KBG Day 3 - The finals!

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1.13 - Watch Europe Elysium win it! Bye bye from Krefeld!

23:00 - Europe Elysium made it! Congrats for the first place!

22:37 - It is the first LAN to be decided on Adlernest? Let's see! Watch as TosspoT takes us away on the final map of the tournament. Tune in

21:57 - Elysium took the first best of three and we will soon start the second one!

19:20 - We prepare the grand final right now to start within 20 minutes. Will Europe Elysium win two best of three matches to get the first place? - Don't miss TosspoT casting it! Tune in

17:45 - Hell lot of nostalgia is up as United Kingdom TosspoT is casting the final matches of the 6on6 matches. While we wait for the next match he responds to lots of questions Tune in

16:10 - Upper Bracket final will start as soon as we solved technical issue with a headset. TosspoT will arrive on the community stream for consolidation final by latest.

14:26 - We posted some footage of yesterday nights 6on6 atmosphere at the players tables and the cinema

14.14 - We lost our internet connection for a moment. Everything should be back to normal any moment

12.48 - Eurocans beats paronix to make it to the grand final of the loser;s tournament. United Kingdom MerlinatoR is setting up his stream and will join the matches soon.

9.45 - Today is all about the finals for all tournaments. The community stream will start any moment with matches from the 6on6 losers tournament. While a few admins will participate in this tournament we'd like to remind you that ever donation helps. ❤ Donate ❤

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Nice LAN, maybe next LAN we can also higher the Prizepool of the 2nd winners, so we can see good teams at next lan aswell
Congratz Sebhes!! HERO!!
Awesome Finals and great Stream. Thanks for the Event! :-)
epic final moments in adler; congratulations elysium
gz fuck yeah

Who have won the 3o3 tournament? hasn't the big final been played yet?
thx guys for the organization
great final wp all
hope to c u soon
Fuck man watching that raw video of the finals feels so unreal. Watching Ronners initial reaction then seeing the smile on outlaws face and then everyone erupts. Fucking sick man!!!!!
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