KBG Day 1 - About to invade Krefeld

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0.51 - Let's call it a day with this photo gallery of the event. See you guys tomorrow!

22.10 - The major match of Group A is about to start any minute. Watch the teams of Poland TSB and Europe Elysium face each other any moment.

19.15 - First 6on6 matches have been done! Make sure you don't miss the streams when first surprises are about to happen: Tune in to MerlinatoR / Tune in to community stream

14.16 - Community stream now features the almight United Kingdom potty and will stream Germany bimbos vs Europe mAlibu. tune in

13.13 - Most games happen intime, splashdamage joined us on our stream's chat and we bring you more games soon. Merl1nator will stream Poland team visual vs. Finland 3 amigos. After double fullhold on Goldrush it is supply as second map for Germany bimbos vs. Europe Fraggers

12.21 - We only have about 15 minutes delay so far. Game 3 will be on any minute on the community stream. Merl1nator streams decider of Poland TSB vs. Europe Fraggers at the moment

11.35 - Here comes first footage from the site: Watch video

10.00 - It;s been done: Day one arrives and we will start immediately with the first matches close to in time!
Merl1natoR will stream United States of America rektem who arrived from overseas yesterday against Europe bsturz and the community stream will cast Finland 3 Amigos vs. Germany bimbos.

Tune in to MerlinatoR
Tune in to community stream
Teamoxid Event Hub

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Îs there like a tournament.cc bracket-style thingy where I can see which team has won and which has lost so far etc? Sorry if i missed it?
Try the hub. scroll down a little there links for group stage and playoffs: http://www.teamoxid.de/event/hub
thats the one, thanks!
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