Winter 3on3 Cup - Teams & Schedule

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Winter 3on3 Cup - Presenting Teams, Groups, full Schedule and Rules.


Europe DreamTeam

Netherlands Roberto image: email_go
Poland Scooter
Poland Radeem
Poland Oops
Poland Puma

Germany Teamoxid

Germany stRay image: email_go
Germany kReSti


Europe Queens

Iceland phyzic image: email_go
United Kingdom razz
Latvia clown


Poland ripaZha

Poland dAFF image: email_go


Europe PoKeMaNs

Netherlands bAnga image: email_go
Germany Shady
France Quake
Turkey Reina

Europe arabs

Germany Suuhkk image: email_go
Germany Bl4d3
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Switzerland Aq


France LoD

France Snatix image: email_go
France Doc
France max
France quAke


Poland Dank Memes Gang

Poland WuT image: email_go
Poland Abj
Finland lEku
Poland BloOdje


Poland Aveng3rs

Poland vudka image: email_go
Poland N!ke 
Poland hardlag 
Poland wieju


Europe FML#

Poland Homer image: email_go
Estonia DreamWorks
Anonymous Brodypig
Germany Nefral
Norway hyperloop

Iceland oddSQuad

Iceland ST0RM image: email_go
Finland Lejand
Iceland Rafael
Iceland tw1n


Finland We can only spray

Finland froxe image: email_go
Finland crew
Czech Republic Green_Clon
Netherlands Vogel


Europe 30stm

Romania Damon image: email_go
Netherlands GiZmO
Belgium chry


Europe SSTAT

Finland late image: email_go
Poland trmp
Netherlands abbadabba
France Fruits.Apricot



Finland Rong image: email_go
Finland Sungi
Finland hazz

Europe Not Even Trying

Poland kantor image: email_go
Poland brahi
Netherlands rezta
Poland wizzard


Europe Ketunnokat

England fantasy image: email_go
Poland h2o
Finland mahla
Belgium zpar


Europe iOWNAGE

Netherlands mENACE image: email_go
United Kingdom Jinosta
Netherlands OutlAw
Netherlands iNsAne


Netherlands Happy Tree Friends

Netherlands Constan image: email_go
Netherlands base
Netherlands xtream


Finland fakebot

Finland TBA image: email_go
Finland s1lent
Finland Swanidius


Group A

Europe ripaZha
Europe DreamTeam
Europe oddSQuad
Europe Queens
Germany Teamoxid

Group C

Europe #30stm
Netherlands Happy Tree Friends
Finland fakebot
Europe FML#

Group B

Europe iOWNAGE
Estonia SSTAT
Poland Aveng3rs
Europe Arabs
Finland We can only spray

Group D

Europe PoKeMaNs
France LoD
Europe Not Even Trying
Poland Dank Memes Gang
Europe Ketunnokat


First two teams from each group are going to the Playoffs. During group stage team can choose any map from the mappool.
During playoffs a team can choose every map once in upper bracket and once in lower bracket. Any team can also use merc, but merc must be accepted by opponent team captain.


supply, sp_delivery_te, et_ice, frostbite, adlernest, sw_goldrush_te, braundorf_b4, et_ufo.


The winning Team players will receive admin level 4 on klientpro server.
Currently there are no money prizes, We just want to keep the game going.


Matchweek 1: (04.12 - 10.12)

[0:4] Europe oddSQuad vs Germany Teamoxid
[4:0] Europe DreamTeam vs Europe Queens
[0:4] Poland Aveng3rs vs Estonia SSTAT
[0:4] Finland We can only spray vs Europe iOWNAGE

[0:4] Finland fakebot vs Europe FML#
[0:4] Europe 30stm vs Finland P*SSYBASHERS
[4:0] Europe PoKeMaNs vs Europe Not Even Trying
[4:0] Europe Ketunnokat vs France LoD

Matchweek 2: (11.12 - 17.12)

[4:0] Europe ripaZha vs Europe DreamTeam
[0:4] Europe Queens vs Europe oddSQuad
[4:0] Europe Arabs vs Finland We can only spray
[4:0] Europe iOWNAGE vs Poland Aveng3rs

[0:4] Netherlands Happy Tree Friends vs Europe 30stm
[4:0] Finland P*SSYBASHERS vs Finland fakebot
[4:0] Poland Dank Memes Gang vs Europe Ketunnokat
[0:0] France LoD vs Europe PoKeMaNs

Matchweek 3: (18.12 - 24.12)

[0:4] Europe Queens vs Germany Teamoxid
[0:4] Europe ripaZha vs Europe oddSQuad
[4:0] Europe iOWNAGE vs Estonia SSTAT
[4:0] Europe Arabs vs Poland Aveng3rs

[4:0] Finland P*SSYBASHERS vs Europe FML#
[4:0] Netherlands Happy Tree Friends vs Finland fakebot
[4:0] France LoD vs Europe Not Even Trying
[1:3] Poland Dank Memes Gang vs Europe PoKeMaNs

Matchweek 4: (25.12 - 31.12)

[4:0] Europe oddSQuad vs Europe DreamTeam
[3:0] Germany Teamoxid vs Europe ripaZha
[1:3] Poland Aveng3rs vs Finland We can only spray
[0:4] Estonia SSTAT vs Europe Arabs

[0:4] Finland fakebot vs Europe 30stm
[4:0] Europe FML# vs Netherlands Happy Tree Friends
[4:2] Europe PoKeMaNs vs Europe Ketunnokat
[0:4] Europe Not Even Trying vs Poland Dank Memes Gang

Matchweek 5: (01.01 - 07.01)

[4:0] Europe ripaZha vs Europe Queens
[0:4] Europe DreamTeam vs Germany Teamoxid
[0:4] Europe Arabs vs Europe iOWNAGE
[4:0] Finland We can only spray vs Estonia SSTAT

[0:4] Netherlands Happy Tree Friends vs Finland P*SSYBASHERS
[4:0] Europe 30stm vs Europe FML#
[0:0] Poland Dank Memes Gang vs France LoD
[4:0] Europe Ketunnokat vs Europe Not Even Trying

Playoffs will be announced after all group stage matches.
Check your opponent, and you can easily contact them on CrossFire by clicking the message icon near team captain.
Maximum date for each match in every week is Sunday, 23:00 CET.


Team klientpro

Gj keep goin
still avi for some team.
yes ready
Queens pm me, phyzic not responding.
Team Queens resigned from Tournament.
All matches managed with them gonna be marked as 4:0 for opposite Team.
razz saw RONG COMEBACK and escaped to bangladesh
Does anyone know why they resigned?
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