Basic Information on KBG Lan Event

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With this news post we are willing to share some detailed information about the KBG LAN in Krefeld in May. At the moment it looks like we will have at least eleven 6on6 teams and twelve 3on3 teams for the event.

The sign ups for the 3on3 tournament only are closed from now on and we are asking all teams to finalize their payments. We might consider a qualification tournament for remaining slots if we have more interest or any other difficulties.

Please keep in mind, that the early bird period comes to an end by the end of February. The entrance fee will be raised by 15 € per player on the 1st of march. If you haven’t paid yet, and are planning to pay via bank transfer, please send us a proof (e.g. screenshot of your payment), since every transaction made from now on, will most likely not be on the bank account before the deadline ends. Players paying via paypal aren't requested to send us any proof, because we should get the transfer immediately.

We haven’t made the final schedule for the event yet, because we are working to extend the amount of PCs on site. Our target is to host the games of both formats over the entire weekend, so that players who are considering to only attend for the 3on3 tournament, will have the full experience and aren’t just travelling to Krefeld for one day of competition. Please leave your opinion on that and keep in mind that playing both tournaments as a player can be a hassle, because we can’t guarantee a period of rest. Next to your opinion the amount of PCs as mentioned above is the main reason we did not finalize the schedule yet.

The location

Everyone who didn't check out the venue presentation video yet, we highly recommend to check it out at first. At the event we will use the cellar area (VIP area in the video) with 24 PCs which will be placed in 4x6 sets. That is the only thing we can guarantee yet! We are also planning and working hard to get twelve more PCs for the event. If we get these 12 additional PCs and monitors, they will get placed in the upper area, where the bigger chill lounge is located. We disagreed on the two gaming rooms which TaKeTV offered us, because there would only be room for 5 players next to each other. In that case the 6th player would have to sit behind or in front of his mates, which destroys the experience in our opinion.

The 24 PCs confirmed so far have got the following specs:
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  • 128Gb SSD +2 Tb HDD
  • I7-6700k
  • 8Gb Ram
  • Geforce 970 GTX 4GB

The 24 Monitors are the following:
  • image: 91z-OYA2neL._SL1500_
  • 24 inches
  • 1ms reaction time
  • 144 hertz
  • G-Sync
Next to this every table (for one player) will have a width of one meter. Gaming chairs by Maxnomic or NeedForSeat will most likely be used.

The location also offers many other things including but not limited to:
  • TaKeTV Bar Lounge - you can check out everything they offer and and the prices on their page
  • poker table and sessions with the almighty Netherlands Ronner
  • kicker table which can be used all the time
  • flipper machine which can be used all the time
  • chill out areas with comfortable seats and couches
  • cinema with schedule not yet defined
  • smoking area
  • The known TakeTV couch, which our casters will also use for our live stream

You can spend your spare time during matches at the Bar and with drinks in the entire area.
FYI: You can’t bring your own drinks, but you can bring your own food!

Because TakeTV is branding it’s home-atmosphere, a rule of the event is, that everyone has to take off their shoes at the entrance area of the location. You can bring slippers like image: waermende-schafs-hausschuhe-598-131-537 on your own or you can use those offered by the venue for free. This is a regulation which has to be accepted by every player. TaKeTV uses this rule at any event they host.

The seeding tournament

We will host a seeding tournament for both formats, to give every team the chance to play for their seeding onsite. We will start the seeding tournament in the middle of march (most likely at the 19th of march). We haven't decided on a format yet. We are possibly going to force matches on a specific day (most likely Sunday or Monday), because we might have two games on the same day for some teams. Feel free to give your feedback on this to Germany stRay, Netherlands Sebhes or Sweden Ekto. We will announce the seeding tournament with more details soon in a separate news post! Please be aware that teams can only participate, if they have paid the entire entrance fee by the start of the tournament.

We’d like to remind you of the option to directly donate to the prize pool.
Donations can be made with steam items, such as CS:GO skins and tradeables from other steam games. After you traded them to us, we are gonna sell them on the steam market. The whole proceeds will directly be added to the prizepool! You can also donate money using PayPal or Bank transfer. Please keep in mind that every donation will be used for the event itself. We won't use that for any private costs. Every cent will be used to increase the prize pool. Every donation is highly appreciated, because it helps us out a lot to make the event more appealing.

I would like to thank you all in the name of the admins. The amount of encouragement we received for hosting this event is amazing. It shows us, that hosting an offline event for a fourteen year old computer game, was the right decision. We are working hard to make this event an unforgettable experience. If you have any ideas on how to make it even better or if you got any criticism, feel free to contact any admin or use the comments below. Thank you very much!

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hope that you've got some cute and fancy slippers
dohhh I need new slippers
Great job!
6700k with 970GTX

uhm, I mean yeah, overpowered for ET would be an understatement to say the least, but who builds a rig with a 6700k and a 970GTX combined? That's like having a car with a 400hp engine and 12 inch wheels
for the games ppl play there csgo,LoL and stuff is that enough.
Eehm, I am not organizing a poker tournament or anything. I asked you if poker was allowed at the venue and you said that they have poker tables there, so I figure that I bring my poker chips and cards and play some games over there with whoever wants to join the table, but organising a tournament or anything like that? Nah.
nah all fine!
QuoteThe known TakeTV couch, which our casters will also use for our live stream

tosspot :>
On spreading the games throughout the entire weekend. Bad idea for several reasons. The most important one is that it is too demanding on the organisation. There are more then a few people that participate in both tournaments and unless you want to end up in organising problems and big delays, then I would advice against it.

Players who only participate in 6on6 or 3on3 missing out on "the entire experience" is a reason you mention for spreading it over the entire weekend, but I think that they would actually miss out on other things, which may be more important to them than playing all weekend. They are not only there to play ET. They are also there to have fun and usually end up in late nights going out in the city or what not. Not something you are likely to do if you have to play again the next morning.

And yes, if 3on3 would be on friday and 6on6 would be on saturday and the finals for both would be on sunday, that would be benificial for our team, I know that, but that is not why I present my reasons for not spreading it over the entire weekend. I simply think that it's a bad idea.

Oh and I like the "shoes off" thing :-)
don't worry, we are ofc aware of players from the 6o6 tournament who will come later on friday! different formats will never be played at the same time which means there shouldn't be a bigger schedule problem than splitting the formats to different days. the only small difficulty would be for another setup but ofc we are aware of that too and will calculate all whats needed! but thank you for your feedback
Like I said, it would be benificial to us if 6on6 was on saturday, but that's really not why I said it. I honestly think it would be the best choice.

But actually, why not put it to a vote and ask the players themselves? Put up a vote here on CF and see what the players want. Can't make it more fair than that.
yea will prolly go with a vote bit imo its not the best idea to do it over cf
Nah, just send an email to all the players who registered their team and ask them to discuss it with their team members and cast their vote on how to organise it. Would be the simplest to do and this way you simply let democracy decide.
QuoteThe sign ups for the 3on3 tournament only are closed from now on

u gotta be kidding me :S fizz and ercan wanted to let me know today/tomorrow if they r up for this lan or not -.-
there might be one more spot, can't be sure on that yet! sadly we can't go higher on numbers of signups for 3on3 for now.
i feel sorry for you if we can't find a solution therefor
Who is going to cast most of the matches? Otherwise, Williams and me are avi to cast some matches with professional quality and ofcourse some interviews! Price? The Entry Fee :D
+1 with mentals full liverpool/german accent :)
One Day to finish the 3on3 is the best , less delays , less setups
If finishing both formats in the weekend will not result in delays, then that would be the best option. In this way, the people playing 6on6 & 3on3 will be more closely connected and this will result in a better atmosphere in my opinion. Are the games watchable in the cinema? So that, when people aren't playing, can follow the matches via Merlinator his cast on a big screen?
Most, if not all, players that play the 3on3 tournament also participate in the 6on6 tournament, so I don't see how spreading 3on3 and 6on6 over the weekend will result in a better atmosphere. It's the same people in the same rooms.

As for the cinema, I can't imagine they won't broadcast some games there. Will be fun again!
Haven't really looked at the line ups, my bad. Though, for the broadcast in the cinema, will be a major point for the atmosphere I talked about, especially for the people that are not playing.
From what I've seen of the venue there are large couches and televisions all around so it will be hard to miss any game. Venue looks really really awesome.
see you there, been waiting for that hug way to long!
Xoxo fag ;-)
beetje gay is oke
Hoe ga je heen btw? Moet je meerijden op donderdag?
ik zit nog een beetje te twijfelen wanneer ik ga. Ik heb college op vrijdag namelijk, die ik niet 1,2,3 kan missen. Je hoort nog van me!
Echt een nerdje joh
Is there wifi available at the venue?
yep, most likely
Fuck me, looks like a really great venue (wasn't there some Acer Predator CSGO tournament btw? Seems way too familiar, especially the casting couch haha, pun intended) shame I can't make it.
ive seen atleast one event with richard lewis hosting-
Yeah, I think it was the one where he was drunk as fuck and kinda embarassing lol
yeh they did drink there
3on3 friday only plz
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