The ETernity Cup

We are back. In the year 2003, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was founded by Splash Damage. In honor of our beloved game, it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the The ETernity Cup. This tournament will feature both most popular formats in ET, namely 3on3 and 6on6.

image: JlpZOzw

The ETernity Cup

General information:

This cup will feature a group stage, followed by a playoff stage which pits the top teams of each group against each other in a double-elimination bracket. The format might slightly differ, depending on the number of sign ups.

To sign up, simply send one of the admins a private message including your team name plus roster. Once you have created a new team it will automatically be added to the waiting pool, which can be found right below this post.

The ETernity Cup

  • Tuesday, 8th of January - Sign ups open
  • Sunday, 20th of January - Sign ups closed
  • Monday, 21st of January - Groups published
  • Saturday, 19th of January, 16:00 CET - Sign ups closed
  • Saturday, 19th of January, 23:59 CET - Groups published
  • Tuesday, 22nd of January - Start of the first matchweek

Main Maplist:

  • adlernest
  • frostbite
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • bremen_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Decider Maplist:

  • braundorf_b4
  • erdenberg_t1
  • et_ice
  • sp_delivery_te
  • adlernest
  • frostbite
  • karsiah_te2
  • missile_b3
Teams can both pick a map from the Main Maplist. In case of a decider, maps can only be chosen from the Decider Maplist. This is to avoid having the same maps during each round of the tournament.

Waiting pool

  • Poland
    Poland Acid
    Poland fixxx3r
    Poland furman
    Poland kaurz
    Poland phLa
    Poland Suchy

  • Poland
    Poland Angar
    Poland Gregor
    Poland Hydra
    Poland Nobody
    Poland Rubrah
    Poland Vanitas

  • Europe
    Germany Ava
    Germany sPECULA
    Netherlands Testi
    Europe TBA
    Europe TBA
    Europe TBA
    Switzerland DabSter
    Ukraine ScoOf

  • Belgium
    Belgium aNGER
    Netherlands base
    Belgium ChilAx
    Netherlands Constan
    Belgium eron
    Belgium Jerre
    Netherlands xtrm

  • Finland
    Finland kolibri
    Netherlands Ronner
    Finland smak
    Finland tOMBA
    Netherlands woott
    Europe TBA

  • Sweden
    Sweden tornis
    Sweden newbje
    Sweden nordan
    Sweden Slajdan
    Sweden Weslann
    Sweden TBA

  • Europe
    Netherlands adeto
    Poland chickita
    Poland Daga
    Wales deryn
    France lunAa
    Romania mirsette
    Scotland rAzZ
    Portugal punky

  • Europe
    Slovenia Aniky
    Netherlands Krepox
    Germany mKs
    Germany psiquh
    Germany ScaTmaN
    Slovenia squAze

  • Netherlands
    Netherlands aphesia
    Poland h2o
    Scotland jinosta
    Netherlands mENACE
    Scotland razz
    Germany s1LENT
    Germany sTOWNAGE

  • Europe
    Netherlands GiZmOoO
    Netherlands hayaa
    Netherlands iNsAne
    Belgium Jere
    Netherlands outlAw
    Netherlands Sebhes

  • Poland
    Poland Abj
    Poland BloOdje
    Poland dialer
    Finland lEku
    Finland toNi
    Poland WuT

  • Finland
    Finland hazz
    Finland jassi
    Finland late
    Finland rsp
    Slovenia seareal
    Germany shady

  • Finland
    Finland OldenSan
    Finland Lettu
    Finland Swanidius (c)
    Finland Tiigeri
    Finland vokki
    Finland walle

  • Germany
    Switzerland Aquila
    Germany Bl4d3
    Germany FiREBALL
    Germany FLoPJEHZ
    Germany KRESTi
    Germany stRay

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached through a Crossfire PM.

Sweden Ekto
Netherlands Sebhes
Germany stRay

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever

[Waiting pool moved to newspost]
If you Need another Lancenter or Dome Support, pm me!

GL with that Cup!
Would look nicer if you put this in the actual newspost instead of this comment
Thank you for your feedback. I changed it
We are currently awaiting approval from the LAN center in Germany Krefeld. Once they give permission, we will set up a final LAN newspost. Anticipated dates: 17-19th of May.

Work in progress...
Nice work buddy :)
Appreciated m8
thank you man!
olol only lottomaps as deciders will make the bets difficult, don't wanna loose my gtv money
play and you will have an impact on who will win.
u have no friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
got more then i thought, only inet friends ofc
Deli as decider wtf man...haha
thats you not making finals now haha :P
We will see about that haha
Gonna have to change that main map now :P
why dont you shut it
Imma guess your in damons team fucker
he wishes lul
or just a fanboi... :P
Are you going to pay UYop’s LAN??
Seen on 6on6 you picked main maps which is sweet and decider is partly lotto so the last decider games gonna be lit and entertaining. Glad you made both ice and delivery as the decider for 3on3 maps are too op for axis holding.
Karsiah <3

EDIT : Nice job sebhes once again :D
avi to make 6v6 team, that is planning to participate, practise, go to LAN, but not win the tournament :D
just like randomZ at last lan
williams and rest <3
would prefer to play rifle
avi low+ max rifle, speak fin/eng/pl
If anyone Will need a player for 3on3 pmme. Might consider 6on6 if youre c00l guys.
Come with me my son
sure thing. 6on6 i assume?
Of course 6on6, i hate 3on3 :D
Thought so haha.
You got anyone in your mind for us or should we start searching?
squAze 2 low for me to play with.
Will play for sure. Down with follow. Et
Nice Sebhes, good work! Let’s get those teams signed up!
trying cheats in 2018 is so 2008 wow
still a very sneaky bust attempt Ava :D
apparently it worked. he has been removed from 30 std's line-up :D
Wow, all these guys around gizmo/outlaw are like the most unlucky guys on the planet!
Firstly insane getting caught with aimbot cvar, meanwhile he wasn't even at home! (or wait, there was a 2nd version of the story, where he has been testing someone's cfg), following with damon, supna, base and others, banned for running CGAC on another pc (they were a false positives obviously). After awhile shjzn got busted too and now UYOP getting caught just after only one minute of testing cheat - that's like the whole new level of bad luck! If they didn't prove themselves at lan, i'd start being suspicious!
Don't worry, it's not CS:GO with some stupid rules banning cheaters forever. 6 months and you're clean like a morning dew again.
Im glad that every Polish player is clean
"there are no clean polish players, there are only ones that didn't get caught yet" - Mahatma Ghandi
A polish cannot be clean
Quote3 years, 11 months and 15 days

base never got banned for cheating xD
dawaj do nas -- ty ja lock sni i juz mamy 4
Could actually download ET for this and play the 6on6, havent played for years i guess so no idea of my level of play. Contact here via pm if u need one

Ps. waiting pm razz
Sounds great, i'm avi!
Hoi :o)
Also, could be avi, pm here
Hi2u buddy :-)
Avi 3on3 & 6on6
QuoteThis tournament will feature both most popular formats in ET

show them your all 3458 demos from 2018 to prove what format was really the most popular.
Myself, with all my 1on1, i must represent around 25% of the total activity of the private etpro servers :')

So on a regard of the format, it might be the most popular format :'D
the most virgin confirmed format
Que la paix du seigneur soit avec toi mon ami
Je suis ma propre paix
Bonne initiative
Well done Iam AVI for this
Ill try to make a finnish team for this, as unlikely as it might be.
Please make a big disclaimer that it isn't relevant to the LAN itself, the sign-ups closing on the 20th of January scared the living shit out of me :D :D

also avi, approved "cu at lan" by gizmo already <3
Attending the LAN 150%, avi for friends, won't be able to play until LAN tho
Quotewon't be able to play until LAN tho

image: giphy
nice stuff boys :)!
avi 6on6
tak jak pisalem do meehcia powyzej - zapraszam
avi for 6v6 :DD
looooooooool. really?
Good luck!!
Easy kresti
Thank you for the suggestion. I think we will stick to the default version, but it is open for discussion.
avi for 6v6
and need 3rd know me and jon

Team Talented is in!



Avi for 6v6
gj bro!
and ofc gl :)
Team ROIDS would like to participate if the matches are played on Sundays.
Figuratively and literally
Don't ever say some dumb shit like that to me again WuT
To be or not to be
The default match day should be Sunday. I'm sure teams are willing to corporate. If you manage to field a line up, please let me know. Preferably by pm, this provides ourselves with a better overview and avoids us having to dig through the comments to find relevant information.
Hmm Germany Krefeld...only 250km away from me.
All goodluck for this event :)
U making team with team beck?
Hey PlAyer, thank you very much. Good to hear from you
Cu there nubhead
gimme oasis.. no walljump though
As the official CEO of - Professional esports cklub since 2008 & european cyberathletes powerhouse, I have to say that long discussions are going on in our headquarters.
We will participate and we will announce our professional roster very soon. (You may see one of the Francesuperstar other than me).

Professionaly yours,
Europe/France/Marseille LeFrancis - CEO, coach, and cyberathlete at
i'm ready!!! lets gooooo
would be nice to see another 6o6 NC... Maybe even some old guys would show up
How much I would personally love to see another Nationscup, I don't consider it to be a wise idea. It would devaluate the prestige the tournament used to have without it being really competative anymore.

It is possible, however, it would require someone to actively approaching different players from different nations.
I doubt ET will be really competative again(maybe some top3-4 matches on lan) ;)

well, yea the best moment would be to do it just after LAN when some old players would be awaken. Teams like Netherlands Poland Finland Germany(omg it's so fun to make post full of flags one again) would have solid squads and matches between them would still be fun to watch. Who cares that it would devaluate it when barely no1 remembers that NC even existed few years ago, it's only a memory in our hearts :D. It would just bring some nostalgia :D
Right after the ET Reborn LAN from April 2015 there was a NationsCup in light of the same idea you described above. It took quite some effort to make it a small success. Never say never, but chances are slim. Disregarding the hosting part, I would love to see one again.
France Team FRANCE ready for golden pocal for the first time of its e-history :

France mxture (1vs1 world champion)
France kARNAJ (best fops EU lan winnermans)
France TouZe ( co-CEO)
France ant7ho (professional policeman to take care of yellow vest mad nerds)
France DJ DJOS (official DJman bitches bringer)
France LeFrancis (coach / leader of electronic military operations)
Well this needs snatix *wink*
*_* stronger than the Avengers
Is it residency or nationality because I live in France these days
If you have your yellow vest, you're in m8
Where do you live, which city?
Sweet I have like 4x gillet juanes in the car. Morzine in the Haute-Savoie.
ahahah for skiing I suppose
Yeah... but also great hiking and mountain biking. I first moved here in 2017, I would hope by now I'm not a tourist :(
+ France fruits.Apricot for random, enthusiastic screams and insults towards enemies.
Make a recruitment sticky?
wher's my boy kArma at?
I love you Sebhes <3
Haha I love you too
avi lul pm
mp4 lul pm
GL & HF : )!
halo halo grasz z dziewczynami? mamy miejsce!
orzeu7 reactivation ?
Raczej nie, nie mam czasu na szukanie graczy i pisanie do każdego żeby był na mecz itp. Chociaż fajnie by było znowu się "spotkac"
maybe I do have a signup of an all swedish team, should probably get in touch with them!
gl hf =D!! Nice to have a cup in 2019.. DAAAAAAAAMN
iam avi for this....
image: tumblr_pd4dj90zDg1u0udr2o2_400
Extend signup closing date :(
Why flushje?
Simply in the hope of more teams signing up, and for all who are clanless to find a team
I made the sign up period short on purpose. On one hand to avoid having conflicts later on with qualification tournaments for the LAN. On the other hand I don't want last moment teams who appear to be unorganized and result in drop outs. Furthermore to avoid the loss of motivation from teams who signed up in the earlier stage. Decision is partly based on previous experiences from other tournaments. Hope you understand.
Makes sense!
For some reason I accidentally posted that as a new comment, glad you found out!
qualification tournaments for the LAN

so many teams coming to LAN that you need to qualify for it?! When do we get first direct invited teams?!
Seeding tournament*
pokażę Ci przyjacielu parę myczków
Haha nice overview
I'll run it again after the sign-ups close :d
Where do you see chry?

e: oh, that noob playing 3v3 :~D
Sign up with your BOSSes already! Closing on Sunday. :D
don't sign up with your BOSSes eron ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:D Not sure if we're gna be 6 as constan's leaving for some months at the end of January (yoohoooo).
So many sign ups I wish I could participate :-(
boys.RiskAssessmentWithRiskReduction ready to dominate
avi 6o6 !
gg razz already in 2 teams
You're all bloody nerds.

Have fun everyone!
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