ETernal Damage: Playoffs

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We had a good running groupstage with nearly every team doing their best not delaying the cup! Unluckily I didn't have time this weekend to get this news ready on point. I am sorry therefor!
With some surprises (f.e. Europe surprising with ending up at the first rank) the groupstages might not have ended like we all expected but now this also has to get proven in the playoff stage because now every game counts and might be the last one.

Ending of the groupstage with the following result:

Group A

Europe Elysium
Finland TURBOT
United States of America ROIDS
4th Poland
5th Europe mAlibu

Group B

Germany Teamoxid
Europe NoTeamnameYe
4th Finland Red As A Beetroot
5th Germany SMASHED
6th Europe Klientpro

I want to thank Germany SMASHED, Europe Klientpro and Europe mAlibu for taking part in this tournament. Hope you also had fun participating and I also hope to see you in future editions.

For the rest the more serious part starts now. Thatswhy we also will change the rules at the map selection part from now on. We will stick to the known rule which means that every team is just allowed to take only each map once during the road to the final. If a team loses a game and gets into the lower bracket it is again allowed to pick a map from the whole mappool. Teams in the grand final will be again allowed to pick every map from the mappool! Every team captain is forced to send the chosen map to Sweden Ekto or Germany stRay latest directly after their game. We won't start running after everyone to ask which map got chosen. Not following this rule might cause an exclusion from the tournament! If teams can't agree on who picks the first map we also will stay there with the known rule -> Cointoss -> loser of cointoss picks the first map, winner calls their map directly too! You can also always check before your game which map/s got chosen already by your opponent by clicking here

By viewing the playoffs bracket everyone will also see untill when the match has to be played finally. If teams can't find a date to play - there is also the forced date included which has to be followed! The forced time will always be 21.30CET at these days. Delays won't be accepted by the admins!

We wish everyone good luck and much fun! I am pretty sure we will have some more entertaining games!

If anything is still unclear or u find any mistakes don't bother pming us. You can find us either here on crossfire or at IRC in the channel #Teamoxid

Greetz from Sweden Ekto and Germany stRay

- The Announcement of the ETernal Damage
- The delay information
- Groups Annoucnement for ETernal Damage

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First! but also last :(
Turbot vs Raab not happening


We're only 5 places away from winning the group.
Not bad.
Ready to roll some cuck kids
Who is the spokesman of RAAB? Can you send me a pm to arrange out match please.
Former member of turbot esports gaming club walle Aka chmpp Aka reindeerman
That's what's left of ET?
low- rifle avi
SMASHED enjoyed it , hf @ playoffs
I want to thank Germany SMASHED, Europe Klientpro and Europe mAlibu for taking part in this tournament. Hope you also had fun participating and I also hope to see you in former editions.

I also hope to see you in former editions

see you in former editions

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I was just waiting for someone to quote that :D

the one time, i haven't read the post, before stray posted it :D
Sooo it seems like ET is still alive?
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