And the nominees are...

After 2 days of mailing we finally got a list of nominees for captains of each region. Here they are:

Eastern Europe:

- Estonia Night (
- Poland doktor (Logitech UVM)
- Latvia C|own (team zenith)
- Czech Republic Butch (
- Estonia Holz (

[/b]Western Europe:[/b]

- United Kingdom Ste (SoF)
- Germany urtier (
- Netherlands Lunat1C (rAtatosk)
- United Kingdom Mztik (one4one)
- Germany ernie (oceans6)

North Europe:

- Sweden LotiX (idkfa)
- Norway Gjerry (DMD)
- Denmark Arachon (The Killer Bunnies)
- Sweden crajsor (idkfa)
- Finland saintt (parodia)

South Europe:

- Austria potter (rAtatosk)
- Israel CrozZ (one4one)
- Malta ToX|c (MEPA)
- Slovenia Ravenous (pstarZ)
- Spain Winghaven (

Now we have to choose one person from each 5, which will become captain of each region, but this choice is too hard for me and TosspoT so we need some help !
You decide who will become captain of your region on your own, just mail your choice to till Tuesday 13rd December and feel better.
In your mail you should include your name, country and 4 names, one for each region (mails with only one choice will be ignored).

Let the voting begin !
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