First Stefan cel Mare 6on6 cup

I am proud to anounce that the first 6on6 Stefan cel Mare Cup is starting tonight. The first round will be Bo1 and it will separate the rookies from the legends.

In the future tournaments, the winner of the rookies’ cup can decide which legend team they would like to play against. That will allow them to have better chances to win the Bo1 round and become legends themselves.

Please do not forget to vote for the first map, and for decider.
The current results are as follows, First map: Radar, followed closely by supply and Decider map: Frost is leading by one vote.
You can vote until 19.30 Cet o’clock.

Bo1 first map:
Gold, Supply, Radar

Decider if necessary:
Frost, Adler

First round map: supply, decider frost.

Brackets will be posted here around 19.30 Cet o’clock.
Legend Brackets

Rookie brackets

More information:
Start: 20 :00 Cet
First round Bo1( community decides the map choice )
2nd round and so on Bo3
Each team can choose a map.
For the final same rules apply as for the Krefeld Lan. The map you picked is removed from the map poll if you need to play a 2nd Bo3. This rule doesn’t count for decider map.
Make sure to be 19.30 Cet online in to confirm your lineup

Map pool: Radar, Gold, Supply, Frost, Adler, Bremen

For the cheater part. Each player must record demos. If people are asking for your demos, you should upload them immediately or else your team gets disqualified.
Upload side:

Good luck to everyone and might the almighty Moldavian King Stefan cel Mare be with you.

image: stefan_cel_mare_by_rah2uwu

Edit: You are not forced to play the finals today. We can allways finish the cup next Sunday aswell.
Quotemight the almighty Moldavian King Stefan cel Mare be with yo
23 votes supply - 23 votes radar


and also great job eujen
we should have weekly cups to keep players playing
yes, thats what keeps the players here. cups. you got that right 8)
££££ keeps us playing!
Gooood job eujen!!

nice cup with lots of games to play.

keep up m8
Nice cup eujen, very nice
gg nice cup!
was fun eventho we lost everygame :D
thanks eujen
we are still not done yet.

this cup is long. not ODC anymoar, gj eujen.

cu next week phreakz and malibu.
i will make tomorow a journal with an update of the cup

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