RTCW 6v6 Draftcup this sunday

image: draftcup2017

This sunday there will be an RTCW 6v6 draftcup, to get the game a bit more active again! This is aimed towards european players, but usa players are also welcome to join! A 3v3 onedaycup will follow in a couple of weeks.

Date: Sunday 4 June 2017
Format: 6v6
Map pool: Beach, Village, Ice, Frostbite, Base
Format: single elimination
Coverage: Still looking for somebody who wants to shoutcast/stream the event
Signup: Reply in this news post as
prefered class: eng / lt / panzer / medic
can be captain: yes / no

Aiming towards getting 24 players in total (4 teams). Players who post here beforehand will have a "slot" reserved to play. The drafting and communications will happen on the new RTCW discord channel (link below). Drafting starts at 19.30CET and games will begin at 20.00CET. Cu there!

RTCW Discord Channel
Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed)
RTCW Configs
Awesome, but can you or kApot do your cups at different days then? 2 one days cup the same days won't get enough players! even in different games :P
i doubt there will be anyone from et willing to participate in it.
I'm not sure if it's smart to hold the draft cup the same day as the ODC of ET.
prefered class: medic
can be captain: yes
u not gonna dodge again like last time before lan?
maybe ':D'
avi! :)
prefered class: medic
can be captain: no
skill: no
loL inert :D hi m8
hello to you too :p
prefered class: LT
can be captain: no
skill: no
class: MEDIC
captain: No
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