Sunday Night Knockout Invitational

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Sunday Night Knockout Invitational Edition

With 5 cups done we want to make a clear cut to switch to the Krefeld Battleground Seeding tournament and arranged a viewer’s pleasure for this Sunday night when we invite 3 time winner Poland Team Solo B, Germany Teamoxid (2 cup wins), Europe Elysium (2 times runner up) and Europe k1ngs (1 time runner up) to bring on glory matches on United Kingdom MerlinatoR’s live stream and Games TV.

Special rule regarding map choice:

Each match will be best-of-three while the first map of the match will be forced. The loser of a map will pick the next one. As a participant you are only allowed to pick each map once during the tournament until the grand final. For example, first round Team A wins the forced supply, Team B can decide the next map and chooses Bremen B3. Team B can not pick Bremen B3 again until the grand final. Also, if Team B wins the second map, Team A decides what the third map will be, of course Team A can’t pick a map that was already played in the match.

First map each round:

  • Round 1: Supply
  • Round 2: Radar
  • Round 3: SW Goldrush TE
  • Round 4: Grand final will be best of 5, while the team from the lower bracket is one map behind. The team from lower bracket decides the first map.

Live stream by MerlinatoR will start with the upper bracket final. Tune in on, He will cast games 3, 5 and 6 listed below. We will keep you updated in this news post and on Facebook, so stick around for the matches:

Match 1 - tune in - 19:00 CET Poland Team Solo B 1 - 0 K1ngs Europe
Match 2 - tune in - 19:00 CET Germany Teamoxid vs. Elysium Europe
Match 3 - tune in - 20:00 CET Poland Team Solo B 4 - 0 Elysium Europe
Match 4 - tune in - 20:00 CET Germany Teamoxid vs. K1ngs Europe
Match 5 - tune in - 21:00 CET Europe K1ngs vs. Elysium Europe
Match 6 - tune in - 22:00 CET Poland Team Solo B vs. K1ngs Europe

Follow for updates, MerlinatoR on

18:30 - Unfortunately, it's not so much k1ngs anymore as they lack players for tonights cup. Three teams left.
20:00 - Elysium takes over Teamoxid and will face Team Solo B in the upper bracket final after their 3-1 win
20:45 - k1ngs is back in business and can now field 6 players. Their first match is the lower bracket final against Teamoxid
21:40 - While TSB is 2-0 in front it's 2-2 for oxid and k1ngs
22:00 - Elysium is down to the consolidation final! TSB is set for the grand final!
22:15 - K1ngs is above Teamoxid and wins the third map. They have to play elysium next
23:00 - K1ngs stay up and will face TSB in a best-of-five match with one map behind. The schedule for the match will be announced soon.
Avi to merc obv

nice idea btw :)
Nice stuff! good job!
ye good idea
bad cup cant own
I can make a team with razz to replace k1ngs, we can start from LB round 1
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avi to merc
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