Quake World Championships at QuakeCon 2017

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In cooperation with id Software and Bethesda, ESL is excited to be a part of the resurgence of Quake esports. As one of the original esports titles, the newly released Quake Champions will revitalize competition for the classic gothic-style first person shooter with the $1,000,000 Quake World Champions. Duel (1v1) and Sacrifice (4v4) competitions will kick off this June and culminate in a live Finals at QuakeCon from August 24-27, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

"I think ESL and Bethesda have a great opportunity with Quake Champions because of how good a spectator sport Quake is. Quake has the potential to unite viewers of all game genres," said Michal Blicharz, VP of Pro Gaming, ESL. "ESL has Quake in its DNA and we are a perfect esports partner for id Software."

"Quake is back in the esports scene in a big way with Quake Champions, and the Quake World Championships will be the ultimate test of skill for the best competitive players in the world," said Tim Willits, Studio Director, id Software. "Working with ESL, we're excited to produce an incredible competition featuring amazing pro player talent, all vying for the million dollar prize pool and the title of the very first Quake World Championships champion."

Quake World Championships

Online qualifiers for the Quake World Championships begin in just a few weeks for competitors worldwide. After battling through qualifiers this June and Regional Finals in August, eight Sacrifice teams and 24 Duel players will travel to the Finals event at QuakeCon 2017. Eight additional Duel players will be selected from the QuakeCon BYOC Qualifier.

Players in Russia and Asia will play in EU qualifiers, players in the Americas and Australia will play in NA qualifiers. Competitors should register by visiting https://play.eslgaming.com/quake/. Complete rules and eligibility requirements can be found online.

The full schedule for the Quake World Championships is as follows:

Online Qualifiers for Duel Competitors:

Duel Qualifier #1
EU: June 29, July 2
NA: June 30, July 2

Duel Qualifier #2
EU: July 6, July 9
NA: July 7, July 9

Duel Qualifier #3
EU: July 13, July 16
NA: July 14, July 16

Duel Qualifier #4
EU: July 20, July 23
NA: July 21, July 23
Online Qualifiers for 4v4 Sacrifice:

EU Sacrifice Qualifier #1: July 1-2
EU Sacrifice Qualifier #2: July 8-9

NA Sacrifice Qualifier #1: July 15-16
NA Sacrifice Qualifier #2: July 22-23

Regional Finals, Duel and Sacrifice:

EU Regionals (Leicester, UK): August 5-6
NA Regionals (Burbank, CA): August 5-6

Finals (QuakeCon, Dallas Texas):

BYOC Duel Qualifying Tournament: August 24
Finals: August 24-26

Quake Champions at the E3 ESPORTS ZONE

Wednesday, June 14 through Thursday, June 15, the E3 ESPORTS ZONE will host competitions and dev talks for Quake Champions. Tune in as North American and European pro’s battle in the first esports production for the new game! Developers will also take to the stage to discuss game features in detail to introduce Quake Champions officially into the world of esports.

Competitors from Team Liquid, including 2016 QuakeCon Duel Champion, Rapha, will appear Wednesday, June 14 beginning at 10:30AM Pacific, alongside Tim Willits and John “ZeRo4” Hill from id Software. Rapha will be joined by Team Liquid teammates ID_, DaHang, and Azk. On Thursday, June 15, top competitors from Europe, including Noctis, Fazz, Stermy, and toxjq will take over the stream with their own play beginning at 10:30AM Pacific.

Tune in

You can tune into the #E3esports activies at live.e3expo.com. Keep an eye on the ESL Quake Twitter and Facebook for highlights from the E3 showfloor and updates on the future of Quake esports.

Source: https://www.eslgaming.com/article/quake-world-championships-quakecon-2017-3570
avi also, let split 1million
1 million? Going to start playing right now
you have literally 0 changes of winning this :D
No thanks, barely enough to break even. Would need a private jet, manicure, pedicure, bottles of Cristal etc. etc.
That's the attitude i was looking for!!!!
need 3 players /q me here
good luck :) all the EU top quakers are nerding it now :D thers like 0 chance of winning it :D
final will be strenx,cypher,cooller,fazz vs rapha dahang team :D
Neener-neener! Why exactly did you post it here? To point out to everyone that's interested they won't stand a chance?! Be gone you naysayer!
to let people know that its happening :) they can give a try but telling them to not get their hopes up to much :)
Im down but not with sebhes in team
he won't play unless he pays us 666666999999 pesos
I'll pay that 2.035.961,37 euros
avi to carry again :D!
cu finals
gl h8m3
Prison brake time for av3k

Touchpadzero would win this
he is no longer in prison - probably gonna play for team poland overwatch
his banned from ESL events as far as i know :)

lol just read that shit wasnt online when happened, nice stuff av3k GNXTA
looks like he's not banned anyway - played 1st quali
These type of games re too izi for quake gods
signed up for duel, pm for praccs :D
The new duel system is so shitty tbh
it has always been shit sadly :( gotta get used with the new system
will go for ze million, 1o1 registered. GL ET mates
fake as fuck
am a newbie and cant log-in. pls help
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