Sunday Night Knockout #3

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Sunday Night Knockout #3

This Sunday it will be the third edition of the
Sunday Night Knockout. While we give you the chance to prepare for LAN make sure you don’t
miss the chance to follow through ETTV and the Twitch channels of the players.
The tournament will start at 19.00 CET. We will guarantee at least two games for every
participating. The signups will be limited to a specific amount of teams: 4 / 8 / 12 or
16 teams
Teams that sign up after a limit is reached are considered as back up teams and might have to
play a qualifier match so that we can guarantee a good experience for the teams participating.
First come, first serve!

Captains have to check in their teams at 18.30CET and have to be in #teamoxid at
IRC at that time. We want to go live with brackets at 18.45CET..
Last editions ranking:
  • Poland TSB
  • Germany Teamoxid
  • United States of America rektem
  • [4th] Europe New project

  • [5th/6th] Europe Get face or muscles
  • [5th/6th] Europe CatiNahat
  • [7th/8th] Europe zeroE - randomZ
  • [7th/8th] Germany SMASHED

The Team captains have to check in their teams 30 minutes before the cup starts.
The format of the cup will change according to the teams participating:
  • Up to 4 teams: League mode BO3 matches
  • Up to 8 teams: Double elimination bracket, BO1 matches, last two matches BO3
  • Anything above: Knockout bracket and additional tournament for losers of first round,
    BO1 matches semi finals and grand final BO3

Cup Details:
  • Format: 6on6
  • Start time: 19.00 CET
  • Check In: 18.30 CET
  • Mappool: Adlernest, Bremen_b3, Frostbite, SW Goldrush TE, Radar, Supply
  • Casters: TBD
  • Every captain has to be in #teamoxid at IRC
  • Every match has to be played on GamesTV
  • Other than that common tournament rules have to be accepted, in case of trouble please
    respect the admin’s decisions

You can sign up your team by clicking
Maps set for each round will depend on the amount of sign ups and will be announced when the
tournament starts. If there are questions about the cup just pm an admin.
At the moment we create a tournament website. As the work is not done yet team captains
might have to sign up their teams through another system. In case of a change we will inform
We wish all of you much fun.
regular till lan time?
When seeding tournament comes, we might reconsider. Until then I guess it will be a regular one, yes
gucci (y)
Don't ever say that again
k gonna call my boss
Ok waiting for call
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