First edition of KBG is over

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Yet again the history books of ET have been extended with a grand final to remember as Europe Elysium took the trophy at the Krefeld Battleground on the 6th map with only 12 seconds left on the clock. We couldn’t wish for a better final and we’d like to thank everyone involved for making this a pleasure to host and to make this a lifelong memory for all of us.

6on6 tournament

Europe Elysium - € 1700.00
GiZmOoO, hayaa, iNsAne, Jere, outlAw, Sebhes

Europe TMT - € 900.00
chry, Matias, mAus, R0SS, sqzz, XyLoS

Europe Team Solo B - € 450.00
Abj, BloOdje, dialer, h2o, wiaderko, WuT

3on3 tournament

Netherlands Team-Visual - € 540.00
GiZmOoO, iNsAne, outlAw

Germany Teamoxid - € 270.00

Finland kurwittu - € 150.00
lEku, Swanidius, WuT

MVP Award

For his remarkable performance in both 3on3 and 6on6 the youngster from Poland Poland h2o was voted by the community stream to be the star you have to associate with this tournament.

⧫ Most viewers on twitch for ET ⧫ highest donation pool ⧫ adlernest as deciding map in LAN grand final ⧫
⧫ TosspoT casting first time in ages ⧫ Awesome people in the venue ⧫ Lot’s of good old nicks in twitch chat ⧫
⧫ Sebhes as one of the most cocky Jinxers in history ⧫

image: teamoxid image: ttv_black

Thanks for helping us:

  • Msh100 (and Teamspeak) for setting up the game servers and teamspeak
  • Take, Daniel and Oliver (TakeTV) for hosting us and offering a brilliant venue
  • Zero for driving PCs from Cologne to Krefeld
  • FlyingDJ (and ESL/Turtle Entertainment) for helping us out with gaming PCs and monitors
  • TosspoT (and twitch) for casting and helping Merl1natoR and us to get partner status
  • The crew at the bar for setting up beer pong and letting us drink
  • Ronner for bringing HDDs and setting up all ESL computers
  • Cobra and Bl4d3 for preparing every PC and for supporting players
  • Ekto for being the most responsible and available admin
  • FimS, rayzed and Potty for being our core moderators of the stream
  • Merl1natoR for streaming the entire weekend on his channel
  • Couchor for donating mvp prize
  • Splash Damage for the giveaway
  • Everyone attending and watching from home <3

RtCW ET Platinum Edition giveaway:

For community stream we picked Germany kemon because stRay said called 9. Go to his winning tweet. For Merl1natoR’s stream Belgium rapz answered giveaway question fastest. Congrats to both of you!



A small donation for the best Game ever, thanks to give us one more time the Lanfeeling <3

If possible, it'd be great to have this go towards the ET LAN prize.


Hey Tosspot, we need You more in scene ET

\m/ wankaaaaaaaaaaaa - ©potty2k17

Wadup PANDA!?!

here u can have my cigarette money

shoutout #CatinaHat

Enemy Territory Best game ever! Thanks for this LAN!

<3 TosspoT <3

Please don't starve bald man

Gogo ET!

make ET GREAT AGAIN pillu homo paska :D

Hello, donating to show support and help out my boy R0SS make a living out of ET

Have fun guys! Drink some beers, enjoy your time and have fun playing our beautiful game :) Shoutouts to Schnee, Outlaw, Stownage, Kresti, Flop, Scaty, sqzz, Matias, Night and ofc you two guys! Much love from Germany <3


Came back to see the community is still alive and kicking it, would like to contribute towards the greatness.

take my money and bring swaniiii!

No bowl cut, have a donation

luv you guys! cu next year maybe :(

A new era of ET is coming, Im sure! Thank you for your work guys.

Have fun on day 2!

ai just for the lulz

With love! From shoe.

Keep it goining nice coverage!

Long live ET !

Keep in touch

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I love the fact that you said first edition. It was perfect. Can't wait for the next one.
maybe next lan, karma can be on time atleast once :D
me too, but maybe he has his gear with him, which is actually not 15 years old and works on the computers :D
Was really nice to watch an ET LAN again, even made me reinstall ET. Unfortunately I am still bad :D
And still banned :D
Lol you saw me get banned by PB? Was connecting to HBC if I remembered correctly. I really have no idea why PB kicked me, I can promise you I never cheated and I was never banned before... I joined afterwards (also PB) and it was fine...
Haha yeah i saw it. Didn't mean that you're a cheater or something. Little bit sarcastic :)
When next lan?

edit. serious question.
On stream they said next year (2018).
Well done guys!
that flip <3
great job guys! :)
great job guys! and was nice to see the faces behind nicks uve played against and with for so long :P
You all well home in sauna friend? Cheers to you bro nice meeting you.
haha yeah :D was nice meeting u 2 !
Want to see you:o
come 2 next one then :)
nice meeting u :D
loved meeting you leku ur such a cool guy! Cu next LAN
You 2 mate! Cu next time
i still didnt see any Picture of you from lan ....
gameplay vid is good till the part where camera is looking at swani's monitor
sup with swani's headset? sold headset for drinkz?
he didn't drink anything
my type of a guy
Its better to have earplug sounds as they block all the faking noise from outside.

And I only drank little on Friday.
good job guys, great lan, people, location and admins!

looking forward for the next one ♥
avi for next one
Really enjoyed meeting new and old faces!
thx for your kind words
way to lazy to write a summary journal from admin pov though :D
thanks for the good times :)
Thank you too
Great event :)
great casting!

thx a lot!
No doubt that the second one will happen.
So mad I missed the LAN. Definitly going to the next one if I'm not breaking any of my own bones.

Best event ever. Was a pleasure to lend you guys a hand, thanks for organizing everything and investing so much time into this old but golden game.
I really hope we can make ET great again. Or at least organize an other LAN.
I really enjoyed meeting everyone again and getting to meet some new people!

Donald Rayzed out.
Much as you look like Donald Trump m8, you genuinely made the LAN great again. WP
It has been a great weekend boys and girls. <3
I just gonna sleep till next week...
i took yesterday off and still overslept today till 11 :D

cu next lan!
was super fun, I'll be spending the next week or so watching all the games that I missed 8) cu at the next one!
Hopefully title is not misleading and "first" means there will be more to come in the future. Really happy i could attend KBG as it is considered as the best ET lan organised so far. Was nice to meet all of you and i am also positively surprised about MVP voting which i forget about while playing/having fun due to amazing athmosphere on the venue. Hopefully we can meet once again in the future!
GGs! Elysium deserved the win. Also the germans played really well against us in the group stage.

See you next time most probably.

ps. Upgrade the graphics. Make it a cf community work? I can't code but I'm in for testing, visions and for making new maps.
ET:XREAL already happened...
I guess it's not good since nobody is playing it?
I think it wasn't even released for some weird reason
splash dmg just update the textures and shit and make it a steam release, profit

the "new" sp wolfenstein was quite heavily populated, dont know why nobody cares about et :D
really awesome Event, eventho we got shitfaced in 6o6 :D,
hope there will be another Event in future :)
respect to TMT, who made it into Grand final with 2weeksof pracc.
GZ to Elysium winning 3o3 & 6o6 this lan, they truly deserved this and played an outstanding grandfinal that was awesome to watch. TRUE WINNERS! :D
Also GZ to h2o winning the VIP Vote, you played really awesome this LAN, hope to see you again next lan.

Also i would like to mention Ekto again. his admin Job was honorable... i just saw him running around with his paper in his Hands. Much respect Ekto!

much love xx
awwww you :)
Strict ass admin :ppp
Somebody has to do the job!
6on6 final was intense
definitely worth 1 #TosspoT s.casting :>
So kind words from all of you again. Got also an awesome feedback from many at lan from which i got goose bumbs all over my body. I appreciate that a lot. Rly! Thank you therefor.

I promise to all of you that we are doing all our best to host another event and also try to make it even better than this edition.

Everyone who helped us (and there are rly many many guys which didn't get mentioned yet) made this event so special. Without you all this wouldn't have been so damn good. Ekto, Sebhes, Cobra and FimS to mention from my side!

Last but not least I want to thank chosen for his trust towards me when I came to him and asked him if he would try to host together with me an offline event. He had from the beginning on at many points semilar imaginations as me and at the end i think we reached many of them. Still i have to say that we also tried to have more to happen which we might hopefully reach at upcoming events.

Thank you all for trusting us and giving us this opportunity. I hope we all together can hold ET active (u know what i mean) whithout announcing another event too soon. This game and community is so special and we won't find that anywhere else.

I had an awesome weekend which i will never forget eventho I didn't reach my goals as a "player".

Hope to see you all and many more soon. Cheers.
I'm not sure if I thanked you in person for making this LAN such an amazing event; I think I was too hyped about the win haha..
Teamoxid and all the others behind this event; hats off to you!

Cu next LAN
Nice read, see you next year in Krefeld
Best organized lan ever. Thx to chosen, Ekto, Fims, Rayzed, Potty and all the others. Enjoyed to meet all the people I´ve been playing with for so many years now.

Cu next lan!!!!!!!
Great LAN stRay, it was my first LAN and I had a blast. Met some cool people I've played with for the past few years, and made some new friends. I hope you can organise another LAN in the future. I myself will definitely be coming, and I know a few of my other ET buddies were jealous of some of my photos and they want to come to the next one!

Congratulations to all the teams and the winners, it was great to stand behind some of the best player and watch them play. It just makes me want to play more. Also congratulations for h2o on the MVP, your plays vs oxid helping you win vs them had huge impacts on the rest of the tournament. Sorry I sucked in 3v3 though, praccing hard now and maybe we can go together next lan? ;)

Shoutouts to my teammates, the polaks of tsb, the eurocans who joined us in some fun shit-talking, sebhes, rayzed, potty, all the casters/admins and anyone else I missed.
was fun seeing you

Was awesome man
hope you're coming to next LAN, need to improve on my 1 kill
it was amazing. just as everyone is saying above. the atmosphere was all over positive, the venue was nice, krefeld could improve a little bit more but wasnt really needed.
all people i've met were super nice and chilled. there was no stress, alot of harmony and funny moments!

the games were very intense and i have to admit i watched them yesterday once more as i was home :D
i hope the positive vibes and activity will keek going on. that would be awesome!

thanks to the admins and oxid that u made that happen!

cu next LAN =)
cu next lan <3
was nice to meet you :)!
looks like the location could be 2 small for 2nd edition :)
after ur announcement of the KBG i was sure it will be a great one and it was, it was even better than expected!!!
great job u did there guys

special thx to my teammates

hope 2 c u all n3xt 1
I must say this edition was very good. The last lan i've been to was 7 years ago, but overall I must say this was the best experience for me. Alot of thanks to the admins and people that made this lan possible. GJ
You're such a nice guy Jay <3
Im the nicest guy you will ever meet m8. You are not to shabby yourself though! <3
nice job both admins and players, amazing event :)
Good shit! Well done to everyone involved.

Also my predictions too stronk
image: unknown
Was a Nice event to Follow, BUT i have 1 Point which was kind of disappointing and may need improvement (if there is a next Lan)

It was quite often the Case that Merlinator and the Teamoxid Stream casted the same Games, maybe the Communication between both Parties could be improved for the next Time.
avi for next lan, beer squad thanks
great lan. enjoyed watching every game <3
Bollocks, forgot this was happening, meant to check it out.

Great to still see people playing, I dream of one day being rich enough to host an RTCW lan.
Good job, great lan! Had good time, definetly will attend vol.2!

Gz for h2o, man you wrecked us hard in 3on3... :D
ET lan, 2017? what have i missed ^^
Lan was shit.. won't ever come again.
maybe you're getting too old...
Wat zeg je nu?
enjoyed the games and was nice to see so many old farts in the twitch chat :P
Elysium deserved, wp! also nice effort from the moneyless team. ;)
loggin into crossfire is a first way to start to attend next LAN :P
lol girl, so persistent :D
of course!! :D
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