. Sol was known to send most female et players messages, always he seemed to be "visiting the place" and wanted to meet up with them.

He ditched her later on, she was heartbroken still not realizing that she just got e-thug'd. Sol, ladiedman, also made the et.truth blog with information about all gamer girls he spoke too. Except his dear maltese princess of course.

Other idle.ee members pulled off the same stuff with other et gurls, they learned from the master sol.

Kinda the dark side of crossfire
Someone is interested!
Hello Loekino! Long time no see, sup?
Doing quite good, did you read my comment above? that sol stuff is nasty.

How are you doing? what did i miss? any e-dramas?
Yes i did.

Dont think u have missed anything :D

Im living in the NL now
Welcome in the netherlands, did you enjoy the bikes yet?
he is on point from what i remember
Well damn.. quite fascinating to hear actually. Sick people
yes, it was quite dark and repulsive
Good guy Sol
Clan Joutsa, Apical, Gunslingers, Broken, Mirage.

Good stuff. I remember we spent a evening trying to build a tower as high as possible in Assault (crouching on top of eachother and climbing higher) We did eventually reach the invisible ceiling (or did we? can't remember).

edit: there's a picture of the tower aswell :D

Big flashback to RtCW was when around last year I saw kypsymies ":)))" in some ET pub. He used to hang out in Apical's IRC channel and play on the pubs(?).

Weird recognizing people who I've never met, but saw pictures of 15 years ago... :D Mehukatti and Xes.
I remember you getting punkbuster ban before our offi game gg irska
me too... GG. Apparently that's what happens when you screw around in non pb pubs and fail to remove every single file afterwards. The situation couldn't have been any more embarrassing so that's not something I'd forget :p
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