mAlibu 3on3 ODC is BACK!!

It's been a while since hosted a onedaycup, but im happy to announce the 17th edition of mAlibu Events. The next cup will be at:
image: mAlibucg 3on3 ODC: Wednesday 22th February 20:00 CET

Miscellanious information:
  • You can sign-up by clicking: Here
  • Check-in starts at: 19:30 CET.
  • Sign-ups & Check-ins are open till: 19:54 CET.
  • Brackets will be online at 19:55.

  • Keep in mind every match will be broadcasted on GamesTV.
The 3on3 Maplist:
  • adlernest
  • braundorf_b4
  • erdenberg_t1
  • et_ice
  • frostbite
  • sp_delivery_te
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
Maps for each round will depend on the amount of sign ups and will be announced when the cup is about to start.
  • [6] teams: Best of 3 matches.
  • [8] teams: Double elimination bracket, Best of 1 matches, Semi-finals & Grand Final Best of 3.
  • More than [10] teams: Knockout bracket, Best of 1 matches, Semi finals & Grand Final Best of 3.

Hopefully it will be a successful cup again, see you on the Battleground!

Kind Regards!
Netherlands kApot

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nice effort
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Avi for this pm
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