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We are proud to present the groups for The Krefeld Battleground LAN.

After careful deliberation, we are happy to announce both the 3on3 and 6on6 groups. Now that the groups have been published, an exact schedule for the groups can be found here: The KBG LAN Schedule.

We have 14 teams signed up for the 3on3 format and 13 for the 6on6. The teams are divided into two groups. During the group stage each team will face all opponents in different rounds. During the group stage, each round will be BO3.

Please note that all 3on3 teams are expected to arrive before 09:00 CET at the LAN center Friday, the 19th of May. Teams in group A for 6on6 are expected to arrive before 17:00 CET on the same(!) day. The KBG LAN reserves the right to change group or times, as needed.


Group A
Group B


Group A
Group B
  • Europe Poland Fantasyy
    Netherlands kApot
    United Kingdom Shaman
    Finland Sherclock
    Netherlands shjzn
    Netherlands timbolina

  • United States of America United States of America ohurcool
    United States of America ipod
    Sweden Tites
    Moldova eujen
    Netherlands kARMA
    Netherlands mEnace

  • Europe Belgium PlAyer
    Finland toNy
    Finland Swanidius
    Belgium villa
    Belgium mesq
    Belgium lio

  • Germany Germany Bl4d3
    Germany FloPJEHZ
    Turkey FiREBALL
    Germany kReSti
    Germany stownage
    Germany stRay

  • Europe United Kingdom Artstar
    United Kingdom crumbs
    Estonia Night
    Netherlands aphesia
    Netherlands Ronner
    Belgium homiee

  • Europe United Kingdom Williams
    Germany meNtal
    Sierra Leone verunA
    Poland samraj
    Slovakia Kimi
    Estonia couchor

  • Europe Belgium chry
    United Kingdom sqzz
    United Kingdom R0SS
    Belgium mAus
    Italy XyLoS
    Finland Matias

Good luck to all teams!
nice, good luck and have fun and may everyone break even
I'll see you on the 3on3 battlefield!
cu there m8

edit: 12 AM = midnight, 12 PM = noon :P and only 6 games for group B ye?
12am = 12CET = noon ; 12pm = 24CET = midnight, or am i wrong there??
And if u mean the 6on6 groups -> in group B are 7 teams, so every team has 6 games. Because of the uneven number of teams in that group in each round one of the 7 teams got no game. Thatswhy 7 games at the schedule.
12 pm is middle of a day and 12 am is when its dark and scary
Oh, my bad then!
I love you.
XD h2o my child
oh right, duh

maps are same as the seeding tournament I assume? which version of windows is on the PCs? are mouse & keyboard provided if someone doesn't bring theirs?
so many questions, so little time
i will make a news therefor, can tell u alrdy that nothing will be provided next to a chair, a table a pc with windows 10 and a screen.

the maplist didn't change! rules for the picks are written down in the schedule thread!
aight, thanks
Imagine customs asking you and Ipod: "why do you have a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor in your carry-on luggage sir?"
Fkn rigged!! Sebhes admin power back at it again (still fuck you to the guys that were admin at ETWars 2007 that sabotaged us, see you at LAN pussyboys).

edit; that TMT lineup tho
Never forget
so PlAyer did his 3on3 nerding all for nothing?
Group B in 6on6 looks so stacked compared to Group A :D should be some great games there.
I was thinking the same. Due to late signups of strong teams getting seeded low!

How much are you gonna be able to cast?
This must be some kind of conspiracy. Using the exact same words haha
Will do as much as possible.
It was to guarantee the grudge match between oxid silver and smashed!
eventhough I said it on teamspeak (oxid silver vs smashed has to happen!), our main focus was to recreate the seeding tournament and at the same time taking into consideration, that a lot of teams aren't available early on friday/or even saturday
Yeah I know that :)

Teams not available on Saturday! No fun organising these fools!
so top 3 of each group get into the playoffs? shoudnt be the moneyteam in group a due to late signup?
not fair :( look at the groups
Think groups were also based on when people were arriving cuz a lot of players didn't realise they needed to be there for friday
QuoteTeams in group A for 6on6 are expected to arrive before 17:00 CET on the same(!) day
it's pretty fair tbh, based on the results of the seeding tournament. the lower seeded teams could have been split up a bit better, but the playoffs will still work out how they're "supposed" to anyway. if 4 teams from each group were advancing then I might agree with you
Good luck to everyone !
wish yermans to win this even, stray & co have happily practised all these years when everyone else have quit, now its time to shine
gotta make sure I won't forget about this and tune in next week ;) Group B gonna be interesting, looks tougher than the other group.
Hmm... Final between Sebhes & timbolina for sure. And because Sebhes is a 020 loser, I'll support [EEF] legend timbolina, god of goldendunk. GL!
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