Krefeld Battleground Payment reminder

This is a quick reminder for everyone that wants to attend the Krefeld Battleground Lan in May.
Until February 28th 2017 you are able to get the early bird ticket. That means for the 6on6 tournament it’s only 65 € and for the 3on3 tournament it’s only 35 €. After that it’s +15 € for both tournaments for each player.
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For Information on how to purchase your tickets, please read the confirmation mail or consult your team captain responsible for the registration.


Germany Germany w1Za
Germany psiquh
Germany ScaTmaN_
Germany mKs
Germany FimS
Sweden Ekto

Germany Germany Bl4d3
Germany FloPJEHZ
Germany kReSti
Germany stownage
Germany stRay

Germany Germany [Cobra]
Germany {{Funi}}
Germany chosen
Germany mamalukes

Poland Poland WuT
Poland dialer
Poland BloOdje
Poland h2o
Poland Abject
Poland b3lka

Europe Netherlands Armaa
Wales Bird
Netherlands mAxwell
Netherlands Nitro
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Sherclock

Europe Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands iNsAne
Belgium Jere
Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands outlAw
Netherlands Sebhes

Europe Netherlands Freddy
Netherlands Woott
Finland smak
Finland Rsp
Finland tomba
Norway Sinche
Finland Swanidius

United Kingdom Artstar
United Kingdom crumbs
Estonia Night
Austria potter
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands aphesia

Netherlands Netherlands timbolina
Netherlands Jeewee
Germany Playmobiel
Europe Purpovich
Netherlands rezta
Belgium ViKO

Europe Belgium PlAyer
Finland toNy
France Snatix
Germany s1LENT

Europe Germany Ava
Germany suuhk
Switzerland Aquila
Germany Specula
Netherlands Testi
United Kingdom ScarZy

Europe Netherlands Sebhes
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Sherclock

Germany Germany sTOWNAGE
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Germany Bl4d3

Germany Turkey FiREBALL
Germany kReSti
Germany stRay

Europe Poland h2o
United Kingdom fantasy
United Kingdom mini

Netherlands Netherlands iNsAne
Netherlands GiZmO
Netherlands outlAw

Europe Sweden Ti+es
Belgium Juicy

Europe Finland smak
Finland Rsp
Norway Sinche

Europe Poland WuT
Finland Swanidius
Finland lEku

Europe Netherlands kApoter
Germany Ava

Netherlands Netherlands rezta
Netherlands timbolina
Belgium ViKO

Europe Belgium PlAyer
France Snatix

Germany Germany Zero
Germany mKs
Germany psiquh

There will be no exceptions to this deadline. If you got trouble with your payment, you can always contact one of the admins.

Seeding tournament
There will be seeding tournament for the event. The tournament will be held in the middle of march. Only teams that have fully paid their entrance fee, are eligible to take part in the seeding tournament. All teams that haven’t paid by then, are seeded by us.

We’d like to remind you of the option to directly donate to the prize pool.
Donations can be made with steam items, such as CS:GO skins and tradeables from other steam games. After you traded them to us, we are gonna sell them on the steam market. The whole proceeds will directly be added to the prizepool! You can also donate money using PayPal or Bank transfer.

Read the announcement, Teamoxid Website
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