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With this post we would like to shed some light on the circumstances of the planned ET LAN you all have been discussing so much about. And then there is some information about the decision we likely have to make.

First of all, we would like to apologize for not being as transparent as many of you would probably have liked and that some statements we made, may have been unclear. We would like to get some transparency into the whole thing and will therefore give you some reasoning for our decisions. The biggest problem of them all has been time. All three of us did not have the time to put in the whole organization of the event, as we would have liked, or as we were able to put in last year. We are well aware, that it is not enough to throw some announcement and not a lot more at you, and all of you are going crazy on the signups and the payment. As well as that, we are aware of the fact, that teams will not build enough confidence in the LAN actually happening, when we are not showing you, who is interested and who is not. But on the other hand, the interest you all saw on crossfire, does not differ from the interest we got through our signup page. We received exactly three signups for the 6on6 tournament (Elysium, Teamoxid and Team-Rayzed), and two signups for the 3on3 tournament (mAlibu and Teamoxid). Of course we could have told you about that earlier, but we were not sure, that this would have changed anything. We tried to procrastinate this news post, hoping to receive more signups and on the other hand, try to talk to people, to gather information about the possible interest teams might have. The gathering process did not happen the way we wanted it to, cause of the lack of time, we could invest. Considering last years big interest from the very beginning, we probably handled the situation wrong.

Furthermore we are grateful for constructive criticism, helpful hints and every single message we receive, that helps us making this event happen. Sometimes criticism, hints and messages are getting pretty rough, people are unsatisfied or even pissed about the way we handle stuff. The negative stuff that gets thrown at us lately is sort of getting out of hand and decreases our motivation to put time into the event. We are well aware of the mistake we made last year concerning the payment. We have always been transparent to the captains of the affected teams. Of course this won’t happen again! We, as the admins organising the events, are not earning a single penny with the events, and we don’t want to. We are learning from our mistakes. For the upcoming event to happen, we all need to pull our shit together. In the end we are hosting these events for the community, you guys!

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For you guys to build trust in us again and an offline event to happen, things have to change. We are looking for solutions and changes. We are willing to provide more content concerning leagues and cups, but for that to happen, we need you guys. At this point, we would like to mention, that ETernal Damage has been delay free until the final. Are you willing to help us plan online cups? If so, contact stray or Ekto.

We are extending our admin team to split the workload. We were not aware, that the amounts of work there is, is not possible to handle with just three people. Let alone three people lacking time to work on the project.

Any conclusions from that wall of text?
After discussing all the aforementioned stuff, we decided, it would probably be the best to postpone the event. Any other solution we could come up with, would just harm the quality of the event. We don’t want you and the quality of the event to suffer, because we couldn’t put in the time we needed. We want to improve our events and don’t make them worse, just to have an event! We are hoping you guys haven’t yet made any bookings, vacation day requests at work or anything similar. If so, we are sorry for that!
Now we are asking you guys, which time do you want the lan to happen? There are two weekends to choose from:

  • 26.10.2018 - 28.10.2018
  • 02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018

Comment below, to let us know, which date suits you better! We will evaluate every comment and let you guys know, when the event is going to happen.

Now it is on you guys to vote and on us all to make another offline event happen. We will learn from our mistakes and the Return to KBG is going to be even better than KBG! Together we can make it happen!
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Hey everyone,

I don't visit this page as often as I would like to but I guess I have been fortunate enough to be one of the first persons to see this post.

Now, hear me out.
I guess that most, if not all of us, love ET and I f.e. love the people coming with it. I wouldnt want to miss out on the friendships I've created over this game (shoutouts to Alex, Sean, Tim, Simon, Sebastian, Deryn, Ben and many others!). I love to come together with you guys for a LAN, hell, I even paid for teams back at AEF and Seanza's first events.
I don't really know what happened with prizemoney at the first KBG LAN but I doubt that this is one of the major problems with this event. Please just have some faith in Stray, Ekto and Chosen to run an other great event as I doubt that anyone attending the first one in Krefeld can say anything negative about the event itself.

I would love to get back together with everyone I've met at previous events and meet some new faces. Please have some faith guys. Let's all try to get together once again, play a few maps of ET and have fun.

If you guys are having trouble getting together the money for this event, hit me up, I'll try my best to help you out. for the sake of this game, but please at least try to make this happen.

Stray, Chosen, Ekto: Don't be affraid to hit me up for some help, I've major industry experience and a little bit of spare times at my hands.

Cheers folks,

02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018 Would be good for me.
Thanks for sharing everything with us. Hope everyone sees the effort you put into this event.
02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018 masterrace, I would 100% go on these dates
i like these new dates since i can 99% get it free from work :)
Lets team up :(
dosen't matter for me wich one, can change my flight and hotel so

also can help you run cups online

doesnt matter which date, will be there anyways
ok nice post but also very late. People where getting worse with you as you were ignoring everything everyone was asking.

"Of course we could have told you about that earlier, but we were not sure, that this would have changed anything."

is part of the problem... Not sure how you thought it wouldn't change anything when its all people were asking for. By not listening to people killed the event for may. It doesn't take a lot of time to simply listen to people.

November Dates are better. I suggest making a spring league starting April, a 6on6 and 3on3. Get teams and sign ups for it. (link old clan base days)

lets see if we can get teams to play. Maybe have a post where players who are interested write... then admins pick captins and each captin makes there own team. So if 15 interested players leave it on them to find there players and see how works.
you are so keen on giving advice why dont you host a tournament yourself? no offense though.
I don't claim my self to me an admin and giving suggestions. unlike most that have time I run a very hard business and my free time isn't much. I play pc games 3 hours a week on a sunday that's it.

but if you want 0 suggestions can come out and we just do nothing and fall apart like the lan just did np
getroffene Hunde bellen
lol aq why be such an asshole? we have always got on. I don't see you suggesting anything.

suggestions to try get things work. instead lets all sit back do nothing yeah? if you are going to insult me at least try in English don't have to change the language. serious asshole move
LOL playing ET in 2018
Don't forget sunscreen to protect your whity faces from your computer monitors
thx for update, both dates are fine
02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018 would be great!
02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018 represent
Why not organise an Overwatch/CSGO event or whatever most guys play nowadays. You will also reach new players. I think doing an ET LAN is useless now.
I am ready for the FIFA 18 & LoL 1on1 Tournament!!
but I dont want to play that
Get some Rocket League going!
yes better fortnite
lmao shut up
oh man October/November is so far away. I don't think people will stick around for that long, at least when I speak for myself. Gl anyways

ps: But on the other hand, the interest you all saw on crossfire, does not differ from the interest we got through our signup page. We received exactly three signups for the 6on6 tournament (Elysium, Teamoxid and Team-Rayzed), and two signups for the 3on3 tournament (mAlibu and Teamoxid).

Signups and interests do not have to be symmetrical. There were enough interested teams, that just didn't want to sign up because the lack of information. The interested on crossfire does differ through your sign up page. I've seen lio's team being interested and others as well.
Sorry Jay, but; absolute bullshit comment. Don't pretend you have to continue being active between tournaments to participate. You either come back for an event or not. If R0SS decides to participate, don't tell me you are gonna tell him no, because you couldn't stick around for the time being
Why is that bullshit? Im just stating how I stand in this situation. I am probably going to tell him no. And its not a bullshit comment that you have to be active between tournaments. There will be always more sign ups when people are active between tournaments. Wasnt that the whole point that we played the eternal damage tournament?
What other date would you suggest? It is not wise to stick to the original date in May, because of how things have went so far. After that, summer comes and vacations. Including some preparation time for teams, you end up with October/November pretty fast, right.

Anyway, what disturbed me more was the pessimistic tone of your comment. I'm also still slightly annoyed that R0SS isn't able to give me an answer for the Grand Finale of the Eternal Damage Tournament I have been asking of over the last weeks/months.
There is nothing pessimistic about my comment. Delays or postpone will eventually lose interests of players. The grand Final is a perfect example of that; players will lose interest to play that final. Im not sure why he didn't give you an answer. Due to the delays we lost our rifler, so we dont even have an 6 player roster.

I suggest no other date mate, those are good alternative dates, I am just saying postponing the lan have lost my interest to play, thats all.
Any idea if we are still gonna play that match? If not, I can tell stRay
I dont know, I dont schedule matches and haven't talked to any of the guys.
I am more than slightly annoyed that you could not make the original / scheduled date for the final that the admins were so happy to point out / force us to play in previous games when players weren't available :-)
I'll avoid making this a public discussion and answer your statement by whatsapp.
Hi guys,

Usually, I am not a fan of replying in public and I rather message any responsible via a private message. I choose different this time, because others might get involved in the admin team and it's important for them to get informed as well. Other than that, public messages carry a heavier load than private messages.

Early 2015, when the Reborn LAN was announced, I knew it was going to be an extremely difficult task to host a LAN and make it a success. Considering myself being an absolute nobody to the ET community at that time and considering the fact that the last LAN was already held years ago did not make it any easier.

The single most important reason that LAN found place was because me and Tim spend tons of hours speaking to players, captains, spectators and trying to gain their confidence. It took a lot of time, but it was definitely worth it The same holds for the United LAN. Convincing players to attend is key in my opinion. Last year, for the KBG LAN, was not any different. Perhaps it looked different, because this is a task that finds place behind the scenes. I feel that this point has been overlooked this time, even when I realize it has been mentioned in this post. Gather interest is the real challange here.

Next to that, negative criticism is something you will always get to experience with any event you will host. Communities are not grateful, period. It is a matter how to deal with it. Stating motivation drops as a result does not sound to me as a sign of strength. I also strongly disagreed with some of the public comments made. It does not bring anyone closer when writing something as “Behave that way and we don’t even want you this event.” Learn from it and adapt behaviour next time. You want to make friends, not enemies.

Last point, I signed up with 'xD Trickjump, for the 3on3 tournament. I found it weird it was not listed between the interested teams, something must have gone wrong.

Regardless of anything, I hope this LAN event will take place. I know, for a fact, it is possible.

With kind regards,
got my vote for king
Haha much love <3
Stfu lil bitch
both dates are fine for me
cu there
Niet cheaten paar weken van te voren he dikzak
KRP will come anyday is fine
Dispo aswell
might aswell play final then online cause its gonna be KRP vs Dispo (we gon have better gaming online)
you still alive ? my boooi
d&b with mbudget , viol & boNg aswell!
At this time of the year both weekends look good
high5 will be there, winq have enough time to get sober up
mLG will be there, enough time for biggz to get there
spawn of biggz has arrived, so probably even more unlikely than usual p:

basic gaming.
Much better timing for SMASHED than the old dates! Talked to the guys and quite confident that we will be able to field a team!
Komm mal lieber mit anstatt mich hier zu beleidigen, ist ja unerhört!
mal gucken :)
I know most of you will be heartbroken but I don't think I'll make it. Muah!
dont care which dates . i’ll be there anyway
ronn still playing this lovely game?! :) ..with who are you going to play mate?
...and will be there many of old sql ppl ?
Im not playing actively, but if there's a lan, I'll go :-) usually I go with Night and we'll try to get some team together which until now has worked out..

There's always some oldskoolers at lan. Heck it's the sole reason I'm going cuz that's about the few chances I have to meet them again.
Since there has been no activity on the @teamoxid twitter, I'm trying here. Could someone with direct contact to teamoxid or even access to the twitter account take a look into this?

I forwarded the plans for this LAN to shoe from splashdamage and it seems like there could be interest. Maybe an entry for the prize pool or sth, I don't know. Could be very nice to have official support from the developers.
Just wanted to let you know
i might consider announcing my come back for this one, stay tuned :o)
Skill: med
Prefer 3o3
i just came here to check when exactly the LAN was, cause i'm having 2 weeks vacation in May... FeelsBadMan T_T
02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018
Any news about the new date? Is it still gonna happen?
yea we booked the venue from the 2nd of november untill the 4th of november!

news therefor will follow as soonm as possible! still 6 months to go!
Alright! Thank you :)
ET, id love a game, id fully go lan
i dont mind which dates, will be there anyway
Wait mate, this is the wrong post! And will you actually come to a next edition? That would be cool
Hi there! And answer is no, just troll comment to fill the booring day!
But my life is full of uncertaintity, so everything is possible!
As long as there is uncertainty, there is hope
call nsd to hurry with the fragmovie, he is not listening to me =(
Haha nsd... memories :D better convince him and yourself to participate. Movie can wait
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