RTCW 3on3 Cup Sunday 9th

A Small EU RTCW 3on3 Cup will take place on Sunday 9th December and will start at 7:30PM CET. It will be a double elimination, 4 team tournament and serve as a test run for servers etc. in preparation for the 6on6 tournament on the 16th of December.

Tournament Details
Date: Sunday 9th December 2018
Start: 19:30 CET
Format: 3vs3
Map pool: Beach, Escape, Frostbite, Ice, Sub
Format: Double Elimination
Bracket Draw: unseeded, random draw (Live on stream!)

Sweden KiH: Sweden malmen, Sweden askungen and Belgium syL
Europe Flower: Netherlands bully, United Kingdom jam and Netherlands twa
Europe Fast Fordward: Belgium homie, Germany Cliffdark and Belgium faster
Europe DOG: Norway Kris, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom crumbs

This will be a small 4 team tournament and teams will be invited and the list will be finalised in the next 24/36hours. watch this space.

Map pick process
Team A Elims, Team B Elims, Team B Picks First Map, Team A Picks Second map - Remaining map decider if needed. Team A/Team B selected via random draw. LB Final and UB Final, Team B is the team already in the LB.

UB Round 1: 7:30PM CET
UB Final: 8:15PM CET
LB Round 1: 8:15PM CET
LB Final: 9PM CET
Grand Final: 10PM CET

The UB Finalist will have a 1 round lead in the Grand Final and the LB team will only need to win once rather than the usual twice.

For more information or to contact myself or Homie about this or the Cup on the 16th of December, join the Community Discord Channel. Games will be live casted on my Twitch channel.
Mxt0r still no playing official ?
I officially wont play official !

Tu vas pas t'y mettre toi non plus ! On peut dire que je ne passe pas inaperçu tout le monde répond toujours dès que je poste un com mdr
avi for 3v3 cup and avi for BP3 Mxt0r <3
Why no basement ? ;)

jAm you got discord ?
We can play some again :D yeah lols
sry askungen, malmen but izi for jam <3
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