KBG Day 2 - More surprising outcomes

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2.33 - Europe Elysium, Europe TMT and Poland TSB are the teams playing the final matches tomorrow. The community stream will be back at around 10.00CET while Merl1natoR will be back for the 3on3 finals. Germany Teamoxid makes 4th!

1.03 - Europe Elysium or Belgium EDiT will face Germany Teamoxid in the lower bracket final. Chances are high we will stick to our initial schedule and play this match later on.

0.02 - We uploaded the footage of TSB final minutes: Watch on youtube

22.55 - Upper bracket semi finals are going to happen next. Poland TSB vs. Germany Teamoxid will be on both streams.

22.00 - We have one more video available for you: Watch on youtube.

21.51 - 6on6 playoffs starting! Casting for 6on6 will be Germany WIlliams and England mental on our community stream

21.03 - Final 3on3 matches are up and we will soon start the 6on6 playoffs! Stay tune

20.12 - The first round of the 3on3 tournament is running. Fraggers are the first to set their sails and are knocked out of the 3on3 tournament

18.25 - 6on6 groups are about to end and we will start the playoffs for 3on3.

17.21 - Last matches of group B will start shortly. We have about an hour delay at the moment, we hope to gain some ground by making setup easier for the 3on3 playoffs later on.

17.00 - You asked for it: We have few more photos for you available and also have some more raw and uncut video footage available so you can get an impression how the venue looks and works.

10.51 - First matches on their way. It's EDIT vs. paronix on community stream. Unluckily Paranox has some bad luck with our PCs on site as they are the first team to run into alot of technical difficulties. This will delay the stream and the next matches

9.05 - Day 1 ended intime and instyle when Europe Elysium beat Poland TSB yesterday. We expect more surprising outcomes like the loss of Germany Teamoxid against Germany SMASHED when Estonia Night returns to the battlefield with Europe Paronix.

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