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Dear Crossfire Users and remaining enthusiastic ET Gamers!

We all know, that the issue regarding cheaters in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is the major quesiton mark in this state of the game. We, the crew of ,, as well as had a long debate about this topic and have reached the following broad agreement:

By the date of Monday, 10th of April, far-reaching IP tables are set to be banned and players from the following nations are going to be automatically ineligible for joining the channels, unless they have been granted the permission of their admins.

Based on ban statistics, determining the averrage of banned players per number of total players, per country, it has been decided, that the following areas will be affected:

The Netherlands
The United States

Nations, of which only certain areas are affected, are marked Italic. Please contact admins, if you would like to inform yourself, whether or not yours is affected. Also be aware, that you are not going to be able to join from websites, offering an IRC plugin leading to our channels anymore.

Thus, the players, the ban has an impact on, need to follow a couple of steps, which are going to allow them to join the channels, irrespecive of the banned IP ranges.

Step 1:
Create an account on

Step 2:
Make sure you have logged into your Quakenet account in IRC. Subsequent to this you have to join up, which will go online Friday 7th of April. Then type !help and our bot will guide you through the formalities. It takes about two, to three days, to determine, whether you will be granted the permission to join.

We reserve our right to handle cases individually and therefore give away no information on reasons, your permission could be denied for. Also cheating, griefing, or playing with cheaters can lead to an instant revocation of your permission.

Step 3:
Join the channels and find games with a highly reduced chance of ending up playing against cheaters!

We are looking forward to see you on our channels and wish you many pleasent games,
The crew of, and

Update: Happy April Fools' Day!
Good effort I r8 3/5
i arent think that
could easily compare it to trump being elected
with this taking 1st place and trump 2nd
sry trump

april fools getting worse and worse every year
The real joke was assuming that people are actually still playing this dead game LUL
bring back #et.3on3
Also players from any other countries need to be caught/banned for cheating at least 4 times in a row to be considered as cheaters (in case somebody would like to undermine your competences as an admin).
that's a lot of effort for something which was pretty unfunny
Unfunny and useless. Get lost
1st of April?
Nice one, I like it
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